Analysis of Business English advertised product features and benefits of several reasoning

Abstract: The body of the export product advertising, including introduction, main body and the end of three parts. The seven aspects of the main part of the argument from the product's features and benefits.
Product advertising is the product of the industrial revolution in Europe, its main purpose is to sell products and build brand, attract the attention of consumer products to arouse their purchases. Rapid changes in science and technology today, an endless stream of new products, through advertising, promotions. Thus, the current ad words can be said to set the culmination of a unique variety of stylistic language. It has a general advertising the 'gimmick', but also seek truth from facts, data, examples of such factors as convincing. Written in English in product advertising of course, is no exception. An advertisement about the product structure of the body of the body of the formal product advertisements generally include introduction, main body and at the end of three parts. Usually, consumers only interested in products, brands and performance, very few pay attention to the specific situation of the manufacturers. Therefore, the introduction of the product advertising (clarification ofthe headline claim) is clear-cut ad title indicates, the main product features and benefits; the main part of the principal is made in the introduction of the product features and benefits of a full demonstration (proof of claim); at the end of the concise and charisma, prompting the reader to take action (action desired). See a pot of milk is how to introduce the features and benefits of their products to attract consumers. A Great Helper at Your Rush Hour; A traffic cop on a busy corner couldn't feel more rushed than the mother who has to get childrenfed and off to school and husband off to work, all in the same short half-hour.That 's when the convenience of the Canco disposable milkcontainer means the most to you. This ad can be translated into: The most busy time of the best helper. A woman's busy morning! Children to eat, go to school, her husband to go to work. All in just half an hour Gaoding. At busy road junctions to regulate traffic police have not as you are so edgy. Do not worry: Concord brand disposable milk cans for you to solve problems. A few words enough to attract the reader's eye. Then the body of the main part of the product advertising should be raised how the introduction of the product features and benefits of argumentation it? I take the liberty to introduce a few of reasoning, for writing in English and are interested in advertising in Taiwan. 2 on the product features and benefits of reasoning in comparison with developed countries, China's technological level is still relatively low, the influential few products for export. Therefore, China's export product advertisements should not use the 'acclaimed' (enjoy high reputation at home and abroad), 'Marketing in the world' (sold the world over) and other sets of words, but should pay attention to specific information related to the introduction of goods, and many more facts, experiment, the authority concluded the introduction and demonstration products, manufacturing methods, functions and benefits, focusing on the rational features of promotional products, avoiding fancy promotional Rong Yan. 2.1 The argument from the perspective of product characteristics, product characteristics and point of argument focuses on the advantages of introducing products to stimulate consumer interest. Such a text for food, beverage and other products. For example: This convenient, modern container is light and squared.It pours like a pitcher.It 's easy for even small children to help them selveswithout spilling.It' s easy to open, too.Just a flip of the finger reclose it tightly, keeping out odors from other foods that some times givemilk an unappetizing flavor. This ad translated: This tank is designed to square, convenient, nimble, practical, pour milk, such as pots, children can help themselves instead of throwing. This pot is easy opening and closing, sealing every other flavor. Introduction clothing, food, handicrafts and light industrial products and other terms commonly used in advertising are: modeling beautiful, fashionable: aestheticappearanceandnovel designs; gorgeous Pegasus, bright color: beautifuland charming, brightincolor; choice of materials known, feel comfortable: selected material and comfortable feel ; cooking simple, delicious taste: convenient to cook and delicious in taste; fragrance pure and delicious: pureandmildflavor andgoodtaste; style lively and dignified: vividandgreatinstyles; unique national style: tohave uniquenational style; men and women-Safe: suitable for men, women , and children; available in a variety of styles, freely choose: available in various designsand specifications for your selection; moderate hardness: neither too hard, nor too soft; Dongnuanxialiang: cool in Summer and warm in Winter; waterproof : water proof; crease of: non-crushable; durable (and washable): to wear well (to wash well) 2.2 product performance from the perspective of the general argument does not directly describe the commercial product performance, while the technology is commercial advertising different. It must be done on the product itself introduced to the product's performance to win the trust of consumers. The following Toshiba portable computer, introduced the ads on the product's performance: Internal 720KB capacity 3.5 in.floppy disk drive to: built-in capacity of 720KB 3.5-inch soft; disk drive; * High resolution LCDdisplay with 80 characters x 25 lines and 640 x 200 pixes to: high speed; address per line 80 lines * 25 and 640 * 200 pixel LCD display; Rechargeable battery can operate up to 8 hour to: rechargeable battery lasts about eight hours. And then see one on the microwave oven product promotion ad: So you can save time on complete family meals, snacks, left-ovens and desserts.Whenever you defrost, worm, simmer, bake, broil, braise, roast or reheat your favorite foods. This ad translated: You can prepare for the whole family a full set of meals, snacks, leftovers and sweets, but save time. You can always use it to thaw, heat, stewing, baking, roasting, steaming, baking or hot meals, hot food. Describes the performance of machinery and electronics products commonly used ad words are: innovative design, advanced technology: novel in design and advanced in technology; use of safe, reliable performance: safe operation and dependableperformance; structure, strong, durable: sturdy construction and durable in use; structure of reasonable and fashionable: rational construction and attractivedesign; easy to operate, easy to maintain: convenient in operation and easy to repair; small size, light weight: compact and light; low noise, low energy consumption: low noise and less energy consumption; performance to of the world's advanced level: with performance up to the advanced level of the world. 