Integration of domain port coastline resources Ningbo Port

Abstract: starting from the port of Ningbo domain port coastline resources utilization, analyze the existing problems in its development and utilization put forward suggestions harbor shoreline integration of resources utilization, domain optimization of Ningbo Port Configuration shoreline resources, improve the utilization of the shoreline resources efficiency, bringing the port advantages in resources, and promote the development of the port transformation and upgrading to provide a reference.

Keywords: port coastline resources integration berth port coastline to help the Ningbo port development and marine economic demonstration zones and accelerate the transformation Ningbo port to the strong international Port of important strategic resources and core resources, but also the development of marine economy in Zhejiang Province, to build maritime Zhejiang "most unique advantages and carrier. strengthen the co-ordination of the Ningbo port coastline resources planning and use of management, to maximize the scientific and reasonable way to integrate the use of valuable and limited port coastline resources, and improve the utilization efficiency, promote the transformation of the Ningbo port upgrading and development of build strong international port protection.

Ningbo port and shoreline profiles, Ningbo - Zhoushan Port Ningbo Port, Ningbo port profile domain is located on the intersection of China's continental coastline in central, north and south, and the Yangtze River "T" type structure, geographic location, is the famous deep water port in mainland China. Chinese mainland's main crude oil, iron ore, container, liquid chemical transit storage base in east China's major coal, grain and other bulk cargo transit and storage bases. Ningbo Port domain Yongjiang, Zhenhai, Beilun, mountains, Daxie Meishan, Xiangshan Port and the Shipu 8 Dagang District., with various types of berths over 500 special port production with berths total 332, including 85 container berths 21 tons or more large berth, more than 10 tons large deep-water berths of 21, is one of the largest port of the country's large and extra large deep-water berths.

2, the Ningbo shoreline Utilization Ningbo coastline has a total length of 1,562 km, accounting for one-third of Zhejiang Province, which the mainland coastline has a total length of 872 km the island shoreline length of 759 km. >> << Ningbo - Zhoushan Port overall planning, Ningbo planning for port quay length of 170 km, port deepwater coastline of 139.1 kilometers, accounting for 81.8% of the planned until the end of 2011, about 105 km coastline use planning, including deep-water coastline about 82 km remaining planning shoreline 65 km remaining deepwater coastline of 57.1 km, as shown in Figure 1.

Port coastline resources development and utilization of the problems due to the development of early planning, regulatory and other reasons, the domain part of the port of Ningbo Port shoreline deepwater shallow with excellent line inferior with idle land and waters to be used for other purposes he used such phenomena relatively extensive shoreline resources development, conservation use, the use of the principle of the rational use of the shoreline not been fully realized and implement relative to the rich port coastline resources, Ningbo Port domain port the shoreline resource utilization also lagging behind.

1 port coastline resources are increasingly scarce, protection and utilization of urgent Ningbo Port domain port coastline resources although the total is rich, but after years of development, is facing a saturated the capacity, excellent harbor shoreline into a chip scale development to reduce the near future may less developed shoreline, the undeveloped shoreline by the natural conditions of the water and land resources, the incoming waterways and marine function zoning factors, high development costs, difficult issues such as development.

As can be seen from Figure 1, the basic Yongjiang, Zhenhai, Beilun the Dagang District shoreline resources development is completed, Daxie Port deepwater coastline of the island resources has been the basic completion of the development, the remaining Chuanbi Island, a small Tianwan area about 4 km deepwater coastline resources can be developed, Xiangshan Port and Shipu port area due to the presence of the naval port, fishing port, the main resource control planning, the development of the port resources should be sufficient verification and environmental capacity, ecological relations is not suitable for large-scale development of port production shore line the fairways, anchorage, transport and logistics limitations of the natural environment, the construction of the higher costs of large level pier.

