Laser sensor data transmission mode of ship traffic Observing System

Abstract: In this paper, ship traffic observation of laser-based sensor system laser sensor data transmission discussed three ways laser sensor data transmission system and transmission effects.

Keywords: ship traffic laser sensor data wireless transmission cable transmission fiber transmission overview of ship traffic observation of laser-based sensor system, data collection instruments laser sensor as the ship, the ship features recognition, multi-laser sensor Air ship traffic detection system-based, multi-source data fusion and machine learning methods to realize the ship feature recognition and adaptive error control, studies based on morphological classification and continuous feature of the spatio-temporal data extracted tug fleet testing, weather automatically ship traffic on ship traffic traffic statistics.

Selected two different types of laser sensors as the acquisition of the ship feature information, they use different data interface. Therefore, need to use a different transmission mode to get its data. Practice and comparison of the three options, finally obtained a suitable transmission scheme.

The data transmission of the laser sensor 1, the laser sensor laser sensor ship traffic observation system by the data acquisition subsystem, and data processing subsystem, and an auxiliary subsystem consists of three parts. Data acquisition subsystem in the laser sensor by the rotation of the laser head, objects, line scan, for a short time in order to achieve the cross-section of the two-dimensional scan of the analyte can be real-time acquisition of the target image on the fairway. data acquisition subsystem is composed mainly by two laser sensors.

2, the transmission of the laser sensor data transmission scheme:

Transfer program: The program for the initial design of the transfer program, designed based on the principle of simple equipment, low cost, easy to install. Specific programs are as follows: the 1st laser wireless transmission using Ethernet, the 2nd laser because there is no network interface, using communication cable RS422 mode transmission.

Case advantages:

simple installation, low cost advantages.

Inadequacies: the place of installation of the system in the field environment, the straight-line distance from the engine room about 250 meters, 1 laser Ethernet transmission often occur from time to time interrupt data transmission can not meet the system requirements. No. scanning frequency of the laser is higher, the large amount of data transmission, the highest requirements of the serial communication rate is reached 115.2K baud, while the 2nd laser with the 38.4K the transmission rate, can not meet the demand for data transmission amount, there will be data backlog or packet loss phenomenon.

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inadequacies appear for one of the program we have designed a program two.

Transmission scheme II:

Overcome solutions to meet the system requirements, the real-time data transmission and stability problems, the case on the basis of the program, on the transmission line improvements.

Transfer programs: the improved transmission scheme 2, 1 laser data transmission using a wired Ethernet transmission mode, the 2nd laser with a cable connected to the MOXA high-speed data converter card, the diagram is as follows:
Transmission effect: improved program, real time and stability of the laser data transmission has been significant improvement in data transmission interruption phenomenon has been resolved to meet the needs of the system. Using MOXA high-speed cable access data conversion card, laser, transfer rate up to 500K baud rate, all the laser data, no lost per second to get the data from 37 to 38, and also to meet the traffic demand.

Shortcomings: the current transmission distance there are about 250 m, while the network cable is suitable for transmitting distance within 100 meters of relatively appropriate. Moreover, ordinary network cable is only suitable as indoor transmission line, in an outdoor environment, the strength of the transmission line, resistance aging signal shielding, anti-lightning, there are higher requirements, the program is not suitable as a long-term outdoor transmission line.

To enhance the adaptability of the system to reduce the impact of various environmental factors on the system, is conducive to the implementation of system products, we design a transmission scheme.

Transfer Option Three:
Transfer programs: the case on the basis of the program two, using a fiber optic of alternative data lines and cable transmission.

Case advantages:

(A transmission distance of up to several kilometers to tens of kilometers,

(2 harsh environment suitable for outdoor environment, high strength, anti-aging, due to light propagation, signal interference from the surrounding environment, and are not subject to lightning

(3 transmission bandwidth, a line can be used to transmit device data, simplify system deployment

(4 has good stability, transmission distance, transmission bandwidth, provided favorable conditions for the implementation of the entire system.
Explore a comparison of three transmission scheme, conclusions program a data transmission method, although the line installation is simple, low cost, but due to the transmission distance and installation environment factors, wireless transmission prone to irregular interrupted, the system can not meet the requirements of real time and stability. No. 2 machine data transfer a large amount of the transmission of the communication cable RS422, unable to meet the demand for data traffic, the system prone to data backlog or loss phenomena.

The Option II transfer the amount of data that can be improved up to 500K baud rate, at the same time, the real-time data transmission and stability has been improved, data transmission interruption phenomenon resolved to meet the demand of the laser sensor observing system for ship traffic .

Program three bandwidth of 100M, transmission distance from field environmental factors and good stability, is the best transmission scheme based laser sensor ship traffic Observing System Data Transfer.

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