On the computer industry widely used in mechanical and electronic control

Papers Keywords: computer technology, mechatronics production applications

Abstract: an overview of mechanical electronic control industrial development, and focuses on computer technology control in the machinery and electronics industries, and widely used in industrial production and people's daily life.

0 Introduction The development of modern science and technology has greatly promoted the change in the field of machinery industry, at the same time brought a huge impact to the related production industry, and improve the level of production and technology. With the development of integration between various technologies to computer electronic technology, mechanical technology as the core of the field of electro-mechanical control will bring the field of industrial and scientific research more practical applications.

Overview of the development of a computer technology and electromechanical control 1.1 computer to control the development of the theory of the formation of technology quantization effects of the digital signal is ignored, the computer control system can be seen as a sampling control system, in this system, the continuous link discrete , the entire system can be regarded as composed of discrete systems. development of computer-control theory is the sampling theory, differential equations, transform theory, state space theory and system identification and adaptive control theory is applied to the control technology , computer control system with the initial development of the structure of complex, time-varying nonlinear system, the control system is integrated into the robust control, fuzzy control, predictive control of a variety of new theories, and gradually form industrial process control systems a new direction.

Since the advent of the world's first electronic computer, the computer is first used to automatically detect the chemical production process of process parameters and related data processing, as well as open-loop control of the computer to the 1960s, there has been computers for process control, direct digital control after by the centralized computer control system development to the microprocessor core layered control system control, centralized monitoring of the production process by the computer, the operation and management control and so on. along with the development of the computer processor technology, computer control technology also will change, and eventually applied to industrial production and its huge impact.

1.2 Mechanical and electronic control technology development and current status of production, scientific research, and many other areas, there are a lot of physical quantities need to control some variation in the state of the manual. Before the 1930s, industrial production and more. initial base meter to control the pressure and temperature in the range of a constant, with preliminary industrial production machinery control practice. appear along with the rapid development of electronic technology and computer control systems, industrial production parameters and process directly miniaturized so that the digital control computer control technology more intelligent, organic combination of mechanical, electronic, computer technology and control technology, mechatronics technology has also been rapid development, and more and more widely applied to various areas of production mainly formed and electromechanical control technology applications PID control, PID is a representative of classical control theory, it absorbs intelligent thought control and use of the advantages of the computer, the formation of the adaptive PID and nonlinear PID control- variants PID controller. addition to fuzzy control (FLC, variable structure control, along with the development of the computer field continue to broaden.

Mechatronics development and wide application in industry 2.1 Introduction and production of mechatronic application mechatronics in the agency's main function, power function, the function of information processing and control functions on the introduction of electronic technology, mechanical device the system consisting of the general term, together with the design of electronic and computer software systems and integrated use of mechanical technology, micro-electronics technology, computer technology, power electronics technology to monitor the operation of the production control process it is the main application areas of CNC machine tools by CNC technology, industrial operations have on the structure, function, operation accuracy significantly improved architecture, multi-CPU and multi mainline enriched CNC functionality, improved production efficiency.

Flexible manufacturing system applications of computer technology and manufacturing systems in industrial applications of electromechanical control, computerized manufacturing systems. Mainly by computer numerical control machine tools, automated warehouse in the industry, it can randomly by the quantity in accordance with the requirements of the assembly department, the production of any artifacts within its capabilities, more suitable for the mass production of many varieties, small batch discrete parts.

AC drive technology development is also with the development of electronic technology and computer technology have important applications in industry, especially in the steel industry, the complex vector control technology to be realized, both large capacity motor or small-capacity motor now can make synchronous motor or asynchronous motor to achieve reversible slip governor. AC drive system has been widely used in the steel rolling.

