On the management and maintenance of the University Environmental Engineering Laboratory

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Abstracts: 21st century human environmental challenges facing unprecedented problems, such as the dramatic increase in population, non-renewable energy less and less, to over-consumption of resources, global warming, etc. These environmental issues of globalization is gradually intensified. Research on environmental issues become widespread concern about the research topic, the university is the birthplace of our technical personnel, therefore, targeted to carry out the direction of environmental engineering in college teaching and research is particularly important.

Unprecedented environmental challenges challenges facing mankind in the 21st century, such as population increased dramatically, fewer non-renewable energy to over-consumption of resources, the globalization of environmental problems of global warming, etc. are gradually increasing. Emerging environmental engineering disciplines is accompanied by the creation of social development and human progress. environmental engineering and other disciplines to see quite different environmental engineering is very disciplines, it has high practical requirements, therefore building environmental engineering laboratory, so The experimental teaching to become one of the important way to deepen the students' theoretical knowledge. First, experimental teaching, the students' theoretical knowledge consolidation. Secondly, training students practical hands-on problem-solving skills. Finally, lay the foundation for the future direction of work.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory Overview of institutions of higher learning in undergraduate environmental engineering curriculum requirements, based on environmental engineering specialists for many years of practical experience, my school work out disciplines training programs and training objectives, drawing on many national laboratory of the State Board of Education personnel training mode based on the characteristics of environmental engineering, finishing an environmental engineering laboratory building scale and direction of development of the overall program plan in accordance with the teaching of environmental engineering disciplines and professional basic course in the required course hours, specialized courses Hours Distribution principles of environmental engineering laboratory experimental class held hours.

To meet these requirements, with the field of environmental engineering related experimental apparatus, equipment, and experimental conditions. Include the following laboratories: basic laboratory of environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology laboratory, Environmental Monitoring Laboratory, Water Technology Laboratory, Air Pollution Control Engineering Laboratory, noise pollution control engineering laboratory with environmental microbiology, environmental monitoring complete the necessary instruments and equipment, sample analysis and experimental project; pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering, noise pollution control engineering laboratory equipment and systems, such as activated sludge aeration tank experimental system, upflow anaerobic sludge bed experimental system, and stripping experimental system and baghouse analog devices, electrostatic dust analog devices; also has research experiments and external technology services necessary for high-precision analytical instruments, such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, and the like.

Environmental engineering laboratory management and maintenance from the above data it can be seen Experiment Teaching and the maturity and development, laboratory building has been changed compared with the past, but also play crucial task of teaching as well as research work important role, but often lack the experimental teaching is still relatively short time in our application, scientific management methods, and maintenance measures, resulting in the laboratory work actually carried out by a number of obstacles, summarized the unfavorable factors, based on my many years of work experience considering the specific measures and methods, laboratory management and maintenance work out the following rules.

2.1 perfect experiment management system First, the environmental engineering laboratory experiment management system should be established, experiment management system in order to ensure the normal operation of the experimental teaching as the main starting point, in accordance with the Environmental Engineering course outline, lesson plans, progress to develop in line courses opened the relevant rules of the conditions in the experiment management system should clearly regulate the laboratory manager, laboratory equipment, experimental environment specific metrics should also experimental report experimental results, sampling inspection documents and other file information specified unified data archiving mechanism, laboratory management personnel should be regularly internal spot checks and audits of the laboratory environment, laboratory practice, as well as laboratory documentation on a regular basis to ensure the orderly running of the laboratory's overall order. addition, the teacher should ensure that the environment experiment the quality of engineering courses, engage in more experimental teaching seminars, detailed plan and the laboratory administrator Cooperation specify compliance with curriculum development needs, and to ensure that experiments hours to meet the requirements, and experiments in laboratory instruments should at least ensure that more than 90% of available rate. addition, laboratory management system should be clear job responsibilities and privileges of the administrator of each experiment, in order to build a stable and innovative force viable experimental tissue for the center to develop a complete and effective management system, first of all, for laboratory related project application and approval, project management, funding applications and use should be clearly defined, and secondly, the laboratory shall establish a fair and impartial performance appraisal mechanism, clear rewards and punishments Conditions to protect organic experimental work run to provide strong protection for the experimental teaching .

