Difficulties and countermeasures to explore environmental projects

Paper Keywords: Environmental Engineering Construction Difficulty of response measures

Abstract: the face of the difficult problems of environmental projects, only positive response measures, and further change their ideas, strengthen scientific management, innovation mechanism to solve the problem of environmental engineering construction, in order to achieve truly improve the living environment and living of environmental engineering construction quality. Difficulties and countermeasures.

With China's rapid economic development, the improvement of material life and spiritual living standards requirements, national, provincial and municipal levels of government more and strengthen the management of environmental engineering, sewage, garbage, park construction are to be included in the government focus engineering inspection, perspective, and also increased investment in urban environmental infrastructure construction, environmental construction, the level of infrastructure has also been improved, the rate of sewage treatment, garbage disposal rate, the green coverage also have some upgrade, the atmosphere or water quality contrast to the past has been significantly improved.

The meaning of the Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Research and engaged in the prevention and control of environmental pollution and improve the environmental quality of the science and technology. Environmental engineering with biology, ecology, medicine, environmental hygiene and environmental medicine, and environmental physics and environmental chemistry relevant due to environmental engineering in the start-up phase, the subject areas are still in development, but at its core is a source of environmental pollution governance. corresponding scientific research has emerged, environmental engineering is a discipline. environmental engineering content in general, including the control of air pollution engineering, water pollution control projects, solid waste processing and engineering, and environmental pollution prevention and control, environmental systems engineering.

Second, environmental engineering, construction difficulties

1, the city's sewage treatment imperfect

City life sewage mainly from three sources: domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and urban runoff sewage, urban sewage is the main source of urban sewage. Sewage from the family, the business district and the city's in public health facilities, etc.. manure produced in these places, washing sewage drainage channel through the city into the underground sewage. way to deal with the main take this part of the sewage is then discharged them to the city's wastewater treatment plant for processing this part of the water obvious cycle characteristics. The industrial wastewater cities occupy a certain proportion of urban sewage, industrial sewage in the distribution of the various cities of the country is not the same, the industrial city, the sewage discharge is relatively serious urban industrial wastewater treatment requirements are more stringent, because this part of the sewage which contains a large number of harmful corrosive pollutants difficult to resolve. need to adopt a more scientific and technical means for processing. Finally a sewage main source sewage of urban runoff. they have obvious seasonal characteristics and complexity of the ingredients. mainly caused by the impact of atmospheric pollutants on the atmosphere over the city, there are some garbage and waste on the ground through the flow through the city's rivers caused. which the construction of urban environmental engineering, sewage treatment is a very important aspect, however, the existing sewage treatment implementation is relatively backward, there is a considerable imbalance in which the construction of each region. sewage treatment is not timely, poor recovery rate of sewage, no focus on major issues facing These are urban environmental engineering construction.

Garbage is not classified processing

With the continuous development of the city, the proportion of urban population continue to increase, the consumption of urban life has been greatly improved, also brought a lot of municipal solid waste disposal problem. Municipal solid waste a lot of sources, including family garbage garbage, shopping malls garbage, food service industry, and so on. According to the survey data, the large cities in the garbage every day up to thousands of tons of garbage produced daily small city also more than a few hundred tons if not be able to deal with it effectively, the city is likely to become a place filled with garbage, seriously affected the image of the city and people's lives. processing of municipal solid waste in the construction of urban environmental engineering, which still remain in the traditional practice , or the way transportation to the suburbs buried or incinerated. way investment and high operating costs, while useful resources in the garbage will be burned, together with existing domestic incineration plant run are more difficult. garbage pollution treatment is a very serious problem of the construction of urban environmental engineering.

3, landscaping construction did not keep up with the development of

The construction of urban landscape is relatively developed countries is lagging behind, and there is a considerable gap between the developed countries and in cities around the development level of the building is also inconsistent. Garden construction has a very important role in the construction of urban environmental engineering which , not only to reduce the noise and air pollution of the city, but also to improve the living environment of the city, to improve our living quality in China's urban construction, which paid insufficient attention to the urban landscape construction, one-sided emphasis on the increase of commercial housing and high-end residential construction , resulting in many cities close together, there is not enough green spaces, urban landscape construction in China is relatively backward in the development of the city's high-speed construction, will severely limit the future progress of the city's construction of urban environmental engineering difficulties.

