The external walls of residential project leakage causes and prevention measures

     External leakage in residential construction is also more common, rainwater infiltration through the wall cracks walls, causing mildew walls decorative surface layer produced, causing the paint layer from the shell, shedding, affecting the use of results, but also cause a serious short circuit , resulting in an accident, giving users a certain degree of economic losses and disputes, this article on the causes and prevention of external leakage were studied.




A reinforced concrete frame structure filled with wall leakage




Reinforced concrete frame structure filled with wall leakage causes


Frame structure housing project now play the role of the external walls of masonry building envelope is basically the use of non-load-bearing hollow bricks, hollow brick wall due to thin in the middle more for large holes, empty heart rate, large (48%), in transport and construction process easy to produce damage, lack of defects such as edge off angle. If the above-mentioned wall construction using brick or damaged equipment due to equipment control dark puzzle of the need for the external walls of masonry had been carried out the hammer hits the artificially caused by the external walls of brickwork damaged, more prone to the formation of seepage at the external walls, and once the Masonry wall of water infiltration, the formation of hollow brick water tank inside the hole again or water channels, so that people can not correctly judge the water seepage at the event of leakage, the rectification be extremely difficult, easy to form a chronic disease.


Framework for the wall leakage of filling is also often seen in the wall filled with the framework of the beams, columns occupies a bit, especially the top floor roof beams at the end of the top surface contact with the masonry of the problem is multiple cracks and leakage site. Because the two kinds of concrete and masonry materials, the temperature coefficient of linear expansion different from the other roof beams at the end of contact with the masonry is neither reinforced connections, embedded in dense, difficult to fill, the design did not take over shop walls painted galvanized steel mesh measures such as the outside temperature, humidity changes, masonry and other factors continue to shrink under the influence of cracks in the occupies a position would be to form a seepage channel.


Reinforced concrete frame structure filled with wall leakage prevention and treatment


First, the principle must be clear waterproof wall, mainly to reduce the impact of the structure of the main deformation. Second, to address external temperature change cracks. Furthermore, we need changes in parts of the design of the wall detailing the various structural measures. Building blocks used in construction of the product should not be less than 28 days of age; gray seam thickness, plumpness, and the vertical wall and the degree of flatness should be consistent with regulatory requirements; structural columns and wall junctions should be piled maya cha; frame filled with masonry wall occupies a position with the beam design and construction requirements must be configured Rachel tendons, tendon Rachel reserved the right to be here; frame beam or plate at the end of contact with the top surface of the wall at the wall should be natural sedimentation stability and a minimum interval of 7 days, and then squeeze pulp block dense brick ramp.




Second, external plaster layer leakage




Wall plaster layer causes leakage


Plaster wall thick layer of a one-time rendering, or to ensure the full degree of Er Shi partial rendering high vertical partial thickness, but also failed to take appropriate measures to strengthen cracks; wall layer of the surface is too smooth, combined with bad; the external walls of large grounding The grass-roots level has not established a sub-grid lines, resulting in an irregular shrinkage cracks.


Prevention and Measures


Plaster wall before the substrate surface of the oil, dust, etc.
should be cleaned up; pairs of uneven application of cement mortar leveling of the wall on the smooth concrete wall should be cutting hair; advance 1d ~ 2d watering wetting, wetting depth To 5mm ~ 10mm. Plaster wall should be stratified, the thickness of plaster shall not be greater than 10 mm; until after the final setting plaster on each floor before the next layer of plaster. Wall plaster mortar is appropriate to ordinary portland cement or slag cement; yellow sand used in sand or coarse sand; lime shall be approved by the full maturation of lime paste. Plastering construction should be avoided as much as possible throughout the high-temperature (temperature above 30 ℃) and low-temperature (temperature below 5 ℃) season; final setting plaster on each floor, after watering to conserve 3d ~ 5 d. Mosaic wall in the sub-grid of when to bring pulp uniform, full, inlaid solid, dense.