2.2 construct network management platform using computer technology, network technology construct modern experiment management platform for experiment management staff and classroom teachers to provide a convenient experimental program, specific details are as follows: laboratory assistant can carry out the registration of the host device, such as the registration number of the equipment , name, model number, manufacturer, factory number. changes in part from the device network management platform equipment, can fill scrapped the application form from the data analysis part quickly query by number requisitioned units requisitioned people , according to the name of the instrument, according to the model, according to the specifications of the query. laboratory assistant can also query other laboratory assistant managing equipment, easy to apply call; queries to the management of low-value durable goods to understand the current low value goods entry can report printing, print tables, ledger.

2.3 to develop the instrument management solutions Environmental Engineering Laboratory because of its own unique characteristics, should ensure the rational allocation of laboratory equipment and demand, according to the actual development of the course content can be seen, most college environmental engineering laboratory large equipment the configuration clearly show inadequate. should try to add large equipment investment in the procurement of equipment management for large equipment to carry out a comprehensive design experimental implementation of special management system for large-scale equipment, related equipment related technical training, assigning clear equipment use approach should make an appointment before use, after use, the need to ensure the equipment intact, administrators need to be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the large instrument to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the normal use of the so-called rules no standards, establish a good management system for reducing the cost of the use of equipment, standardized management approach are good supporting role.

2.4 Construction of the technical team of teachers through long-term work in the environmental engineering laboratory found that the overall quality of the laboratory instructor need to further improve and strengthen Therefore, we need to strengthen the construction of the experimental teaching faculty, training a group of technical ability, the overall quality of high professional technical team, strong sense of cooperation, in order to contribute to the specific arrangements of the Environmental Engineering Laboratory. Specific measures by the professional and technical training. The experimental instrument training, business training of engineering knowledge to improve the experimental teachers' ability to work, In addition, schools should specify clearly the personnel management system, to commend the teachers who have made outstanding achievements in the pilot work of first-line, related to the experimental results of R & D results practice teaching related papers should be consistent with the university teaching awards, research awards.

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2.5 upgrade the laboratory hardware level experimental teaching tasks mainly around the equipment to complete the hardware level directly affect students experiment effect, therefore, the environmental engineering laboratory must continue to enhance the overall level of hardware, universities should strengthen the efforts of the overall construction of the experimental center abandoned laboratory assisted teaching position of paranoia understanding, to develop teaching programs and school development planning the related hardware procurement measures to ensure that procurement of equipment capable of advancing to meet the needs of the day-to-day learning experiments. Environmental Engineering Laboratory in school under the guidance of thinking, and in 2008 has actively strive for laboratory construction funds totaling 400 million yuan, laboratory use of these funds to actively carry out experimental teaching equipment replacement, satisfied that the new work, the five-year period for moisture analyzer has purchased, environmental testing instrument, organic carbon analyzer, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and other sets of experimental equipment, the use of such equipment to the the school environmental engineering test hardware level is raised to the height of the provincial advanced laboratory, these equipment related course experiment can enhance students' understanding of the course content and improve students practical level.

2.6 to build the open experimental base laboratory require long-term development, it must be out of the fortress feel misunderstanding, most laboratories often feels itself to build a relatively complete, correct understanding of the need for development, leading to the construction of space reduce the brain drain serious, to develop an open-type test base for this shortcoming, the school building program, mainly through the completion of the following aspects, on the one hand, the laboratory is to be open to students, the basic management system of the laboratory, equipment, operating procedures, students apply experimental process approach, and to be provided by the students to complete the test lab report of association announced, to enable students to actively join in the open labs, on the other hand, environmental engineering laboratory should establish a good working relationship with other laboratories in the school resource sharing and the sharing of experience, to establish cooperative relations with other laboratories, organic combination of extended experiment platform and unified management. third, open laboratory should carry out laboratory promotional activities, organizing lectures and seminars to promote the division The interaction between the raw and also by a campus radio, campus blackboard laboratory more publicity to promote students' interest in participating in the experiment.

Three Conclusion

Gradually increasing as the problem of environmental pollution, environmental issues have become a research topic of wide concern, the university is the principal source of our technical personnel, therefore, focused direction to carry out environmental studies in college teaching and research is particularly important author University environmental engineering laboratory for many years, dependent work experience and their own ideas on environmental engineering laboratory building and research summarized above and described, can single-handedly thin edge to provide readers with some support and help.


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