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Response measures, environmental engineering construction

1, the comprehensive utilization of resources, the development of secondary resources

In industrial production, usually raw materials, fuel costs accounted for about 60% of the product cost to 70% of basic industrial raw materials, such as coal, petroleum, ore, salt, mostly with a variety of chemical constituents, some manufacturers only use one " useful part, the rest of the "useless part as waste disposal, not only the cost of the product, but also a waste of resources, pollution of the environment. China's industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of only 30%. With industrial development, the growing amount of all kinds of waste, many countries have recognized the importance of waste recycling and use of secondary resources urgency, recognizing the need to production process and consumption process is seen as a whole, the raw materials - industrial production - use - waste - into raw materials - industrial production - use - waste - secondary raw material resources disposable human environment - traditional open-loop mode The closed-loop system, the raw material resources into the community in the process of production and consumption recycled many times, does not cause environmental pollution. therefore, many countries in the world regard the secondary use of resources as one of the national priority economic strategy the secondary resource utilization yearly increase of more than 300 million tons of scrap steel annually, more than 600 tons of waste paper, more than 200 tons of waste glass, more than 70 tons of waste plastic, more than 30 tons of waste chemical fiber, 30 million tons of waste rubber is not recycled, a lot of use of resources as the wastes from the serious pollution of the environment and therefore, our recycling secondary resources, comprehensive utilization of resources, the potential, the task is arduous.

2, the reform process and equipment to develop new processes

Western countries caught earlier cleaner production processes, not only to improve the working environment, to reduce emissions of pollutants and reduce material and energy consumption, improve product quality and market competitiveness. Addition, using ionic membrane caustic soda production instead mercury method, coking plants The dry quenching gum instead of wet quenching gum, pig iron production ironmaking process without glue, flour produced using dry cleaning grain of wheat instead of washing grain of wheat, greatly reduce the "three wastes" emissions achieved remarkable comprehensive benefits.

3, material closed loop, comprehensive utilization of waste

"Three wastes" in the industrial production is essentially the loss of raw materials in the production process, intermediates and by-products, the main raw material utilization of pesticides, fuel industry is generally only 30% to 40%, 60% to 70% "three wastes" form of release to the environment. relatively easy to implement in the production process is the integration of water closed loop, water supply, water and well water, a water use, sub-quality, re-use water purification. China is now the successful development of the use of phosphogypsum co-production of sulfuric acid and cement using nitric acid production exhaust system nitrite, the use of sulfuric acid production exhaust system sodium sulfite, recovery of gold, silver, iron pyrite cinder, from the Rogor synthetic wastewater the extraction recovery Rogor. useful to use the value of the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization technology.

4, to encourage the investment of social pluralism, and strengthen the institutional strengthening of environmental engineering construction

Urban Environmental Engineering at a cost of engineering, development which not only requires the government to provide the necessary financial support, are also encouraged to participate in which to diverse investment power. Included in the construction of urban sewage, municipal solid waste pollution treatment and construction of urban landscaping projects, the need to maintain a fairly standard set of institutional systems more powerful enterprises to participate in the construction of urban environmental engineering, favor benign operation of the urban environment engineering. establish from the necessary environment to guide, strengthen advocacy, increase government incentives and maintain these participants, to mobilize their building enthusiasm, to promote the development of the entire construction of the urban environment.

In short, during the construction of environmental engineering, we need to adhere to the path of sustainable development, correctly handle the relationship between economic and social development and environmental projects, the face of the difficult problems of environmental projects, only take active measures, further changing concepts strengthen scientific management, innovative mechanism to solve the problems in the environmental engineering construction, in order to achieve the real purpose to improve the living environment and quality of life.


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