On the SME Electronic Information Security Technical Analysis

Paper Keywords: electronic security technology security elements of information security

Abstract: With the continuous development of China's information technology, electronics and information security for the protection of small and medium enterprises has also become the focus of attention. In this paper, electronic information security as the main body, introduce SME informatization construction, electronic information security technology overview, presenting key security elements, to find solutions to the problem of SMEs in electronic information security strategy.

In the enterprise management information system has many business documents in circulation, which is certainly of importance file, and some even to the future development of enterprises involved, if such information is transmitted over the network in general by competitors or criminals wiretapping, leaks , tampering or forgery, it will seriously threaten the development of enterprises, so that SMEs electronic information security technology research has important significance.

First, the significance of information technology SMEs in this Information Age, the company's continuous development process of information, information has become the key to success, but also an important way to improve the management level and now business activities of enterprises, basically using electronic Business forms, the production operations, transport and sale of all aspects applied to the information technology, such as through the network to collect some information about raw materials, quality, price, place of origin and other information to create a raw materials information system, the information system for raw materials procurement has a significant role through the analysis of the data can be obtained with the number of procurement proposals and countermeasures, electronic information enterprise level. survey shows that SMEs Eighty-two percent of the site should also be in promote corporate image, publishing products and services, to collect customer information at this stage, while e-commerce transactions related to the application of this less than a quarter, indicating that companies have not yet fully developed and the use of commercial channels information. SME information era has come, enterprises should speed up the construction of information.

Second, the electronic information security technology elaborated an electronic information encryption technology encrypts data transmission technology enables more security and integrity, encryption technology is divided into two kinds of symmetric and asymmetric encryption which is usually symmetric encryption password or via serial packet confidentiality to achieve, including plain text, key, encryption algorithms and decryption algorithms such as five basic components. symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption are different, asymmetric encryption requires a public key and a private key two keys, a public key and private key pair to be used for encryption using the public key, only the corresponding private key to decrypt the private key used for encryption, and only with the corresponding public key can decrypt it.

Encryption technology to transmit electronic information confidentiality can play role in the transmission of electronic information, the sender using the encryption key or algorithm to encrypt the information sent after its issue, if someone steals the information during transmission, he only can get the ciphertext, the ciphertext is incomprehensible. accept the decryption key can decrypt the ciphertext to restore the plaintext.

2, firewall technology with the development of network technology, some of the mail bombs, viruses, trojans and online hackers on network security also caused a great threat. Enterprise information network has also been making similar threats, corporate electronic information security can hardly be guaranteed. unsafe situation for the network, initially took a protective measure is a firewall in our personal computer firewall also played a big role, it can prevent non-hackers, computer information of tampering.

3, message authentication and identity authentication technology certification is two forms of authentication technology, message authentication is mainly used to ensure the integrity and anti-repudiation, user authentication via message to confirm whether the information is true and modified or falsified by a third party . authentication using the user's identity and identification, including the identification and validation in two steps. clearly identify and distinguish the identity of visitors to confirm identity of visitors called authentication. Users access to some non-public resources must pass authentication, such as Visit colleges check subsystems, you must go through Student ID and password authentication to access. Some university library resources in order to access the campus network, campus network can not enter non-unless the request and pay for a qualified access status.

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Third, SMEs in the main electronic information security elements a, confidentiality of information in today's Internet age, the confidentiality of information work seems to become less easy But information directly represents the company's trade secrets, how to protect corporate information from being stolen, tampered with, abuse and destruction, how to use the Internet for information transfer while ensuring information security has become the important issues that must be addressed for SMEs.

2, the validity of the information with the development of electronic information technology, small and medium enterprises have made use of the transmission of information in electronic form, the validity of information directly related to the economic interests of enterprises, but also a corporate business smoothly prerequisite, so you want to exclude variety of network failures, hardware failures, network failures of these potential threats to the control and prevention, to ensure the effectiveness of transmission of information.

3, the integrity of the information

Corporate parties to the transaction counterparty business strategy severely affect the integrity of the information, so the parties to the transaction to maintain the integrity of information is very important for the parties to the transaction are very important in the process of information to prevent random generation of information, modification, during transmission to prevent loss of information, maintaining the integrity of information is the basis for transactions between enterprises.

Fourth, to solve the problem of SMEs in electronic information security strategy a build electronic information security management system for SMEs to solve information security problems in addition to using security technologies, it also should establish a comprehensive electronic information security management system to ensure information security management smoothly. SMEs in general, the initial establishment of the relevant information management system is largely restricts an information system security if the safety management system is a problem, then around this system to select and use the security management technology and tools will not work correctly, information security can not be guaranteed. complete, strict information security management system for electronic information systems security a great impact in the enterprise information system, if not strictly comprehensive information security management systems, electronic information security technology and related security tools are unlikely to play its due role.

2, the use of corporate network conditions to provide information security services many companies have multiple two units within the system being Unicom through WAN, LAN in each unit are completed, the companies should take advantage of this favorable conditions for enterprises to provide network Good information security services. Through this network platform release enterprise technical standards, security bulletins and safety regulations, providing information security software downloads, security equipment selection, providing online information security education and training, as well as employees to provide a place to exchange experiences.

3, regular security assessment software system to improve

With the development of enterprises, enterprise information technology applications and information technology development, people's awareness of information security issues, with the development of technology and continuous improvement of electronic information security issues continue to be discovered at the same time, solve the information security issue security software system should continue to improve, on a regular basis to evaluate the system.

In short, each SME electronic security technology galaxy contains technical and managerial, and institutional factors such as information technology continues to evolve, not only gradually moving towards office automation office SMEs, but also to ensure the security of electronic information enterprises.


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