On the composition of the water conservancy project construction costs and control measures

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[Abstract] on the composition of the water conservancy project construction costs and control based on analysis of the main problems for the water conservancy project construction cost control, and cost control system for the various stages of the water conservancy project construction, water conservancy construction enterprises only seize cost control, strengthen the cost management of the project, in order to maximize profits, achieve a virtuous circle, to the increasingly fierce market competition in an invincible position.

A water conservancy project construction cost of the composition and control project construction costs represent the sum of the production costs of construction enterprises for the completion of all construction tasks of the project, the cost of which includes direct costs, management fees, the temporary building fees, operating expenses other items. The direct costs required in the construction cost of materials (such as concrete, steel, timber, aggregate, lime, brick, asphalt, etc.), artificial fee, Jixietaiban, fees management fee refers to the project management process consumes costs such as staff salaries, office expenses, bidding costs, temporary construction fee of the mechanical equipment and construction personnel need temporary housing construction costs, or lease houses the costs also include operating expenses, it is refers to other costs incurred by the construction site, on-site hospitality, the local unexpected incidents such as maintenance fees. Clearly, the construction costs of the project, including the cost of many scientific and rational water conservancy project cost control study, to to reduce costs, ensure quality purposes.

The project construction cost control is the foundation and core of the enterprise cost management, construction project in the construction process of the project cost control, budget costs; likely spending to determine plan costs, combined with the system control, fixed or control indicators of control, contract control indicators. lowest cost control principles should be followed, a comprehensive cost control principles, dynamic control of the basic principles of the principles and objectives of management control, the main approach, including direct and indirect costs of control, the direct cost of accounts about 70% of the total investment, control the direct costs to ensure the benefits of the project, which includes the main material of the cost of feeding and material management, organization and arrangement fees for construction personnel and mechanized operations costs.

Indirect cost control is also very important, control of indirect costs, including the optimal combination of management personnel program rationalization and office expenses, expenditure control, control entry and exit costs is to select the optimal entry and exit routes. Temporary building fees control, it is necessary to ensure the durability of the conditions to select the most economical temporary building materials, while design good temporary construction planning, the most effective use of the temporary building space.

Second, the major problem of water conservancy construction of water conservancy project construction cost control cost control is a lot of construction companies have awareness of important issues, and implementation of low-cost control strategy of the slogans shouted many years, but I do not know how many target cost to develop, can the project cost never come down, the reason for the low-cost strategy is nothing more than light shouting, but the lack of low-cost tactical total formulation cost management objectives, and the lack of operability, the target has never been able to achieve, to sum it up, including the following areas:
(Misunderstanding of a sense of cost management, project cost management requires full participation, penetration in the management of the whole process of the project, its target cost control through the construction organization and implementation of its main construction organizations and direct production staff, rather than financial accounting personnel, construction management and financial management work mixed, and its technical staff is responsible only for the quality of technical and engineering the engineering organization personnel only responsible for the construction of the production and engineering progress, materials management personnel are only responsible for the procurement of materials and inspection of the issuance of work so seemingly clear division of labor, clear responsibilities and carry out their duties, the substance unmanned bear the cost of management responsibility. fact, financial cost management organizers, rather than the cost management body. misunderstanding out of this understanding, it is impossible to do a good job in the engineering cost management.

(B usually due to engineering structures, the size and construction of the environment of the same lack of comparability between the cost of each project. Thus, how to develop a workable project cost control based on monomer projects is crucial. Many construction enterprises goal of the project the formulation of the cost is too simplistic and superficial, even some construction companies simply reduced rate in accordance with the experience of the project cost to determine a target cost, while ignoring the environment as well as the construction of the project site conditions and duration requirements in project cost management measures, only simple rules and regulations, so that the target cost of the absence and the actual construction process combined operability is poor, and not achieve the control action, will not be able to analyze the reasons of cost differences, so that the target cost is always in slogans.

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Third, the water conservancy project construction cost control measures according to the type of construction contract and construction management level of enterprises, to take appropriate construction cost control measures, to develop a viable control standards, records of the construction process, and it relates to the artificial, the consumption of materials and construction machinery, construction technology, on-site management, face the situation, site layout and construction preparation projects also include the number of categories of resources, labor and construction Mechanical time retreat Face, rest or idle time, as well as equipment maintenance, maintenance time control of the water conservancy project construction costs should penetrate in various stages of construction, specific measures:
(A labor cost control labor costs typically account for about 10% of the total project cost, construction enterprises to develop practical work quota. Want to control the amount of labor, reduce or shorten some processes man-days consumed an effort to make the actual Checkout does not break the fixed unit price at the same time, improve efficiency, increase labor productivity and wages but also to strengthen program management, improve attendance and utilization, in particular, to reduce non-productive labor and auxiliary labor to ensure that the labor cost is not a breakthrough.

(Control of two materials fee. Generally accounted for 65% of the total project cost of ~ 75% the cost of materials, to control the amount of material, material prices to master the material specifications, rigorous calculation of material use plan. Rigorous formulation of materials approach acceptance system, the implementation of the amount of square, counting, weighing, qualified to ensure the quality of materials, no loss side shortages guarantee its number in the construction process, the implementation of the quota picking after the construction is completed, to do live dry material net.

(Three control machinery costs. Refined construction organization design and adjusted according to the unit price analysis, preparation of the mechanical-use plans in the construction of its own machinery should strengthen the maintenance, rational use of leased machinery reasonable arrangements to take full advantage of reduce stagnation, and to ensure the efficient operation of mechanical equipment.

(D strengthen quality management to strict engineering quality, quality control personnel sentinel posts, be responsible, to strengthen the supervision of the quality of the construction process, so that the molding of engineering, once qualified, to avoid due to unnecessary human, financial, objects, such as a large number of inputs and increase the cost of the project.

(E) to strengthen contract management contract management is an important content of the construction enterprise management, reduce the cost of the project is also an effective way to improve the economic efficiency project construction contract management time should range from contract negotiations began, to the end of the warranty date, especially strengthen contract management in the construction process, to ensure that the contract to implement.

Fourth, the emphasis on cost accounting, cost control goals costing mainly by corporate financial centers and projects organized by the Ministry implemented earnestly summarize each stage of each project in accordance with the cost list, careful cost of each project the use of funds than the projects every step must be carefully controlled. specific to do the labor costs of the construction team, the cost of materials, machinery costs, equipment costs, the project department staff salaries, benefits, subsidies, labor insurance, health insurance, office, travel, training, vehicle use, hospitality, bidding fees all the targets included in the cost accounting, achieve cost control standards, providing incentives, under normal circumstances, part of the the super cost control standard, adjusted by the project within the Department solve financial center except in the project implementation process for a lot of detailed work, but also to raise funds, reasonable scheduling the use of funds for construction enterprises of all reasonable use of funds to ensure the normal of each.

Construction enterprises cost control, should also take into account the following three factors. First, personnel costs, the brain drain will form the talent of bad debts, and to prevent the brain drain is personnel cost control key part of the cost of specialized equipment., Some large specialized equipment, single-use, expensive, so only allocate the cost of such equipment to the project, the formation of the cost is the real cost of social cost, in the present circumstances, the social costs should also be considered in the project costs being short, only seize cost control, strengthen the management of the project cost, construction enterprises in order to maximize profits, achieve a virtuous circle, to the increasingly fierce market competition in an invincible position.


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