Business English Concept Analysis

I. Introduction China's accession to the WTO, needs a large number are familiar with China's basic national conditions, have a high level of foreign language, rich professional knowledge and network technology, proficient in the WTO rules and international economic law, high-level business professionals. Able to communicate on the talent market as the consumption and production of both ends of the media, universities International Business English (hereinafter General Business English) teaching and research in a timely manner should reflect this new trend. This new trend mainly two things: discipline-based industrial upgrading and expansion of (general concept of international trade in services) of the impact of the impact of information technology, 'accession to the WTO', China's service trade industry has been rapidly the development of international business to the international trade in goods, services, trade, technology trade and international cooperation in the expansion. Meanwhile, the rapid development of information industry, especially the popularity of computer networks to promote international business increasingly paperless and networking (especially since%

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