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Hebei Port Group's efforts to change the traditional concept of the past, efforts to promote the Group to achieve three major changes that shift from goods category dominance of coordinated development of coal, grocery, petroleum, container and multi-cargo class, from extensive management to fine The management of the transformation of the mode of the transition by traditional port handling companies to set terminal operators, resource developers, capital operators and integrated logistics service providers in one large comprehensive excellence Hyundai Business Group.

Fast in strong demand, coal transport capacity ranked as the world's first Hebei Port Group coal transportation, known to the world, representing the National North coal south water 45% of the coal through its subsidiary Qinhuangdao Port, Qinhuangdao Port therefore become the world's largest coal export port and dry bulk port.

Hebei Port Group is developed on the basis of the original Qinhuangdao Port Group, has a century of history and culture, business management base, especially its production management capabilities super.

Hebei Port Group's existing 64 production berths, an annual design capacity of 309 million tons in 2011, but the completion of the throughput of 361 million tons, an increase of 46.46 million tons, an increase of 14.8% over 2010, it is how to do it?
Chairman of the group Xing recorded Jane proudly said: "We rely on management. Us to the management to be effective, adhere to the outer grasping the market, and internal management and coordination of joint and promote collaboration, fine management mentioning efficiency, specialty services indisputable customers, market pioneering increase hinterland, the actual operation of the port capacity to substantially increase ".

Daqin line Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi Province, the most important coal Sinotrans channel, to bear 18% of the national railway the coal traffic .2011 transport capacity exceeded 400 million tons, which bring great pressure to the transport of Qinhuangdao Port . Qinhuangdao Port design capacity of 225 million tons coal design capacity of 193 million tons in order to accomplish the glorious mission of the North coal south, they dig through the production potential, and take effective measures to continuously improve port handling and transportation capacity.

Li Min, general manager of the Group, details the measures taken in the production management: First foreign strengthen coordination linkage. Implemented the first port in the nation's coastal ports, railways, maritime joint production scheduling mode, give full play to the Taiyuan Railway Bureau under one roof with the advantages of Hebei Maritime Bureau, to achieve information sharing, joint dispatch command, Mine Road, PMB electric promote close collaboration and seamless. internal propulsion meticulous management group leaders personally attendant jobs, research the entire transport the production processes, overloaded shift in production to take early stacker reclaimer at the anchorage the water gauge adjusters effective measures, efforts compressed auxiliary operating time, greatly improving production efficiency while increasing pipe maintenance and repair of equipment efforts, to provide for the production of a solid guarantee to conduct special services, strengthen communication and coordination with key customers, and give full play to the role of a dedicated port facilities for transit priority guarantee large customer coal transit in Hong Kong smoothly, travel goods effective convergence. The fourth is to strengthen the market development. to intensive cultivation traditional markets, and do everything possible to open up new markets and consolidate the strategic partnership, expand market influence, extending the market hinterland.

Through a series of effective measures, Hebei Port Group monthly production record highs, a throughput of 2011 to a record level, coal, ore, oil, container throughput to achieve overall growth. Qinhuangdao Port in the absence of new coal berth, no the case of new equipment, an increase of 28.73 million tons of coal transportation, the best in history.

Adjust the structure to the way, boost corporate restructuring and development Hebei Port Group can not be compared to any other port in the coal transportation advantage, but it is this the "coal dominant traditional sense of superiority and development mode, bound Hebei the development of the Port Group, relative to other ports for other goods class become the soft underbelly of the enterprise.

In recent years, the Bohai Rim port competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Xing recorded Jane said: "Our weakness is the development of cargo and container is relatively slow, not because of the absence of general cargo and container berths, but because of the different stages of economic development, local generated than smaller container and groceries plus hinterlands 'East blocking West': some goods to the northeast, Dalian and Yingkou Port intercept place west of the goods to the port of Tianjin and stopped. Qinhuangdao cargo and container development in economically developed regions like the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta as its hinterland north of Chengde city, including some areas of western Liaoning and Mongolia in the generation of the supply is very limited. "
Therefore, Hebei Port Group in the economic structure of the Bohai Sea region is facing a small competitive pressures. Bulk and container development is lagging behind, and also restricting the development of the Group.

Seize the opportunity to reverse this situation, Hebei Port Group, and gradually optimized adjustment of the Group's Port business cargo class structure, and give full play to the advantages of the port of Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou, breaking the pattern of "coal dominant, and gradually open three the Dagang District have focused on good situation for a balanced development of various goods categories. Qinhuangdao Port on the basis of consolidating the main hub for coal transportation, to accelerate the development of container and other bulk cargo transport is toward based energy services, set the groceries, oil, container integrated transport as one of the modern port into Caofeidian Port, with the advantage of the deep-water port of a project and the second phase of the ore terminal, vigorously develop the ore cargo transportation business, has become an important ore transshipment port, Huanghua Port 8 groceries Berth good operators, and two multi-purpose berths at the open end of the container route, a key step toward modern integrated Dagang, Hebei Port Group container capacity will reach 1.15 million TEUs. In 2008, before the establishment of the Group, the Qinhuangdao Port cargo throughput of 249.5 million tons, of which 22.74 million tons of cargo, accounted for only 9% of the total .2011, the throughput of the Hebei Port Group completed 361 million tons, of which 98.91 million tons of cargo, accounting for 27% of the total cargo throughput doubled nearly quadrupled, a 2-fold increase in the proportion of total throughput, multi-cargo class, multi-currency go hand in hand, the momentum of development began to take shape.

