New thinking to solve the current shipbuilding dilemma

Abstract: Nowadays most domestic shipyard in the task is not full state, a large number of shipbuilding business volume atrophy, do the analysis of the current situation of the shipbuilding is proposed to solve the current shipbuilding predicament a few comments.

Keywords: the domestic shipbuilding boat market downturn countermeasures nowadays most domestic shipyards in the task is not a full state, especially in export-shipyard orders more severe, charged with domestic trade and transport inland shipbuilding manufacturers, construction tasks , but the impact is great, a large number of traffic atrophy reason, we summed up as follows:
Downturn of the international and domestic economic environment as the BRIC countries, Brazil and China, the shipping market outlook is very optimistic about the mining-rich Brazil, there are many boats between Brazil and China, Brazil to line Mining shipping once glorious moment, the highest fortune The price of 80 U.S. dollars / ton, while only 16 U.S. dollars / ton, the world of difference between the price so high cost, low-profit small shipping phase-out rate is very high. international airline transport by Addict double days of experience.

Comparing domestic, is also affected, so they took the original popular routes in the vicinity of Zhoushan Tianjin, the original 80 yuan / ton coal freight rates, the current falls to less than $ 16 / t. Guigang in the upper reaches of the Pearl River to Guangzhou, Shenzhen area 80 yuan / ton cargo volume fell to less than the current 30 yuan / ton, was Guigang become a brother of the basin in Guangxi river ports to ten million tons of throughput Although the throughput of the port now continue places to climb, however, can not be compared to its economic benefits to.

Shipbuilding tonnage to increase the original ships engaged in international shipping "fought" domestic, to increase competition in the new owner built tonnage continues to increase, while relatively small tonnage of ships required crew with whom maintain little variable, or even the same, astute shipowners, taking into consideration the economic interests would prefer the construction of large-tonnage ships, so that the domestic and international old and new capacity increase makes the competition more intense, the original had large ships engaged in international shipping competitive in the international shipping was eliminated in favor of domestic transportation, increased domestic capacity, and occupies a large tonnage, low tariffs advantage in the competition, virtually increase the competitive pressure of the domestic shipping market caused tariffs to bottom.

New domestic ship constantly increase, however, shipping the deterioration of the economic environment, the new owner did not deter moths to a flame-like shipbuilding enthusiasm, they built a new boat operational, to participate in this fierce competition, the situation is more and more serious. Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces mooring area boat overflowing of waters, the ship owners to find an anchor and a big headache for both tonnage and ship number, there worrying increasing trend in the number of new ship construction.

Increase industry costs, resulting in the shipping market profits to reduce the continuous appreciation of the yuan, the people in China seem to feel less than it brought changes in daily life in the warm boiled frog, only to find the prices in a steady rise, while the corresponding income also industrial workers wandering state requirements for salary increase constantly rising, making the industry cost continues to rise. industry to participate in international trade, and have grown to feel the pressure of RMB appreciation, original high price of foreign currency becomes increasingly shrinking, coupled with the downturn of the international environment, they disheartened.

How to deal with the current situation, how to solve the current predicament is a common problem facing the shipping industry, first of all, we are powerless to solve the current international problems, the face of the domestic situation, however, we should also make a difference.

1, the government should intensify policy support, strict the old vessels elimination system First, we increase the intake from domestic demand, which also conform to the government's call to increase domestic demand as we know, domestic shipping is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River and the Yangtze River, the two water areas to form their own economic zone, in which the port city of radiation effects in these economies with constantly increasing. in coastal frontier city, its throughput serrated development rising economic tide is constantly expanding, the port of loading and unloading in the day and night, to complete the increase in throughput, busy second-tier ports for inland areas difficult to reach. contrast, though sometimes port cargo mountains inland port until the ship unloader long time stranded in Hong Kong However, some port enterprises or the implementation of the day shift system, and no open evening, many boat owners also complain about the ship to stay in port to be handling time is too long, they affect the economic benefits. therefore this reflects river ports throughput remains to be improved, port workers' employment rates rise, the turnover rate of the material in the harbor, as well as to improve the space, so as to increase the resource utilization, a series of maritime economy there is still room for development.

