Environmental Engineering Professional Production Practice Teaching Reform

[Paper Keywords] environmental engineering production internship internship mode of teaching reform

[Abstract] production internship environmental engineering undergraduate teaching an important practical lesson, you should analyze the typical problems faced by the new situation production internship and Teaching Reform - coordination of theoretical teaching and Production Practice relations, strengthen the construction of practice base multifaceted internship mode of. thus proposed to strengthen the internal and external internship, combined with multimedia teaching, concentrated internship internship mode dispersion internship combined.

Internships are an important way to combine the book of theoretical knowledge and practical ability, is to develop basic skills training an important indispensable teaching link. Increasingly prominent with the rapid development of China's social, economic and environmental issues, social demand for environmental professionals also increased rapidly, but the environmental engineering graduates are still employment pressure, the application is not strong, not only because of the problems of social and employment environment, but also because of environmental engineering graduates lack practical experience in engineering production internship environmental engineering undergraduate teaching a practical classes through the teaching links not only enable students to grasp the environmental engineering design, construction, organization and management of basic skills, but also to enable students to understand the environmental control facilities, equipment, operation and management of knowledge. [1]
This paper analyzes the problems in my school production status and production internship internship links recommended production practice teaching reform.

The main problem, specializing in the production of environmental engineering internship teaching production practice teaching to enhance students' understanding of the pollution control and abatement equipment process principle, to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and enhance their interest and confidence in the environmental professional, to train them to build engineering consciousness I believe that the widespread following environmental engineering specializing in the production of practice teaching.

(Specialized courses teaching and production of the internship teaching time and content arrangement unreasonable timing of my school specializing in the production of environmental engineering internship hours for two weeks early in the 7th semester, and specialized courses teaching are concentrated in the semester during the internship, some specialized course teaching plan is not yet complete, and even some courses not yet begun teaching basic theoretical knowledge is also not taught, the students do not know the process principle of environmental control facilities, production internship teaching aspects of efficiency can not achieve the best reach the theory with the actual purpose. internship instructor to be some basic concepts internship mobilization advance to explain, but to do so the efficiency is low, a lot of knowledge students Sidongfeidong the best production practice time should be arranged in specialized courses after the end of the study plan, students theoretical knowledge of environmental engineering with full awareness and understanding, and students eager to consolidate and enrich their learning through the actual process equipment internship.

In addition, many schools arrangement production internships content and theoretical classroom teaching content does not match. Arrange internships without prior communication, no contact with students on the content of the internship prior internship led the teachers can not be in-depth to the students about, some even led the teachers did not teach environmental major professional courses knowledge, student internships can not be achieved to improve their theoretical knowledge purposes.

(The two practice bases instability practice base practice teaching can be carried out smoothly. Schools have chosen to practice base is based on whether the practice base to meet internship requirements, convenient transportation, whether moderate cost factors to consider my school campus internship have sign the agreement and did not sign the agreement of two bases, basically to meet internship requirements, consistent with the production of practical content. practice base most of my school internship led teachers through personal relationships, practice bases are not currently signed agreements accounted most internships led the few teachers and extracurricular enterprise internship funding problems, so that the school can provide students with few long-term stable and internship bases. agreements between schools and businesses, no hard and fast between constraints, internships routine maintenance student internships time conflict, and other uncertainties more per year, for example according to the arrangement of the teaching internship led the teachers are not fixed, internship unit leaders to replace cause led teachers to contact internship units exist the internship team growing number of difficulties internship base is difficult to determine. arrange production internship link program enrollment, internships growing number, but the field of practice base to explain as well as the number of instructor unchanged, causing some students internship result is not satisfactory [2]
(Three internships funding is not sufficient, internships difficult to guarantee with the improvement of people's living standards, rising prices the internship funding over the years, but the school $ 100 per person based upon the number of students allocated internship funding including car hire, internship associated fees and lecture fees, more internship locations, the actual internship costs in excess of plan funding, lecture fees, less than normal, enough enthusiasm internships, internships difficult to guarantee. because the internship funds often meet the needs of not practical content, it is difficult to ensure adequate practice time internship quality and effectiveness. [3]
Second, the implementation of the reform to meet the need of new forms of teaching in teaching time arrangements, practice base construction, reforms to meet the needs of the professional development of environmental engineering internship model production practice teaching reform proposals.

(A proper coordination of theoretical teaching and the relations of production internship do professional plans, it is necessary to re-adjust their teaching plans, the backbone of the environmental engineering professional teaching ahead of schedule, and part on the sixth semester part on the first half of the semester 7th semester production internship and half-semester elective specialized courses or less close contact with the internship content on 7th semester, so that students can get the corresponding theory of professional skills and the necessary theoretical content and the ability to solve practical environmental problems. 4] trainee teachers and the unit will be able to flexibly arrange production internship link to make the production the internship more targeted, in order to optimize the production practice effect.