2.3 The argument from the process point of view such a body for furniture, clothing and other crafts products, aimed at stimulating consumer such as art and the aesthetic needs of the romantic. See an ad for furniture: Behind the rich grain of it's carefully selected pecan woods lie hours of precise and pain taking workmanship.And it accents ofsculpted brass ere ate a collection that's contemporary and elegant.The founders Collection from Tomasville.There 's more to it thanmeets the eye. This ad translated: After carefully selected patterns behind the brightly colored hickory wood is exquisite skills and careful fabrication of brass carving a unique style of physical surroundings to create elegant style and modern flavor . This is Thomasville Furniture City, the company's Fonda. Provide you with not only visual pleasure. Exquisite craftsmanship and style of presentation the words are: skills exquisite craftsmanship pay attention to: exquisite craftsmanship working fine, craft excellent: perfect in workmanship and sophisticated technology2.4 from a product point of view the use and scope of the argument from the product point of view the use and scope of the argument is the One of the most common marketing techniques. Such a text for most of the new product introduction. For example: You can get that great Comet clean on modern surfaces like fiberglass and stainless steel.There is no worry about dulling scratches, because there are no harsh abrasives in Comet.It 's as safe as a liquid cleanser. PRESIDENT: Comet Brand clean agent, for fiber glass, stainless steel and other modern materials, polishing the surface. A result of non-abrasive agent, will never leave streaks. Its security and the same liquid. Describes the product use and application of commonly used words are: 'for the ... ...': be used for (in, to) ...; be suitable for ... or be employed for ... 'right ... ... Effective': be effective for (in ) ... '... right ... there is the role of': to have ... action against ... or exert ... action against ... 2.5 from the product to reach the skill level or standard argument from the perspective of product meet the technical standards or standard point of argument is also an effective promotional products methods. See product advertising on the vacuum cleaner in the Images: Exclusive Filter System assures hypo-allergenic Cleaning with Germastat.The lightest full size vacuum available, only 8 Ibs.So stairs are as nap.It 's super powerful, with amazing cleaning power: the fast, double helical rushes revolve at an incredible 6500 times a minutes. This ad can be translated as: This product use Germastat patented filtration system to remove the allergic factor in the product of the cleaning effect. The lightest weight materials, the overall weighing only 8 pounds. Light and have features that make cleaning stairs easy. A strong wind, extraordinary cleaning effect: suction brush for double-layer structure, running at an amazing speed per minute up to 6500 rpm. Introduce the product to reach the skill level or standard of the common words are: 'according to the standard design and manufacture of ... ...': to be designed and manufacture according to ... standard (s); 'passed provincial identification': passed provincialappraisement. 2.6 Quality assurance from the perspective of quality assurance from the perspective of proof applicable to a number of large companies demonstrated the well-known brand products. For example, Ford Motor Company once the atmosphere has such an ad: For 6 years running Ford has designed and built the highest quality American cars and trucks.No other company can make thisstatement Ford Quality is Job 1. Translated into Chinese: Ford Continuous 6 years to design and produce the nation's best-quality cars and trucks. Only put the pronouncements of the Company: to create first-class quality is the bounden duty of Ford. ) Is used to ensure the quality of products common terms are: a leading position at home: be in the leading position in China; ranks of the brightest and best of similar products: to rank first among the similar products; quality and excellent quality: excellent quality and superior quality ; the number of first in best quality: The King of Quantity and The Queen of Quality; yield and quality among the best in the country: to have a leading position on either output or quality in this country. For another example: That's for a top-quality machine by Weslo, one of the word's premier home fitness companies.There 's simply not abetter-quality rider available any where. Translated into English: This is the world's first home fitness equipment company - Viagra Si high-quality music production machine. The quality of other brands catch up. ) 2.7 from the point of argument could try if we can spend in the product description you can try advertising in the statement that the product warranty or service, consumers will undoubtedly have great appeal. See a product on the exercise bike ad: But don't take our word for it.Try the Cardio Glide in your own home-for 30 days.If you're not completely satisfied, we'll giveyou a full refund . This ad translated into English is: do not worry! You put the machine to move home, you can first try for 30 days. If it does not make you satisfied, we will return in full. 3 Conclusion The end of the ad should be concise and charisma, prompting consumers to take action. For example: Tellyour grocerthatyou wantyour family'sfavoritebrand of milkin the Canco disposable milk container.It will save you lots of work at busy meal times and all the rest of the day. The ad translated into English is: approaching grocery store, tell the owner Concord brand canned milk with a one-time save your home used to drink milk. The tank at any time for you to alleviate the pain of crafts. To guide the reader to take action to end the way the purchase of 'indirect inspired style' and 'direct appeal-type': (1) Indirect inspired formula: also known as 'soft proposed legislation' or 'Suggestion' for example: Thingsgobetter withCoke. To: Coca-Cola for You bring good luck. CokeIs It! To: Coca-Cola, fantastic! (2) Direct appeal formula: also known as 'direct promotion-action', the end of such action must be taken to provide readers with all the necessary information, such as sales address, contact methods, contact telephone number. Such as: For the name of your nearest Thomsville Gallery or Anthoried'retailer, call xxxxxx 'translated into Chinese: call xxxxxx, available on your nearest Thomasville furniture store of information.
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