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Paper Keywords investigate electronic information technology development status

Abstracts 21st Century Network achieved rapid progress of information technology, which makes electronic information engineering has become a hot topic in people's lives. With the development of science and technology, electronics and information engineering in all aspects affecting people's lives, people for Electronic and Information Engineering demand rapid increase, China's electronic information engineering faces enormous development needs. electronic information engineering technology development faster and faster, how people facing rational and effective use of electronic information engineering-related issues, this paper focuses on analyzing electronic information engineering utilization and development status.

Currently, electronic information engineering is the product of modern information technology, electronic technology and communication it the perfect combination of information technology and applied in all areas of production and life, but we can not be satisfied with its development and application status, should be its continuous improvement and updated to better and faster development. Better serve the socialist modernization drive.

First, the concept of Electronic and Information Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering is a collection of modern electronic technology, information technology, communications technology and one of the professional electronic information engineering basic meaning is the use of computers and other advanced technology for electronic control and information processing disciplines, the information content of its research mainly electronic equipment and information systems design, development and integration with the development of electronic information engineering is much more widespread, telephone signal processing, mobile voice, image transmission, network data transmission, information data transfer and so need to modernize and Electronic Information Engineering technologies associated with modern electronic technology to achieve effective control of information processing and a variety of related projects in the form of electronic information engineering control information including the application of information technology in various devices. Additionally, Electronic and Information Engineering, after our These years of development and progress, its content covers more extensive, and in practical applications with other advanced modern technology and financial units began to cross the trend, so we want to better research Electronic and Information Engineering its technology, you can start from the product. And we can see with the social division of refinement. Electronic and Information Engineering and its technology to participate in product development and application of the part more and more.

Second, electronic information engineering role of modern electronic information technology development project first 20 years of the 21st century is to catch up with China in the field of science and technology critical period of the world's advanced level, information technology as a field of science and technology is one of the fastest growing categories, which important role has received widespread attention at home and abroad, and become a safeguard national security, and enhance the overall strength of the key. party's "Congress" clearly states: "priority development of information industry in the economic and social fields wide application of information technology." It is in the new historical conditions and progress of the times background, accelerating China's major strategic development of information technology. Electronic information technology has penetrated into people's production and life in various fields.

Although the current situation of China's electronic information engineering and its technical development fairly quickly, but careful study reveals that even though China has the scope of application of this technology more widely, but the real master core technologies and tools is not enough. Has not one of their own electronic information engineering and technology development system, most of the advanced countries, the introduction of advanced technology or direct the outcome. This situation must be changed, as this will seriously hinder our electronic information engineering technology in the long run, there is no independent research and development of technology and products are not in the development of electronic information engineering foothold With the rapid development of information technology , electronic information engineering has become a promoter of the times, the social e-commerce applications and more important.

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Third, to promote the development of electronic information engineering approach (a must devote greater efforts to promote information technology in order to make better modern electronic information engineering technology development, it should increase support for efforts to promote the development of information technology projects. should increase investment, constantly widen the investment and financing channels and to establish an electronic information engineering funds, in order to ensure the development of electronic information industry. States should guide the mobile communications industry across type development, digital TV, movies, internet, information services and software application development and other projects in order to promote industrial innovation and technological transformation projects carried out smoothly.

(Two to optimize the development environment that fosters innovation and technical personnel in order to make better modern electronic information engineering technology development, talent is essential, and talents in order to better play its role, it should create an environment conducive to electronic information engineering talent development environment which two are complementary, therefore, electronic information enterprises should create a conducive environment for talent development and establish a people-oriented values.

(Three network platform for expanding exchanges face the complicated social, colorful online world, help people network communication. Online dating, work, study and life more convenient, enhanced communication between people, give full play the role of information technology projects. let the world into the online world.

(Four to promote the product and service innovation, foster economic growth of electronic information enhanced awareness of independent innovation and intellectual property protection awareness, cultivate new economic growth point.

To make electronic information engineering better development of modern technology, it should promote the product and service innovation, and foster new economic growth point in the fierce domestic and international competitive environment, especially in the context of economic crisis, innovation is the electronic information enterprises The survival strategy in this case, the electronic information enterprises should strengthen cooperation and equipment manufacturing enterprises, and the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation system, in order to enhance the domestic issuance of electronic information engineering core technology R & D and manufacturing capabilities, in order to achieve product innovation and technological innovation to enhance electronic information products in the international competitiveness.

(Five people to cultivate self-maintenance of electronic information engineering network is an open space, especially on the Internet, in addition to do I do not attack others, we should also learn to prevent attacks from outside. Applications such as firewalls and anti-church people Huang software to antivirus and yellow note in the online chat radical identity secret, do not tell each other at will call, etc., but not at liberty and meet friends. keeping good when I use a variety of Internet passwords, it should not be disclosed to other people, etc. and so on.

(Six reasonable and timely application of resources to guide students in today's Internet era, as an IT project should not be limited to my preferences, application network should be organized to bring people to the convenience. Strengthen solidarity through networking, promoting the establishment of the network moral qualities, Instruction in science, application this would both allow them to understand more deeply the application network, it enables them to gradually realize I is the true masters of the network. sen early in the last century, once said: "The world tide surging, Shun prosper against it will perish. "network is the world trend of promoting social progress, the Internet is the twenty-first century citizens," compulsory ", we have to adopt a positive attitude to guide people to learn to use network, but also to strengthen the network of moral education, so that people learn how to correctly use the network and enjoy the scientific and technological achievements, and truly become the masters of the new century the online world.

In short, with the continuous development of information industry, electronic information engineering is constantly developing, as people work, live the advantage. Electronic and Information Engineering as a modern information technology, life and work have become an indispensable application technology.


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