Analysis of the rural distribution network on Power Engineering Cost Management Innovation

Abstract: With the upgrading and development of power grid construction, power engineering importance of cost management has become increasingly prominent in the power grid construction projects play a vital role in rural transformation process based on the author's work experience, the strengthening of rural electricity distribution network construction cost management are analyzed and elaborated in order to promote the further development of the rural power grid construction, power engineering construction of rural economic and social benefits is improved.

Paper Keywords: distribution network, power grid construction project cost management

Electricity is the main energy source in today's dynamic economic development, the construction of the power distribution network has become China's rural modernization is an important prerequisite and guarantee for rural modernization to provide a steady stream of energy and power protection support rural distribution network planning and construction and direct impact on the level of development of rural economic development and rural residents living material and spiritual improvement, which restricts the grand goal of building new countryside early realization. present, China's rural electricity infrastructure is relatively backward, a large number of facilities need upgrading New, and Power Engineering Cost control and management is an important part of power construction projects, good electrical engineering cost management, reasonable construction cost to complete power management, can effectively improve the power supply enterprise economic efficiency, reduce the loss of rural power grids while also greatly improve the effective utilization of energy.

First, the engineering design stage management

Electrical engineering design is the overall construction project outline, is the fundamental basis for cost control, although engineering construction costs throughout the proportion of relatively small, but the total cost of the entire project play a decisive role at the same time, a scientific reasonable, technologically advanced design program, you can shorten the duration of the project construction, effectively saving investment, improve the economic benefits of the project.

1 clear power engineering feasibility of the project design (a full analysis of the project is necessary to prevent the construction of functional duplication resulting power resources idle and waste.

(2 rational planning project access system programs to develop the current scale of construction plans and proposed long-term planning, the formation of the sustainable development of the entire project, new projects to avoid the embarrassment of being phased out.

(3 comprehensive assessment of the overall economic benefits of the project, to minimize power loss, fully consider the project's area of ​​compensation, the site for new sites and new programs of paths to conduct field surveys and site survey to select the most economical and reasonable building programs, while ensuring the quality of the project as much as possible to save material, taking into account the customer's electricity load distribution, so that the entire project cost is maximized.

(4 strategy in line with the principle of sustainable development, give full consideration to construction on the local ecological environment, not because of temporary economic interests cause damage to the local environment, and resolutely resist the environment for economic development thinking, to avoid environmental pollution causes engineering building social benefits reduced.

(2) protect the power of the scientific project design (a design units to improve the level of technical operations, and effectively improve the design quality of projects and programs. First, it should strictly implement the ISO9000 quality management system certification, internal audit management and third party while the survey design staff supervision, and strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the program design and evaluation of the project analysis. Second, we should strengthen the design, cost personnel training. makes engineering design, cost personnel to keep abreast of mastering new technologies, new processes, techniques to improve the whole team levels and professionalism. Finally, clear accountability. penalties and rewards, to promote ethical standards and professional designers to improve literacy, to avoid the occurrence of misconduct.

(2 impose a quota on the design, strictly control the cost of the entire project cost. Enhanced designer of the project cost of the whole process of consciousness, prompting designers to co-ordinate the project life cycle cost analysis. Rational planning of the project phases, each part of the capital investment, the investment obtain reasonable control, avoiding the construction process because of unplanned result of blind waste.

(3) the reasonableness of the entire project and depth scrutiny, scientific proof, try to avoid causing unreasonable design of repetitive construction process modifications, resulting in a waste of money and schedule delays caused the project cost to rise.

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Two, bidding and contract cost management

Bidder is the construction of an important participant, to a large extent determine the quality of construction and the use of funds, a good co-operation on the project for the construction of good health plays a vital role. The contract is a bidding legal basis of mutual rights and obligations, which defined the rights and obligations of the parties for the smooth progress of construction provides a strong legal protection in the bidding and contract management phase requires attention to the following aspects:
1 Specification bidding system construction to develop professional technical file specification to guide the company's tender, the tender process to avoid irregularities appear unreasonable phenomenon, so tender law, justifiable.