Hebei Port Group in accordance with the general idea of ​​the "scientific development, diversified development, transformation and development strategy for lead grasping building and improve the layout and promote industrial upgrading to face competition to develop the bigger the size of the Group, to do the whole function, capacity and stronger, effective do excellent overall strategic objectives. adhere to the scientific development as the theme, to change the development of the main line, in accordance with the "Hong Kong-based, trans-regional business, open, pluralistic, transformation and upgrading of the development of the main line, create a positive capital platform and information service platform clear the three main industry, five major sections, the development of port operations, port logistics, port construction and port machinery manufacturing and maintenance, port eight business of real estate, port services, capital operation and resource development to enhance the capacity for sustainable development, promote the Group to terminal operators and developers of resources, capital operators and integrated logistics service providers in one large comprehensive excellence of modern enterprise group transformation.

Xing recorded Jane said: "Hebei Port Group conscientiously implement enterprise development strategy and the 'second five' plan, co-ordinate the advancing Qintangcang three land ports construction, to further accelerate the focus on strategic project implementation processes in accordance with the completion of the project caught up to production projects under construction grasping progress, new on the project caught the start, prepare project caught the early fight for projects for implementation requirements, adjusting the structure, optimize the layout, active Group's overall development, and enhance their development potential to expand the enterprise development space. "
Integrated port of Huanghua Port, a modern pier has begun to take shape, the towering gantry crane spinning bucket, kept unloaded from ships moored in the port of tons of ore, container crane stand tall, transport vehicles from the shuttle, the production of one of the busy scene ...

The multipurpose berths building Dong, general manager of the Hebei Port Group responsible for port production operations Cangzhou Bohai Sea Container Lines Company, said: "Hebei Port Group using only two years time will include four bulk cargo berths and four removable container created Huanghua Port speed up .2011 the Huanghua Port Minato throughput reached 11.19 million tons, Huanghua Port the integrated port south center area is the most convenient and most economical to the sea, has a broad space for development. "
"Huanghua Port container development in very good condition, a very large hinterland, including the northwest of the southeast of Hebei, Shandong, northern Henan, and Shaanxi in central and southern Xing recorded Jane said," In the future, the development of which is more important cargo, container cargo, container development radiation boost the province's coastal economic development, and services in the province's coastal economic development strategy to the end of the 12th Five-Year ", Huanghua Port is expected to reach the ore 70 million tons of general cargo of 1000 tons, the container through capacity of 200 million boxes, the total capacity will reach 200 million tons by.

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Six berths in Caofeidian Port Holdings development and construction and operation of modern ore terminal in Tangshan, Hebei Port Group, the annual design through capacity of 65.5 million tons last year, a total throughput of 70.09 million tons, another record, the Caofeidian, Hebei Port Group Minato become important ore transshipment port.

Coal Terminal Phase II project is under construction in Caofeidian, plans to build 5 5-10 ton coal berths, annual design capacity of 50 million tons, the construction of the Caofeidian Coal Ports Corporation Holdings by Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd. In addition, the Group shares construction of a coal terminal in Caofeidian project was officially opened to traffic on August 8, 2009, has five coal berths, an annual design capacity of 50 million tons.

Transition to the target to focus on industry, diversified development adjust the structure to seize the Hebei coastal development planning as a national strategy as well as the rare opportunity to build coastal economically strong province, Hebei Port Group to actively promote the development of the transformation of the mode and the adjustment of industrial structure, focusing on accelerating transformation across , scientific development, relying on the port main industry, vigorously develop the derivatives industry, to expand and extend the industrial chain, and seek progress in the restructuring and development, actively and steadily push forward the development of multi-industry. speeding up industrial restructuring, and cultivate new economic growth point, to obtain preliminary results.

After four years of development, the Group's focus on building Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market has been formed coal spot trading services, information services, logistics services and financial services in one market system, and in the industry to establish a good corporate reputation and customer based on the scale of business expanding, continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the initial formation of the commodities market and the national coal trading center .2011 seaborne coal market turnover reached 20 million tons. seaborne coal market commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission, in the original on the basis of the price system, the preparation and release of the Bohai thermal coal price index The index is currently only implemented by government, the coal price index release system, the coastal areas of domestic coal spot traders and imported coal dealer recognized as a "barometer" reflect changes in the regional coal prices and economic development "display.

