Nantong coastal a small yacht industry development thinking

Abstract: In this paper, the development status of the small coastal yacht Nantong analysis, the measures proposed to play a role of market regulation, improve the of yachting activities infrastructure and security management system, standardize the training of yachtsmen.

Keywords: the small yachts development safety supervision Nantong in recent years, with the rapid economic development of the Jiangsu coastal, and Nantong, the double superimposed region as both the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the Jiangsu coastal development strategy of the two countries, the people's living standards continue to improve, gradually increased spending power of the wealthy crowd driven, Nantong small coastal yacht industry gradually started development, due to the lack of professional regulations Administration of Work Safety Rules boot, as well as smaller industry, small yacht industry development sprawl illegal business phenomenon exists , bring new challenges to the maritime regulatory work.

Nantong, a small coastal yacht development status, the development of smaller Nantong coastal coastal waters due to the constraints of their own conditions, such as: deep-water berths few coastal waters of the lack of large-scale tourism scenic spots, due to the water quality of the natural environment reasons yellowish watch poor hinterland economic development is lagging behind compared to other southeastern coastal cities, in the large yacht develop a more mature city Shanghai edge of reason, decided to Nantong coastal yacht industry is mainly small tourist yacht is not suitable for the development of large-scale luxury yacht.

Nantong coastal oyster aphid Mountain operations yacht company only Haimen Dongzaogang Port Coastal Tourism Development Co., Ltd. belongs to "7", "oyster aphid Hill 8" two yachts made legitimate qualifications. Eastern Gold Coast Tourism Services Ltd. " Gold Coast No. 1 "and" Gold Coast 2, two small yachts, is prohibited without obtaining the relevant operating procedures operation and Development Co., Ltd. Nantong fresh source of beach "fresh source", "fresh source of The number "is not legally acquired the operating procedures issued by the relevant departments were ordered to prohibit operators maritime sector. addition, Qidong Lvsi ocean Port there are a small number of motor boats engaged in passenger operations.

2 crew constitute messy Nantong coastal small yacht the crew constitutes presents five states: First Haimen Harbour Marina, Dongzaogang, Tourism Development Co., Ltd. belongs for "oyster aphid Mountain" series of small yachts, in the long-term maritime regulatory pressure gradually in accordance with the requirements of equipped to meet the crew, can basically meet the operational requirements. yacht owned by individuals, small number of Nantong region personal yacht, maritime control in place, the personal yacht obtain legal formalities basically, but with the recent years, the middle and upper income groups increased fishing boat, sailing around 50-100 million size of the market will continue to expand in the future, the private yacht permittee regulatory pressure will continue to increase. carried out, such as the East Little Yangkou Scenic small yacht business, because of the lack of effective operating procedures, the maritime sector has been prohibited operating in the state of no steady crew team. existing small range around the coastal Jiangsu coastal fishery resources in recent years to reduce caused some fishermen secretly use the fishing boat trips for sightseeing, avoid at all levels the supervision of the government agencies, its crew fishing boat crew. coastal Bureau some criminals take advantage of a lack of strength over a broad area of ​​maritime control point defects in the purchase of motor boats, assault boats, dinghies engaged in tourism projects, almost all of the operator no the crew qualification certificate issued of the Marine, there is a serious security problem.

3, no small yacht waterway view of the scale of development of a small yacht, Nantong region, difficult to achieve for a yacht sailing area dedicated to open, only Yangtze River in Nantong segment plans Langshan scenic Riverside Park, Alondra rocks near the waters of the main channel to the small yacht to open up a dedicated waterway, the plan is still in the early demonstration stage, Nantong coastal ship traffic less far from the north-south waterway, generally small yacht not easy route and other shipping routes cross, but in recent years, Nantong coastal development speed significantly accelerated the gradual increase in the number of various types of construction vessels and surrounding coastal engaged in fish farming, fishing ships more, more intensive offshore fishing boats bring certain risks to the security of a small yacht operations, and therefore have the necessary scientific the planning approval yacht exclusive routes designated functional waters, this is the long-term development of Nantong coastal yacht project is bound to face a new topic.

Small yacht brought about by the development of the maritime regulatory challenge, the relevant laws and regulations should be further improved in January 2009, the Ministry of Transport << yacht safety regulations >> promulgated and implemented. Provisions of safety regulations >> << yacht, yacht Under special circumstances, should also apply to the vessel inspection agency for an additional survey should ship inspection agency inspection requirements and specifications in accordance with the approval or endorsement of the Ministry of Transport yacht inspection, and obtain the corresponding vessel inspection certificate before, but currently only << yacht statutory inspection Interim Provisions >> enough to cope with the current the domestic yacht development of high-middle and low ship coexistence of sufficiently standardized design and manufacture complex situation, Nantong coastal yacht industry is also an urgent need for the support and guidance of the relevant policies.