2, the initial development of the Sunshine City to develop the obvious contradiction between the the port functional layout planning lagging behind the limitations of Ningbo port in the early stages of development and urban construction, due to the awareness of the relationship between the port and the city becomes vacant, the market in the allocation of resources as well as government management means relatively backward Sunshine City development caused the obvious contradiction between the port functional layout compact. Yongjiang port area due to urban expansion of berth low level, wharf old series of reasons, is no longer fit to play its scheduled production shoreline Zhenhai, Beilun Port, the port and the city is the simultaneous development of the port and the city in the space almost integrated cities and ports play influence each other of their respective functions.

Port functional layout planning problem is part of the pier scattered layout, not a scale, resulting in the water, electricity, set local acts as well as urban facilities difficult to complementary or redundant construction, the shoreline resource use lower cost, some companies take up too much of the shoreline, enterprise wharf building arbitrary large, scattered layout also split a utility berth area, affecting the the public berths efficiency play. as Beilun port area, the owners Terminal preempted shoreline, resulting in Container Terminal difficult to focus on the layout, resulting in uncoordinated functionality, waste of resources, it is difficult to achieve large-scale, intensive management, reduce the port comprehensive benefits and resource utilization.

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3, the production berths through capacity imbalance deepwater shallow phenomenon exists a long time, are free of charge to developers using the port coastline, lack of reasonable configuration shoreline resources market competition mechanism, part of the shoreline and the development and utilization of the lack of overall planning, occupied arbitrarily shoreline deepwater shallow cause shoreline waste of resources in the the Ningbo Port domain five main kinds of goods, oil, liquid chemical cargo ability to meet production demand, coal class cargo throughput beyond design through capacity 53% 96.3%, container super, super the metallic ores class terminal cargo by 61.6%, the wharf production of various kinds of goods through capacity exists a certain imbalance, as shown in Figure 2 .

Port coastline resources to integrate the use of countermeasures to Recommendation 1, strengthen the management of shoreline resources and effective protection of the port coastline resources available, the lack of port resources, and constantly improve the laws and regulations of the harbor shoreline management to ensure that the port coastline reasonable the development and effective use. based on port planning seriously good shoreline audit, to further improve the harbor shoreline resources management information system, the introduction of selective port project, based on the the project preliminary evaluation mechanism, strict control of the port coastline intensity of investment, land investment intensity and the kinds of goods and reasonable configuration, guide a number in line with the industrial policy, the low-energy environmental protection, effective use of port resources to promote local economic development projects settled in to prevent resource-intensive, backward production capacity, and not in line with the industrial policy project to enter.

2, correctly guide the rational distribution of Port project, accelerate the establishment of a multi-level, port planning system to increase planning co-ordinate efforts to take the initiative to interface with other planning. Expedite the implementation of the Meishan Bonded Port Area, the Xiangshan Bay Port, Shipu Port and so the overall plan for the work of the new port area, researching and compiling key operating areas controlled detailed planning and research work. thereby establishing >> << Ningbo - Zhoushan Port overall planning as a leader, the Minato detailed planning and special planning phase matching system the Port planning system.

Science to guide the construction of port projects. Give priority to the development of the public dock, give priority to the construction of some amount of capacity does not match the Cargo Terminal, Cargo Terminal of the priority development of faster growth in the amount of, such as container, ore terminal. Mountains Minato house pier, bright pier and Zhenhai port general cargo terminal is built, and the the coal berths basic ability to adapt, moderate development of oil, chemical berths limit shipyard outfitting quay blind expansion and construction.

In accordance with the planning function of positioning, in accordance with the intensive, large-scale, large-scale, professional layout, functional division of each port area of ​​science, reasonable arrangements for the timing of construction of major projects, to avoid disorderly construction and a waste of coastline resources to accelerate the optimize the integration of the old port of port resources, integration to enhance the public docks and piers of the owners, and promote the transformation of contiguous container terminal construction, optimizing the rational distribution of the port project, improving the level of intensive development of the port of overall competitiveness and pier.