Wang Lifeng, general manager of the Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market, said: "as Hebei Province, the first commodity trading market, after four years of development, has been formed coal spot trading, coal information services, coal logistics and finance, coal Exhibition Service System. Now more than 260 registered dealers, is one of the few actual trading and settlement capabilities in many domestic coal trading services agencies. thermal coal price index in the Bohai Sea is the only domestic coal prices implemented by government release system, the coastal areas of domestic coal spot traders and imported coal dealer recognized, in addition, the coal price index had a greater impact on the international market, some foreign coal enterprises started to pay attention to the use of coal price index, Rio Tinto Energy , Citadel Investment Group, Cargill International, Merrill Lynch and other foreign agencies made a special trip to the market study, seek the index in China trade and investment cooperation, effectively increasing the voice of our country in the field of international coal trade, and further strengthen the province's dominant position in the field of coal logistics and social influence. "
Group to develop port logistics and capital operation, actively foster and support the port construction, equipment manufacturing and equipment to run the service, real estate, port services and resource development business to expand and extend the industrial chain, accelerate industrial restructuring build convergence and orderly, mutual support the production chain, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the Group.

Harbour Engineering Company in the past only to carry out engineering maintenance project, is a long-term loss for the unit, the Group will focus on fostering and support as the diversified industrial sector, in 2011, the company achieved a qualification of the harbor and waterway construction general contracting, an occasion actively participate in market competition, contract project contracts amounted to 450 million yuan.

Engineering company in the past only to carry out equipment maintenance operations in the harbor and up to more than 500 million annual loss the one hand, they fully consolidate the Group's internal market, equipment maintenance business, and actively explore the external market, in Tangshan Caofeidian Port Huanghua Port, to contract equipment maintenance business, rely on technical superiority and experience, and constantly improve the level of equipment maintenance services to all customers praised the other hand, they are active in the Port Machinery Manufacturing, door machine, they manufacture idlers in Huanghua The Caofeidian be .2011 them successful contract Huadian Heavy Industries, Caofeidian coal two belt conveyor and other projects totaling 150 million yuan manufacturing contract.

Li Min, general manager of confidence, said: Hebei Port Group will be based on the principle while maintaining stability, deepening the development pattern and adjustment of industrial structure, and actively and steadily push forward the Diversified Industries.

First, we must vigorously develop the port logistics. Adhere to Hong Kong as the base, strengthen supply chain social network, Internet of Things, information network construction, the establishment of the upstream and downstream supply chain partners Alliance function of the release of public infrastructure by the port enterprises, integrated supply chain funds flow, information flow, business flow and logistics resources, port linkage linkage, Hong Kong and Hong Kong MTR linkage, PMB linkage Kong Trade linkage, accelerate the construction of logistics park in Handan dry ports plan Qintangcang Harbor Bonded Logistics Park, accelerate the development of coal market, to create the first brand of Chinese bulk coal trading market spot trading platform system as the core of the development mode, and constantly improve the coal price index, to strengthen the shipping price index, the Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market caused the country's largest , the most fully featured national coal trading center and the country's most authoritative coal price formation center, the coal logistics delivery center, financial center of the coal logistics, coal information center, research centers, coal Convention and Exhibition Centre. strive to become the country's coal ordering contract summary contractors to provide basic support for the need to link the national annual coal production to continue in the field of logistics and financial cooperation between banks and enterprises and traders, and strive to approach trading volume of 50 million tons in 2012, continues to attract more and more multi-dealer trading in Qinhuangdao, thus promoting the exerting continue to contribute to the economic development of Qinhuangdao City, to speed up the development of the coal logistics business, the extension port logistics services and the coal trade. Jingjiang, Jiangsu coal logistics project in-depth study, to explore extend downstream to the coal logistics chain development.

Is actively expanding the port construction business. Harbour Engineering Company should be based on the Group's internal market, for the external market, actively seek the general contractor of the Port and Maritime Engineering, the port construction, dredging, and survey and design efforts to become bigger and stronger.

Third, efforts to develop equipment manufacturing, services and equipment to run engineering company to consolidate equipment maintenance outsourcing market, and strive to be the largest port in the machine manufacturing business.

Fourth, rapid development. Want to seize opportunities for development, rapid promotion of the real estate section of the total economy, and fired the Group's real estate brand to promote the real estate business.

Fifth enhanced logistics service capacity, property management, catering tourism and other selective focus on breakthrough partial promote global, rapid formation of brand. Actively open up Huanghua, Cao Fei Dian and other harbor wharf, shipping and other related services, and expand development, to enhance port services function.

Sixth Research Group's investment strategy, promoting the construction of the Group's investment platform. Attract strategic investment partners, to speed up the construction of the investment platform, integration of port resources in the province, and co-ordinate the province shoreline development, strengthening the development of coal resources, promote downstream on the Market and Supply Chain common development while improving the quality of capital operation. want to make an inventory of the stock of equity assets of the Group, to further enhance the level of capital operation, promoting the dynamic management of the equity of foreign-invested enterprises, and gradually improve the level of equity asset securitization, business plan capital increment, the strengthening of foreign investment risk control. "

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