Environmental Engineering Drawing and CAD teaching reform

Abstract: With the growing demand of social development of highly skilled personnel, vocational colleges, environmental engineering, must pay attention to the improvement of the quality of teaching engineering drawing course, traditional environmental engineering drawing teaching reform, teaching CAD combined, focusing on the cultivation of students' expertise in the practical application ability and computer-aided design capabilities, so as to promote the sustainable development of higher vocational colleges teaching of environmental engineering.

Keywords: environmental engineering, mapping, CAD, teaching reform, titles of papers, the need for environmental engineering drawing and CAD teaching reform environmental engineering drawing is the basis for the implementation of an important technical courses in environmental engineering specialty, but also environmental projects. The course focuses on developing students' thinking in images, spatial imagination, aesthetic ability, design skills, innovative configuration capabilities, with a strong practical features, environmental engineering drawing course must be constructed to the needs of society oriented to engineering technology as the main line, to the teaching of practical engineering background mode, emphasis on teaching students awareness of environmental engineering, quality, practice ability. Teaching as an important way to develop practical skills of students in environmental engineering drawing and CAD drawings, most of the Vocational Institute school often did not properly handle the relationship between some institutions to environmental engineering drawing and CAD drawing merged into a curriculum the CAD teaching placement after focusing on the teaching content of engineering drawing, by class restrictions, students of computer graphics learning is insufficient to lead to the teaching ineffective, some institutions Environmental Engineering Drawing and CAD drawings for two separate courses, two courses of lessons sufficiency guarantee, but due to both the teaching content, there are many overlap and convergence more content, resulting in students learning two courses can not be effective cartographic knowledge and computer-aided design technology combined, is not conducive to the students' comprehensive mapping capabilities. Environmental Engineering Drawing and CAD teaching The reform has highlighted the necessity, only two fusion teaching only real solution to bridge the gap between engineering drawing and CAD technology in teaching, teachers should be regarded as environmental engineering drawing learning knowledge base for the computer graphics, computer graphics regarded as an important method to improve the learning outcomes of environmental engineering drawing, based on fully grasp the knowledge of cartographic theory, the use of computer graphics technology to accomplish the job, so that students will combine theory and practice to improve expertise in the practical application ability and computer-aided design ability to lay a solid foundation for the follow-up course.

Environmental Engineering Drawing and CAD teaching reform implementation strategy

(The selection of an optimal adjustment of curriculum materials materials is one of the key aspects of environmental engineering drawing and CAD teaching reform in order to ensure the students to fully grasp the basic knowledge and expertise to achieve the goal of higher vocational education teaching should be based on the requirements of the environmental engineering drawing, self otherwise reasonable use teaching materials. textbook content to highlight the characteristics of the non-mechanical mapping covers the basic principles of drawing, the professional's common drawing, and to ensure that the drawing process can be rendered using CAD software, to enhance environmental engineering drawing and computer graphics technology. combination of tightness. traditional teaching content to strengthen the basis of cartographic projection concept, configuration expression in the scheduling of the textbook, appropriate reduction of descriptive geometry and obsolete teaching content, and a significant increase in a modern computer-dimensional geometric modeling advanced knowledge. textbook content of the trade-offs in environmental engineering professional characteristics as the fundamental starting point to ensure that the a perfect basic theory foundation, increased construction drawings, piping construction diagram, to the drainage engineering diagram, etc., for the professional courses lay a solid foundation. students are capable of learning is always in the form of the concept of optimal adjustment of teaching materials, small stereo, a combination of body, extends to the architectural form, extended to the buildings, water supply and drainage system and pipeline system to enable students to build environmental engineering drawing from the overall outline of CAD technology integration in environment engineering drawing course materials, and should be read in conjunction with the design features of the environmental engineering use instance pedagogy, the accumulation of great importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability and practical experience. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
(two use effective teaching methods in environmental engineering drawing and CAD teaching reform should use a combination of both teaching methods, improve teaching efficiency. First, sync to teach the basics of graphics and CAD drawing basic knowledge, requiring students to master the pencil hand drawing skills, such as linear, circular carried out based on the teaching of the basic commands and basic operation of the CAD software Secondly, the emphasis on the teaching of environmental engineering graphics based CAD 3D modeling techniques in order to improve student 3D modeling capabilities, conducting the software basic commands and basic operation of teaching, to carry out ordinary cube, sphere, cylinder, cuboid, cone, its simple combination of teaching, converted into a two-dimensional plan using CAD three-dimensional solid projection to expand the imagination of students, and the use of CAD software to the combination of different types of body and surface projection means teaching and explain in detail the typical case, to enhance the students' view, again, the teachers teaching teaching points to distinguish rational use of CAD software to resolve the difficulty of teaching. highlight the important concepts and standards of environmental engineering drawing using CAD 3D modeling to explain projector law focused on the geometric tolerance with tolerance and other students have difficulty understanding the teaching content.

(C emphasis on practice teaching in environmental engineering drawing and CAD teaching reform, to increase the practice teaching, attention to enhance the ability of the students to engineering practice. Example, making the environment the two-dimensional engineering teaching, teaching for water supply and drainage mapping standards not only requires students to master plans, flowcharts, elevation map drawing skills, you should also require students to master the basic requirements of the Environmental Engineering Equipment and drawing skills. Meanwhile, in order to raise the enthusiasm of the students involved in the practice of teaching activities, teachers can take advantage of network teaching platform, by allowing students in professional website building long network, water supply and drainage Online "initiative to gather information, access to knowledge and information, thus completing the teacher arranged job and improve the students information gathering ability, as well as theoretical knowledge into practice operating capacity.


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