In addition, individual small yacht often run arbitrary basically impossible before sailing to the maritime sector, visa formalities in accordance with the provisions of the primary maritime sector >> << People's Republic of ship ship visa rules for high-speed boat and set out passenger ship short term visa approval authority for more than a month, so the small yacht running complex procedures is bound to restrict the development of a small yacht industry.

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2 employees worked levels would need to further improve the world for yachtsmen management requirements of the same, such as: Australia, NSW yachtsman speed determines license level, while the northern region of the country to determine the required driver's license based on the length and purpose of the yacht, the the Italian yacht driver's license the reference driving distance offshore yacht power, the length of the ship, even minors can obtain a driver's qualifications, Singapore yachtsman personnel management more stringent requirements must hold a the motor yacht driver's license before manipulation of the yacht, the British yachtsman's license classification is more clear.

View of China's current production safety situation is more serious yacht as a passenger ship in the event of an accident can easily cause Qunsiqunshang, adverse social impacts will hit the yacht industry booming all over the country. "18 large" before the convening of Beijing City clearly prohibits all kinds of yachts operating instructions for the yacht industry development in a relatively conservative state, so our yachtsman personnel management should be more cautious and strict our crew market booming in recent years, a large number of the permittee crew yacht project is to ensure the ability of the yachtsman staff competency, engaged in business activities can maximize the use of this part of the merchant seamen for retraining, to ensure that the yacht industry practitioners with higher vocational skills.

, Safety and pollution prevention management difficult yacht security developed countries is usually self-discipline management mainly inculcate the sense of responsibility for yachtsmen, to create since when risk the safety concept. Generally exit the yacht, the yacht structural performance significant changes in yacht crew more than a certain number of cases before the yacht facilities to implement additional security checks some developed countries in Europe on the inspection of the yacht is to check the certificate and before departure formalities examination, on a test basis, relatively loose, check our restricted factors that affect the quality of the citizens and the yacht industry started late, relatively strict management should yacht implementation.

The yacht's anti-pollution mainly contains two aspects: First run oil and waste water pollution, in this regard by the more stringent test equipment check to improve the the yacht technical condition to reduce the discharge of oily water, the United States adopted by the Parliament in 1971 << federal yacht security Law >> made yacht pollutant emissions restrictions, made a good run. visitors daily garbage, this part of the difficulty of monitoring, it depends on the tourists sense of discipline, relative to the level of the development of education in China is lagging behind developed Western countries is difficult to achieve good results, if only by tourists awareness of self-discipline to maintain the marine environment must to yacht operators parties should be required to play the main responsibility for the prevention of pollution, bear joint and several liability for pollution prevention, tougher penalties to boost the environmental operations of the industry as a whole.

The yacht industry management recommendations

1, to play the role of market regulation as soon as possible to establish the structure of the small coastal yacht industry framework to combat illegal unlicensed operation of a small yacht can not rely solely on strengthening maritime control to achieve their goals, in the interests of drivers under the administrative means alone is difficult to eradicate illegal operations , requires a combination of market-based instruments to regulate the maritime sector as the competent authority, should support the part of the the yacht operating company with strong economic and technological strength, and urge them to improve operational procedures, guidance to improve service levels, coordination of local government policies inclined to reduce their operating costs. group of customers attracted by the leverage of market regulation to the regular yacht company, drive down the market share of the illegal yacht operations gradually the yacht operating units substandard stripped from the industrial chain, enhance the management level of the industry as a whole.

2, improve of yachting activities infrastructure and safety management system in China in addition to a small number of cities with a port of call for the exclusive yacht, the majority of small and medium-sized city does not have a dedicated yacht harbor, yachts docked in the Merchant Shipping Port or fishing port, part of the travel company self the simple pontoon berthing operation of ships, these are yacht production safety instability. combined with weak Nantong area yacht industry development, local government can provide infrastructure support, such as at the time of the development of coastal tourism projects government-funded construction of the marina, contracted to units operating, wait until the scale of the industry to expand to a certain extent, independent marina building higher level by the operating units.

Specification yachtsmen training effective as of May 18, 2011 << People's Republic of yacht operator training, examination and certification approach >> (sea crew [2011] 247 yachts operating personnel training, examination and certification requirements and specifications. yacht operator must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the approach to strengthen learning water safety regulations and practical operation skills, and strengthen the management of the yachtsman personnel tracking, and effectively improve the yachtsman staff practitioner level, to ensure a continuing competency capacity.

Conclusion yacht industry development and growth is the inevitable product of economic development, purely for-profit nature of yacht Unlike ordinary merchant with the significant characteristics of the consumer and entertainment, which decided it needed a more relaxed environment for the development of severe, but our production safety situation, fragile natural ecological environment and the yacht started late uneven level of development of the objective status quo and the maritime sector to be constrained by the system and a powerful means of punishment. maritime sector should adhere to regulatory and service both on the yacht industry development under the conditions of our country guide our yacht industry to embark on a healthy development track.

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