Integration of space under the creative industry park planning

Abstract: Based on the current status of the development of creative industry parks analysis to explore the creative industrial park space needed features to make the city's creative industries and urban life better integration.

Keywords: creative industries; creative industrial park; planning and design; spatial integration

Abstract: Through analysising the status quo of the creative industry center in our country, we can explore the space for the required characteristics of the creative industries center, in order to make the city of creative industries better integrate with the city life.

Keywords: creative industry; creative industry center; planning and design; urban pace

A creative industry development

Creative industries concept originated in 1998 in the UK creative industries path file << >> proposed, defined as "from individual creativity, skill and talent, through the development and use of intellectual property, with the creation of wealth and employment potential of the industry." Creative industries are an emerging industry, with a strong vitality and huge space for development, can effectively promote economic development, many countries are seeking to develop innovative industries. domestic research on creative industries infancy stage in the introduction of foreign advanced experience mainly for the development of urban construction is in full swing in our land, the creative industries for the transformation of the urban landscape, urban layout optimization, boost the urban economy and the promotion of sustainable urban development have a positive effect, it is our major cities are vigorously promoting the development of creative industries, have established creative industry park, although all major domestic cities in the level of development and the development of creative industries at different speeds, but the rich cultural heritage of our country the development of creative industries to provide an inexhaustible source of current has become the world's third largest exporter of creative industries.

Beijing as the country's political and cultural center, the development of creative industries with a history and culture of the unique advantages of Beijing as the capital of the world is also the hub of contact, which for its understanding of the international creative industry developments, learn from the advanced experience of providing excellent conditions present Beijing is focusing on the development of theatrical performances, publishing and copyright trade, radio and television program production and trading, research and development of ACG production, advertising and exhibition, antiques and art trade, design creativity, cultural tourism and creative industries, highlighting the advantages of Shanghai to the Director Delta hinterland, has a better development environment, domestic unique is the Shanghai Creative Industries Creative Industries direction toward integration distinctive mark through and industrial development, industrial layout adjustment and protection of historic buildings, regional Features combine Shanghai out has its own characteristics and creative industries development, and to explore the history of modern industrial development and transformation of the combination approach to development, focusing on the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service creative design services, such as industrial design, software design, etc.; construction related creative design, such as architectural design, urban planning, etc. In recent years, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the two areas are numerous creative industries form a linkage with the Shanghai development. Additionally, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu and other places will also enhance the development of creative industries as a Urban Competitiveness common choice.

2 of creative industry park planning mode and problems

As a carrier of the creative industries creative industry park development model from the point of view, the relatively mature model are the following four:
2.1 retention and transformation of valuable industrial building, nurturing creative industrial park: architectural space through renovation, additions and alterations, renovation architectural forms and other ways to build creative industry park.

2.2 to colleges and universities based on the development of creative industries park: the university's production, learning and research capacity into an engine for development, culture and education in the university's fine in intangible assets transferred to the creative industries to go.

2.3 With the traditional layout, build creative industry base: to rely on the traditional layout, on the basis of the existing industrial structure to establish the appropriate creative industry base, enhance their own influence and radiation.

2.4 open up new area, build creative industrial park: For example, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Changning multimedia industrial park, will the creative industries, creative culture and creative talent gather together to promote urban development.

Creative industry park planning and construction has its own unique characteristics, but in the creative industry park construction process also exposed many problems mainly as our creative industry park primarily for the park-and high-tech elite big brands, making the original open The founding of the city to be a closed garden, separates the creative industrial park contact with the surrounding urban space would be limited to cultural and creative industries and creative industries as well as to operate the city for the purpose of making a specific creative class creative industries, especially the elite can participate field and what is more to the garden in the name of real estate development, and ultimately become creative city urban elite exclusive commercial game, rather than the public can participate in the shared arena. while vigor and vitality of sustainable development should be creative industry park planning to achieve the ultimate goal. posted on free download

3 creative industrial park and city space

In response to these problems, the development of creative industries should be integrated with previous research experiences abroad, creative city, creative city to re-interpret the meaning of the creative industry park with a good mix of urban space, the creative industries to better into urban life in the past.

3.1 The nature of the creative city

Development of creative industries in order to improve the city's competitiveness and maintain lasting competitive city needs to continue to bring vitality creative qualities and environment: First, all sectors of the city, including ordinary citizens can participate in creative activities in the past; secondly more people can share Creative bring the fruits of labor, in order to maintain the vitality of the city, so that creativity more attractive.

The positioning of the creative industries should not blindly follow the trend, but according to the city's own characteristics and advantages, to show the unique image of the city, the only way to really get into creative lives of ordinary citizens, as they accept and support in order to promote the creative industries flourish.

3.2 The method of spatial integration

3.2.1 creative industry park integrated interior space

Feature set and layout: Creative Industry Park functional area should be based on the industrial park features, elements, etc. Reasonable layout, try to make the function-related cross in the geographical layout, flexible combination, in order to improve efficiency in the use of land, but also makes various functions more rational and efficient.

(A) the integration of physical space environment: creative industry park in the closest relationship with the creative class of physical space is mainly creative space, communication space and open space. Park physical space environment is designed mainly for these three spaces from the creative class behavior characteristics and psychological needs, focusing on creating the unlimited creativity can stimulate ambience.

(2) the integration of the human environment: substances during the creative industry park space environment design, we must also focus on building the park's cultural environment, and activities designed to create a cultural atmosphere of a powerful way. Activities are fascinating wins factors People are attracted to others, they will gather around them, find the nearest location, new activities will take place in the vicinity.

3.2.2 creative industry park with the integration of urban space

(A) integrate with the surrounding buildings: one functional organization of the integration; second is the integration of the visual image of the park and surrounding buildings in the park from the functional organization of the integration and diversity of organic life, which requires the surrounding buildings can undertake part of the park features, and is mainly reflected in the integration of visual form on the integrity and coordination.

(2) creative industry parks and urban transport integration: Traffic in the city has been occupying an important position. Creative industry parks and urban transport consolidation purposes, one to improve the park's accessibility, two developed to prevent destruction, protection Good landscape integrity.

(3) creative industry parks and urban integration of the natural human environment: natural and cultural environment is an important urban ecosystem integral part, with its soft character and vitality of the city characterized by vitality and energy to give, is shaping urban spatial structure The basic source of one of the city's natural and cultural environment is not only important ecological city infrastructure, but also the city's creative industry park ideal for construction site, so the city's creative industry park and the city
Integration of the natural environment should be based on respect for and protection of the natural ecology as a precondition.

4 Conclusion

Creative Industries is a city of culture, science and technology, information and other highly integrated industry, its space with the city are inseparable. Creative industries in urban space design is the design of the overall environment of urban space contains many elements of content material, including urban culture spiritual life, therefore, the city's creative industry park space design content is very rich and complex, and is a constantly changing, improving process and we should combine the modern character of the city, exploring the city's creative industries space shaping, people-oriented, and create beautiful and comfortable working and living environment.


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