(2) to strengthen the supervision and management of the tender bidding to achieve the whole process of standardized management. Practical implementation of tendering, evaluation, calibration three separate principles, norms bidding and procurement aspects of a variety of charges, to prevent the emergence of unreasonable charges, and timely investigation bidding violations. 3. ensure tender open, transparent and in line with the principle of fairness, tenders should be open and transparent, arms-length treatment of the bid, considering, choose the best bidder, reducing construction costs at the same time to ensure project quality.

4. Strengthen contract management, rational and effective use of funds for construction contract management arrangements for professional personnel management project implementation process signed various contracts and agreements, in strict accordance with the implementation of the contract review system to ensure that contracts, agreements legitimacy and rigor ensure the project construction in strict accordance with the contract terms. commencement of the contract, the contractor is the project construction phase contract price cost control target value, in order to achieve this goal, we must make reasonable arrangements for funds, funds regularly analyzed prediction, strict control of expenses, time and comparative analysis of the original budget plan, take appropriate measures, the use of funds according to the project plan, control the expenditure of funds to ensure project cost control goals.

Third, the construction aspects of cost control

Construction aspect is the implementation phase of the project specific, thus determining the optimal management of the entire project cost can be attained. Good cost control during the construction phase management to proceed from the following aspects.

(1) Control engineering change process of building engineering changes often result in increased project cost, and therefore should be avoided during construction and any changes should go through rigorous scientific proof, to determine the design really unscientific, irrational, and thus led projects could not be carried out smoothly and when changes occur, the unit must be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements and procedures for operation, and design units issued by ECN, after confirmation by the supervising engineer signed into effect, individuals and units do not have any rights to the project arbitrarily changed, and resolutely put an end to the arbitrary change.

(2) Strengthen clearing and settlement procedures for the management of information

According to the terms of the contract settlement, supervision audit engineering, design units, or about the preparation of project budget advisory unit, contractors and other specific information on the use of funds to carry out programs for engineering changes to scrutiny, increased visa information audit efforts. Project funds according to the progress of the project in accordance with the provisions of the contract payment, the contractor of the project amount to simultaneously through supervision and owners of the audit, and related payments must be calculated by the relevant personnel audit before payment.

(3) Strengthen the supervision of all aspects of project management on all aspects of the project supervision and strict management, reliable power engineering construction running at stake, any quality problems can cause irreparable damage, which ultimately affect the project cost management The most optimization. ensure the quality of projects in the construction process first to ensure the quality of the materials used meet construction standards, followed by the construction industry to meet the technical requirements process. Finally full project supervision in the construction process of the supervision and management role ensure that any unreasonable behavior can be timely construction pointed out and the deadline to be corrected.

4 Strengthen the construction site safety management

Electricity projects during the construction safety accidents often result in damage to personnel and equipment. Accidents not only result in a significant increase in the project cost, and may affect the progress of the project, even severely affected quality of the project, therefore, in the construction construction process, pay attention to safety issues must be strengthened, we must first strengthen the safety of construction workers education, improve safety awareness among construction workers and secondly to ensure that the operation of the device and the works are carried out in full accordance with safety regulations at the same time, there is a security for the construction site hidden part of effective preventive measures to be taken to develop on-site emergency response and accident treatment plan for unexpected security incidents should be promptly handled properly.

5 Strengthening completed audit and resolutely put an unplanned items, repeat multi meter construction cost, high-set quotas, high standards take fees violation phenomenon, strictly control the total fixed asset investment, minimize project cost.

IV Conclusion

In short, the relevant staff should take a realistic approach, everything from reality, for all stages and levels of problem easily and effectively make electricity project cost management and control work to achieve optimal project cost, reduce engineering costs , in the realization of the new rural modernization distribution network construction, to enable enterprises to achieve maximum economic efficiency.

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