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Second, the port layout of the less developed western regions have yet to be improved, to know that the Government planning to consider from a macro, first, economic benefits, social benefits, government family planning should not only be considered from the economic benefits, to consider the broad social, macroeconomic planning requirements, the simple pursuit of economic benefits will cost the Government enterprise such as the Three Gorges project project made the high gorge Pinghu, when shock the world special "huge social benefits, many large-tonnage ships can also be against the current on to reach Chongqing or farther place, countries should be taking advantage of and for the forward to closure fairway resources when you do a good job inland port construction layout, in order to spur the economic development of the inland, the economic ties bring new elements. many ship operation and development, triage space, this rate into stacks to reduce ship stranded in Hong Kong helpful to know that economic development ever are relying on "the Government set up the stage and enterprise put" interactive mode. Moreover, the Pearl River, although the river basin is relatively narrow width relative Yangtze, but there are broad prospects for development, the first river basin the development of the economic zone has made gratifying achievements, especially the well-known leading economic underdeveloped areas upstream Guangxi province chanted slogan to create tons of golden waterway, vigorously Xijiang River channel regulation, supporting facilities are still planning to implement in the series of planning as well as around the river channel regulation, the Pinglu Canal most suck the eye development is also on the agenda, relish the new theme, it will lower remediation the cost of the completion of a natural waterway, and its completion will greatly shorten the access to the sea in Southeast Asia, and inject new vitality to the Beibu Bay economic circle, we can see that the economic integration of the Pearl River Basin shipping larger space, the other from this topic, we also know that in Guangxi as a minority of the country's coastal provinces, its economy is still in a state of underdevelopment, and related supporting facilities such as port construction has been the best of their development, and coastal ship repair yard has been in a blank state, many ship owners also complain that their development is not perfect. upstream Youjiang Baise reservoir area of ​​process, there is no plan to shipping hub, making Yunnan Funing Harbour into a pool of stagnant water ", Yunnan to the Pearl River and shipping development therefore interrupt how to take advantage of the quality of the waterway resources, development The local shipping economy, the local government of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi coordinated consider, which is the government "coordination of regional development" an important issue.

Of course the government should attach importance to the construction of infrastructure such as shipbuilding, manufacturing and other heavy industry, policy tilted in favor of these industries to encourage banks, financial software, recently due to the recession, bank lending in these industries, inject more careful, shorten the loan cycle, do not even lend also varying degrees of restricting development of the shipbuilding industry total is well known, slow investment in heavy industry, capital returns, but it is the foundation for the building of a market economy, for the prevention of light industrial, commercial, investment, quick success of the market economy behavior caused by the impetuous and bubble with a solid, so the government should develop measures to guide should not be in the financial sector investment in heavy industry, like other industries, should be appropriate to extend the life of the loan and lower interest rates, and give preferential policies to revitalize the northeast old industrial city "call of its series of initiatives have achieved good results, and the development of the northeast old industrial city of dead branches sprout just part of the government coordination of regional development such as the shipbuilding industry, vigorously develop the revival national heavy industry is a national, so do to coordinate the harmonious development of the domestic economic and social. papers Network]

Government policies and guidance documents should be subordinated to the overall economic construction, for example, from the view of the operating rate of the dry cargo ship, the standard ship series beads Aeronautics Administration to develop the Xijiang River has not been a broad welcome, mainly due to ship a single original Top The ship was subject to various constraints.

Old and new ship is a competition in the shipping market, our relevant departments should strengthen the management of the old boat old boat mandatory retirement system, the implementation of economic, administrative, through the elimination of old ships, the new ships have more room for development.

Shipbuilding enterprises should speed up technical innovation, accelerate to enhance their own competitiveness as the forefront of the economic construction, shipbuilding enterprises as the core of economic benefits under the influence of the environment at home and abroad, have been hit by the most direct. Currently our domestic mostly shipbuilding enterprises, especially private, and private enterprises, shipbuilding process extensive management model to follow the labor-intensive, low levels of industrialization, the labor cost is relatively high, which is itself small profit margins of the shipbuilding industry matters worse, while the factory industrialized transformation is bound to be a big investment, government policy should be for the technological transformation of the shipyard tilt mode of production from labor-intensive to intensive, so also varying degrees of ease the labor shortage caused by the cost of doing business to improve.

In addition, the diversification of logistics also determine the complexity of the social division of labor, careen logistics and transport, people tend to choose fast ground and air transport, and often ignore the cost, time slow shipping. However, bulk cargo transportation often choose waterway transport at lower prices, along with the transfer of the industry, a large number of energy-consuming enterprises began to shift to the abundant inland areas of manpower, energy development, in order to reduce the cost of government, enterprises should support and promote this business policy makers and other relevant departments, in order to allow enterprises to more emphasis on shipping.

It is worth noting that the shipping economy downturn economic serrated rise development in the trough, it's coming in line with the downs ordered periodic laws of economic development, global compaction of the bubble economy and return to the rational, it is our economic entities accounted for the world's second-largest occurrence of its quantity as well as the nature of non-past the same day while the language, but it is accompanied with the downturn in the global economy, the appreciation of the renminbi and other complex factors, and the past has essentially different shipping industry should adjust the mentality of the momentum while on, to meet the challenge, of course, but also in the competition patience throes, relevant departments should plan pattern, we still believe that the onset of winter, can spring be far behind ".

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