Best by a certain prestige, expertise ability of full-time teachers responsible for contacting internships do an internship program, internship internships prior communication, consultation good practice time, content, objectives, requirements, funding problems for internships content destination Select internship instructor, select the teacher who brought the core curriculum instructor. internship experience relevant expertise, instructors can combine books theoretical and practical knowledge to explain the rich internships content. production internship deepen the students' theoretical knowledge, requiring students to the good production internship summarize, promote the sublimation of theoretical knowledge.

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(B strengthen internship bases stable practice base for schools and enterprises is of mutual benefit and win-win, the schools to solve the worries of personnel training enterprises to enhance their social reputation, which has great benefits for both development. Practice base construction focus is to choose the closer to the school, internship content and requirements are in line with the teaching programs of environmental protection enterprises signed an agreement to maintain mutual interests and contact, a relatively stable relationship. practice base is the result of two-way choice of schools and businesses, internship agreement expressly both rights and obligations. schools can provide enterprises with professional and technical personnel training, serving staff education, a degree of convenience, as well as for scientific experiments and development base, provide students practice base for production, operation internship, provides engineering and to explain the practice base agreement, the companies listed on publicity to the community. At the same time, the school should work with relevant environmental protection enterprises not sign the agreement to maintain regular contact and enhance communication by organizations Tournament and other forms culture practice base of both schools and enterprises feelings authentication protocol when the conditions are ripe to become stable. [5]

(C multifaceted Practice Model of practice teaching is an important part of the environmental engineering teaching to enhance students' engineering consciousness and practical ability.

1. Implement a combination of internal and external internship. Outside production internship can be used surveys, visits, spending operation mode, as far as possible towards the valet mode of operation to improve the ability of students to actual production, to grasp the environmental engineering equipment, process operations, to familiarize themselves with the new technology, principles, methods established campus internships aspects, combined with the characteristics of the environmental engineering from the outside water, gas, solid waste samples, the use of the school's existing test model, teachers in research projects and other resources, test analysis and simulation test, improve student ability, ability to analyze problems, but also can save internship costs, improve the practice effect.

2. Implementation of multimedia teaching combined with the model of the feature film. Use of the past internship internship shot photos and collect information process model structure and enrich students' knowledge. Multimedia teaching has unique advantages in environmental engineering specializing in the production of practical teaching, because a large number of pictures and animations of the process model simulation for students who can not only receive a great deal of knowledge, but also on the process of the environmental protection, the principle of a vivid demonstration of the process to deepen understanding site production internships for students is very important, but the detailed multimedia animation can make up lack of internship. example, students in the field can see only the external shape of the water plant water treatment processes, such as the reaction cell, sedimentation tanks, filtration ponds and other surface, you can show the internal structure of the water treatment process structures through multimedia, presentation of its works and production process, to deepen understanding of the process principle, achieving a multiplier effect. teacher led by photographs, video production internships each year to collect itself propaganda, training materials, and a time for play during the internship, and production The purpose of the internship site complement each other to achieve the consolidation of deepening the practice effect.

3. Implementation of decentralization and centralization combined internship and a higher concentration of some of the process with a visit nature, environmental protection equipment, pollution control facilities centralized internship can be used to save the practice time and internship costs, but also to facilitate the student teacher focusing on the improve practice efficiency. need for some students hands-on practice internships can be dispersed internship, contact multiple internships, practice squad rotation exchange internships, let each student attendant internship. thus does not appear internship pro forma, going through the motions. better students of engineering consciousness in order to improve the practice effect, the school must contact more related internships content internships, signed an agreement to establish the relationship between schools and enterprises. schools can be based on the acceptance of each internship units The ability to arrange internships group dispersed internship facilitate internships coordinated management of such students in internships instructor led, hands-on operation, help to improve the comprehensive competence.

The Production Practice environmental engineering practice teaching courses, students deepen pollution control, understanding of governance principles of equipment and technology, to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and enhance their interest and confidence in the environmental professional, to train them to establish engineering consciousness has an important role, essential aspects of teaching. proper coordination of theoretical teaching and production internship relationship, strengthen the construction of practice base practice mode reforms to improve the effect of practice teaching, internships led teachers in the practice of teaching should constantly sum up to explore a more reasonable internship mode, so better to cultivate awareness of students of engineering, to enable students to better adapt to the needs of the employment and social.


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