Third, external wall tile leakage




Caused by leakage of the causes of


  Not thorough clean-up grassroots wall tile, decorative brick wall, or Paving Stones hollowing mortar is not full, brick and mortar between the leisure part of the Yi stagnant water or flooding; dense seam pointing left is to make rainwater infiltration from the appearance, resulting in the plot of water, causing leakage. In addition to the external walls of body seam concave wall is not smooth, rain to slow down time, stagnant water, stagnant water, increasing, especially in pointing at the lower edge. Pointing requirements or long-lasting quality, the differences caused by wind and rain between pointing and brick are slightly wrong, resulting in leakage.


Prevention and Treatment


Right into the brick wall of the site in strict accordance with standard sampling re-examination, re-examination shall not be used unqualified tile projects. Selection of the brick-by-block, there will be appearance of defective tile (such as cracking, missing corner, etc.) weed out.


Stones must be in the process of pulp extrusion process, and in pointing hollowing before a full review of the situation, pointing to ensure that density, after pointing should pay attention to the conservation moist and dense brush seam seam shall omission, pointing Depth recommended to strict control, recessed degrees should not be too much, the best hook into the arc-shaped flat seam. Quality management, to establish a multi-level review of control systems to ensure that the quality of each procedure.


Tile Paving works in strict accordance with procedures.
When using a smaller timber when you block, you can use one at the end of one side of the approach, that is a scratch at the end of the end for the roughness, one for wiping the middle gray, side of Pihui Paving brick; when using larger blocks of timber time, you can use one side of the end of the two methods. Grassroots clean-up. In accordance with relevant norms, standards and design requirements for wall inspection, to meet the requirements before it can paste the tile. Within the first tile soaked in clean water, 2h, and then remove the dry, when used in wet to dry outside until the middle gray reaches a certain intensity, may paste tile. Pointing, clear paste in the face Zhuanfeng residues within the pulp, sprinkler wetting, and then 1:1 cement mortar pointing, pointing to recessed brick 1mm, without leaving any pore and access Cha seam. Clean the walls, the use of clean cotton, wipe clean, without leaving any dirt. Wipe dust and facing tile floors, after all should pay attention to conservation.




4, windowsill and aluminum or PVC windows and construction of non-standardized production caused by leakage of




Leakage causes


Bay windows, door frames and other components of the surface level of the construction is not to find slope, or even down slope, resulting in inverted back to water or stagnant water, are likely to cause leakage outside the wall; windows side, the top office caulking is not dense, doors, windows Railway Department does not have to fight with the filler material compaction, the lower window or the pound thin plate piled stones usually do not look for compacting concrete. Drill holes in a fight during installation of missing tube filler material. Filled with cement mortar around the dry inlay is resulting in leakage causes.


Prevention and Treatment


Project leakage is caused by improper setting windowsill for a smaller slope windowsill, filling silica gel aging, fall off and other reasons, the measures taken: The silica gel along the windowsill of the straight direction of wiping a small arc pressure, in part through the plastic window the box with the small circle of reserved the gap filled in order to ensure the connection window and wall openings for flexible connectivity.


For door and window caulking window frames formed by seepage from the wall of the door when the gap is too large, the application layer of cement mortar 1:3 powder to a certain width, the door window frame edge seam gaps should not 20mm, not less than 8mm; clip article should be cited, with a?: 2 cement mortar caulking, and the first side inlay doors and windows both sides of the door window frame; overnight or up to a certain intensity later one?: 2 out of octagonal corner embedded in cement mortar joints, and pressure pumping flat real, non-biting tang child; framed windows set to be dense, windows and doors at the end of brick from the inlay of not less than 60mm, and with the C20 thin stir-compacting concrete pouring; plate painted outside the window, the cement mortar can not biting tang son, pumping a round file doors and windows should be pumped into the box flat 2 ~ 3? mm; windows installation of window frames, and between the frame and the wall and the frame parts between the patchwork application materials, can not be embedded in cement mortar to fill the windows with waterproof outer dense paste-resistant closure.


To sum up, the external walls of residential projects common problem of water seepage is a common form of the many reasons to understand the housing projects leaking parts? Causes and prevention measures in the construction be focused, to seize the main part the gradual elimination of the external walls of residential projects common problem of water seepage. At the same time more learning and acquiring new technologies and new materials can be an effective prevention and treatment of external leakage.






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Author: Tianjin Wuqing District, property management


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