On the stylistic features of Business English Correspondence

        Abstract: Business English Correspondence between the international business contacts frequently used method is to carry out foreign trade operations and related business activities, an important tool. This article from its linguistic features, discourse features, grammatical features and lexical features are analyzed Stylistic Features of Business English Correspondence.
Surging tide of economic globalization, especially the situation in China has joined WTO, China's foreign trade activities between foreign economic strategy of moving from 'export-oriented' to 'global business' transformation, and with the foreign trade system reform depth, there will be more of the departments, enterprises directly involved in foreign trade, an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern is taking shape. Business English Correspondence (Business EnglishCorrespondence) is an important carrier of international trade activities, is an international business dealings of the most frequently used contact information, but also to carry out foreign trade and related business activities of the foundation and tools. Therefore, the Business English Correspondence of writing is that every worker engaged in foreign trade must master, and decent business English correspondence can not only facilitate trade, expand foreign trade, but also to change and the relationship between the two sides to strengthen cooperation and promote further exchanges and cooperation between the two sides . Carrier from the language point of view, business English correspondence is in the business environment for the adoption of the English part of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) category, which is a particular style, emphasizing that the special circumstances in a particular communication is English Writing and foreign trade practices of combining a comprehensive discipline, with the content of broad, difficult and highly practical in nature, both as different from ordinary English and English for other content or form, whether it is greatly difference. In terms of its content, which involves all aspects of foreign trade practices, including: the establishment of trade relations (Estab2lishing Business Relations); Inquiry and recovery (Enquiriesand Replies); quotes, sales letters, offers, and also plate (Quo2tations, Sales Letters, Offers

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