Programmable controller (PLC computer technology and automatic control technology in the new integrated control system. System solves the problem of a large number of switch control in industrial control systems, gradually replaced by more energy-consuming, high failure rate of the relay control system with the progress of the PLC technology, its applications are constantly expanding, the acquisition and storage of data, but also to monitor the control system PLC could prepare a wide variety of control algorithms program, to complete the closed-loop control. process control in metallurgy, chemical industry, heat treatment, boiler control, and other occasions there is a very wide range of applications In addition, with the development of the factory network automation, PLC communications and networking capabilities, but also contribute to the control of industrial production process monitoring. now PLC technology has been widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, machinery manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, light industry, environmental protection and cultural and entertainment all walks of life.

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The 2.2 computer control technology integrated combination of computer technology and the machinery and electronics industry in the mechanical and electronic control application example, continue to make the application of new technologies to more areas, and applied to the field is no longer limited to industrial production, more technology is a vital relationship to our daily work and life. following are some specific examples to introduce the practical application of the combination of computer technology and electromechanical control.

PLC to achieve control of the robot to move the workpiece with the development of the world economy and technology, the range of human activities continue to expand the application of robots is quickly extended to various fields of social production and life, and shift away from manufacturing to non-manufacturing various robots products appears With the production of the robot, and a large number of applications, in many fields, many single, repeated mechanical work by a robot (also referred to as manipulator) to complete the industrial robot is able to automatically control reprogrammable, multi-purpose, multi-degree of freedom, multipurpose manipulator widely used industrial robots can not only improve the quality and yield of the product, and to protect personal safety, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity is important, saving the consumption of raw materials and lower production costs. The combined application of computer and network technology widely used in industrial robots are increasingly changing people's production and life.

Agriculture, machine operations, the process of the cab dashboard is rapidly replaced by electronic surveillance instrumentation and gradually transition to intelligent information display terminal, in order to improve the man-machine interface by a single parameter such intelligent display terminal and be referred to as virtual instruments display terminal (Virtual Display Terminal, it represents a contemporary instruments and the direction of the mainstream of development of control means which can arbitrarily selected through the screen display unit in different parts of the terminal information, on the screen by the operator's demand, intelligent high-density data storage card call the database information, data, graphics, voice, and multimedia information. addition, data can also be dynamic deposit similar to credit card size, the process of agricultural jobs data back to the office, through a smart card by the application of advanced software for computer processing. manager's decision-making and operating instructions can also be transmitted through the smart card to the intelligent control terminal tractors, to achieve automatic control agricultural operation.

PLC vending machines, vending machines by customers select merchandise switch, put into the coin value is driven by the PLC digital tube display, through light sensor identification, through the judge, to the next step, after the PLC system control and signal output completed during the course of the sale of computer technology, machinery and electrical automatic control in vending machines in this great convenience to people's lives, and also make the PLC applications more widely.

Traffic lights system is a microcomputer software applications to a typical example of the electronic control system. Crossroads traffic light control by the main application of PLC technology action. Accurate completion of the lights lights change action to control the time, this application is a great convenience people's daily life and work travel.

Computerized flat knitting machine in the application of computer technology to the mechanical weaving industry brought great change. Now computerized flat knitting machine is a computer, mechanical, electronic, control, and many other areas of the complex system involves computerized flat knitting machine knitting is a extremely complex process, the first knitting machine manual knitting machine, only competent relatively simple knitting process. Digital Design With the application of computer technology to computerized flat knitting machine, automatically by computer control, design of knitting pattern directly through the computer numerical control mechanical withdrawal circle, pad sand, retainer ring, bending sand and other corresponding mechanical knitting operation instruction by the computer control system to complete the knitting of the entire design, which greatly improves the efficiency of the industrial production.

Mechatronics technology, there are many, and with the development of science and technology, the trend of mutual integration of the various technologies will become increasingly evident, the organic combination of mechanical technology, microelectronic technology as the main mechatronics technology is The inevitable trend of development of the machinery industry.

3 Summary

In the field of mechanical production, integration into the development of electronic technology and computer technology, mechatronics formation of important changes in the machinery industry. Continuous development of computer technology, mechatronics technology has been widely in many fields Application.


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