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Abstract: lightning on electronic information system to harm is great, only good lightning protection measures before it can be triggered by lightning and minimize the loss of electronic information equipment How to conduct mine work was supported by a growing number of sectors attention. This paper analyzes the lightning impact of electronic information and how to conduct mine work, the purpose is to be able to better protect electronic information system security.

Introduction With the continuous progress of the times, is now electronic information has penetrated into every corner of our lives, our activities have a normal life without electronic information a complete set of electronic information system is needed to constitute a large number of electronic facilities, and These micro-electronic itself on the existence of certain low insulation resistance, voltage and current while their limited ability to endure, to a certain extent, the electronic information system highlights the inadequacies. Nowadays electronic information equipment has gradually become highly integrated Its biggest disadvantage is that the resistance force against LEMP poor, especially lightning on the impact of electronic information is extremely serious.

One was struck by lightning in the impact of information systems in the relevant electronic information equipment damage when a fuse is the largest of its direct lightning strike. Practice shows that the system induced by lightning is much higher than the chance of injury is directly struck by lightning, the lightning effect because in addition to including in addition to a distance of lightning electromagnetic interference effects, the effect of lightning field generating up to several hundred meters. lightning effect in the two sensors, one is the electrostatic effect, the other is electromagnetic effect, these two effects on nearby residents outdoor signal transmission channel, underground strength voltage sensing wire received damage.

As main components of electronic equipment information system is to collect signal data processing of these data and finally transmission, storage which involves large number of links to the system, the signal interface is also much in a range of lightning damage the foundation , provided favorable conditions, the voltage wave is extremely simple can, through these channels into the electronic system, causing troubles.

Two direct lightning strike prevention countermeasure first need a clear reason to take measures to prevent the electronic information system direct hit by lightning, the main reason is that when lightning struck when the electronic device housing will produce a very powerful lightning surge current, If the housing construction had not done any preventive measures Lightning Watch will not occur because the voltage specifications covering powerful and ultimately lead to a part of the high voltage rebound fight back, the result will be the destruction of electronic equipment, relevant staff hurt . because it is a powerful addition to a direct hit of lightning current, voltage electronic room to rise thousands of volts through the power system and various electronic signals reflected to the outside of the contact point range, at a certain level will be a certain These grids as well as the information on the facility communications equipment damage.

Any equipment containing electronic information device housing needs some lightning facilities, in accordance with national regulations, housing construction needs with lightning deflectors or resistor connected with the ground, and if a house without these must be re- remediation. result can reduce the building was struck by lightning the chances of reducing electromagnetic waves due to lightning current and voltage disturbances on electronic information equipment system adverse effects.

The information in the electronic device when selecting the best room location where it should be in the middle of the lower housing, the maximum does not become adjacent to the building construction wall poles and pillars of various structures in accordance with the importance of the electronic information facilities, these Facilities placed in the appropriate range in the choice of the range should not be selected in the roof of the building, mainly due to the over the top floor of this building in contact with the nearest place, receives direct lightning or lightning around the house reflects incurred after effect is the fastest, are most likely to directly affect the electromagnetic field. Moreover, electronic equipment receives high-intensity electromagnetic fields, making these electronic information equipment sharp rise in the risk of damage, but if the bottom is now in the middle can be subject to certain degree of shelter, the received magnetic field relative to the top level will be relatively weak, but also to facilitate the protection of electronic information equipment.

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3 by lightning induction related prevention measures 3.1 using the appropriate cable in order to maximize the reduction can receive electromagnetic effects and electrostatic effects, the total electronic information room power electrical equipment need to select some of the protective layer containing a metal cable or there is a plastic packaging type cable through a metal pipe into the line, direct pressure on the ground floor at the initial end of the line will connect these cables to the metal skin Preventive effects of lightning grounding device. According to this way of other communication cables is the same line, even if there are not all the lines buried underground, but also to ensure that direct buried cable length is greater than equal to two meters.

3.2 metal pipes need to communicate with the mine facilities would be elevated metal channel first, then at the entrances of the building are connected with each lightning protection equipment. Every 100 meters and housing construction within the scope of these pipes require a 25 meters to connect the ground again.

3.3 To access the various cables to the same ground network. A separate housing construction include power lines, telephone communication lines, TV cable, etc. various communication cables are required to connect at a suitable lightning protection devices above, and the need Note that these should be grounded at one end of the connected to a common ground to the network.

3.4 Select the appropriate surge protection devices and correctly installed. Conducting electronic signal line surge protection device selection, you need to follow the line of the actual operating frequency, operating voltage parameters, interfaces, methods, etc. of various conditions, merit-based selection loss configured excellent surge protector.

When you install surge protection devices need special attention to a place that needs to be protected power cable each end, each device interconnecting cables should be flat, the length can not be more than 0.5 meters.

4 electrical connection of electronic information room room each electronic information systems are required to set the same potential, and then during the network connection. Electronic devices need to have metal protective shell, various cabinets and racks are earthed so that it can play protection. prevent grounding and lightning conducted workplace and to communicate current working ground and safety ground of the grounding system selects the same, this aim is to be able to reach a mean voltage, the same potential can be between reducing device and each ground potential difference between different systems, and ultimately the protection of electronic information system's original purpose.

5 Conclusion With the development of information technology era, a perfect electronic information room needs a complete range of lightning protection design, which requires from our lightning protection technology is now started, only to do an internal as well as external lightning protection work before they can truly protect the security of electronic information systems properly, so initially expected excellent lightning protection purposes.

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