3, advancing pier structural adjustment, promote port sustainable development for the existence of the "Hong Kong", "City" development contradictions prominent port functional layout scattered deepwater shallow with a planned step-by-step way to promote structural adjustment of the dock .

Contradictions and Urban Planning Minato function to adjust some of the old port development with urban planning, there are contradictions in the living area, caused by the the port functional layout of the lack of integrity, need to adjust these port function. Yongjiang Port due to urban expansion, low level berths within the port area, the old pier and other factors, are no longer suitable for the production of functional position of the shoreline under the Town Planning and port planning, nature-based tourism, commerce, culture, public facilities, and the city logistics services, the integration of regional resources in addition to retain two urban logistics distribution point, other shippers pier plans to gradually move out of town, will not create a new port terminal.

Resource utilization of the shoreline area of ​​confusion, to integrate adjustment. Beilun Port mainly to improve operational efficiency and improving the customs environment to create conditions for integration of the central operational area shoreline resources, large-scale development of container transport. Beilun Port coal pier adjustment for the container terminal, container berth group with the immediate container berths common formation to Minato layout tends to be more large-scale, rationalization. the Chemical Terminal Qingzhi Keyuan Plastics Chemical Terminal layout Gulf Heavy Steel Pipe pier, overall relocation, combined with the original shoreline building higher levels of chemical Pier, formation of industrial agglomeration.

4, to promote the cooperation of the owners' pier with open operating, to enhance wharf capacity and utilization efficiency of propulsion public owners Pier. Enterprise owners Terminal biggest feature is its construction operations depends mainly on their own projects, and promote resource sharing is difficult to form a social and public pier. Sui of economic development, the use value of the owners of the pier on the hinterland continuously enhance the the conditional pier's owners should give full play to its advantages in resources, under the coordination of the government, to maximize the efficiency of terminal operations, to promote the cooperation of the owners' pier with open operating.

Strengthen the technological transformation of the old pier, to further tap the potential of the existing piers. Meet the functional positioning of port planning premise, encouraged on the basis of the original shoreline, through the existing terminal renovation and expansion, to improve the level of process improvements, updated equipment, improve supporting facilities, further improve through capacity of the port, adjust and optimize the structure of port function. Retrofitting old pier in Zhenhai, Beilun Port, focusing on the implementation of the Beilun Port coal berth renovation project, synchronized expansion of the rear yard and other facilities to develop improve the old terminal upgrade procedures, simplify the examination and approval procedures, the progressive development of intensive, specialized port area. including through the upgrading of the old pier structure to further improve the pier by a very effective move. according to research on Ningbo Port the domain status quo pier thoroughly, investigation, analysis, comparison, reference section has been a successful example of the transformation of the pier, "Twelfth Five-Year" period, can advance structural upgrading project focusing on the 19 by upgrading status quo terminals through capacity increased by 35.37 million tons / year, bulk cargo through capacity increased by 19.47 million tons / year, container increase of 1.2 million TEU / year, will greatly enhance the efficiency of the use of the port coastline resources, you can save a lot of valuable shoreline resources.

5, perfect harbor shoreline system of paid use, promote the effective development and utilization of the shoreline asset management port coastline resources, both without effective regulation and management of the government, is also inseparable from the effective role of the market mechanism on the port line resource assessment is an important part of the shoreline use management, is an important basis for the use of gold standards for collecting formulated shoreline comprehensively promote the principle of compensation for the use of the shoreline to take full account of the land and water resources as well as socio-economic factors such as the establishment of a scientific and rational shoreline resource value assessment system, to develop a reasonable the shoreline price system, to shoreline resources development and utilization of compensatory basis, to form the government under the control of the port coastline resources market allocation mechanisms can be taken in three ways to achieve port coastline Resources Assets: First, the coastline resources rent to businesses, to lease the right to use the value of the shoreline resources, the shoreline cooperation materialized, to sell or transfer the value of shoreline resources Third line use rights contributed as capital or shares.

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