A discussion on issues related to network planning and thinking Analysis

Abstract: Power grid construction and development planning is an important part of the planning for the guidance of scientific grid construction has important guiding significance. Combined Fujian power grid current actual situation, from the Fujian power grid network structure, operation mode and direction of planning and construction of three aspects for network planning, power transmission project feasibility study stage presence was analyzed and discussed some of the issues put forward ideas and methods to solve problems, to continuously improve work efficiency and quality of work.

Paper Keywords: network planning; information systems, power transmission project; Network Optimization

A power grid construction, current situation and existing problems

"Twelve Five" period, with a new round of full implementation of the national power grid planning and capital, energy, technology-intensive high value-added industrial transfer, rapid growth in electricity demand, Fujian power grid construction ushered in a new round of upsurge .220 kV grid will further expand the coverage of the coastal economic belt will form a double chain radiating structure for grid throughout the state will be 500 kV substation at the core, around the city, industrial areas and other load centers formed one thousand 220 kV loop network .110 volt grid will further optimize the network structure, relying on the 220 kV grid to form a single loop network, double radiation, chain structure, and gradually improve power supply reliability.

Electric power grid construction planning through to implementation, network planning is intended primarily to guide the daily power grid construction and transformation, through the cumulative construction makes the grid to achieve the purpose of planning, but the long, heavy main grid power construction, light distribution network so there is the main distribution network planning network development imbalances eventually lead to confusion in local area networks, outdated equipment, power supply radius, line load imbalance, lack of distribution transformer capacity and low level of automation and other weak links.

Faced with the arduous task of grid construction, the preliminary work required to sort out the problems, innovative ideas, improve work efficiency, in order to lay a good foundation for the smooth implementation of projects. This paper aims to analyze network planning and engineering feasibility study stage a number of problems, suggest improvements, and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of work.

Second, on the establishment of urban power grid planning information system envisaged

1 network planning network planning is the significance of power grid construction and development is an important aspect of scientific planning for the guidance of grid construction has great significance. Grid planning work involves analyzing and evaluating data grid situation, electricity demand analysis and forecasting, planning program analysis and research related electrical calculate the checksum, economic evaluation, and workflow management, etc., with a heavy workload, complexity prominent, involving a wide range information cumbersome and so on. stage most of the power grid planning work entirely on artificial completed, the planning results were affected by planners relevant expertise and experience level greater impact, and subjective appraisal, "the first outcome, after doing planning" is more common, collaborative work throughout the planning process less efficient. Fujian Power Grid has entered period of rapid development, planning and increasing workload, while ensuring the quality of planning under the premise of increasing the efficiency of network planning is a necessary requirement.

The city is a major power system load centers, urban power grid operation is good depends on urban planning and construction is scientific, whether economically reasonable for a huge amount of fixed assets in terms of power supply enterprises, urban planning in the supply business survival and development has always played a decisive role.

First, according to the power supply enterprise company's financial position and reasonable arrangements for funds for network planning and network investment, followed by the user to be based on the power supply capacity, power quality, reliability and on the price difference between the capacity, in accordance with the idea of ​​custom tariffs to determine its region-specific planning.

(2) construction of network planning professional information technology system is currently powered corporate marketing, scheduling departments have established a relatively complete professional support computer system for scientific planning, decision making and management provides a highly efficient and effective support big plan as "three five "system is an important part, it should minimize the network planning session artificial subjective factors, follow the objective requirements and planning laws. Therefore, you should consider building a professional network planning of information systems, the use of computer-aided completion of basic data management, planning business management and planning decision support, and work to improve the efficiency of grid planning and management for grid planning decisions, implementation After tracking and evaluation, as well as network development plan of the entire life-cycle management to provide effective technical support to promote the rational and scientific grid construction.

Urban network planning information support system based on advanced computer technology and business processes to establish a scientific and rational, we must have the original basic data analysis, planning, business management, planning and decision support three basic functions.

Original base data analysis platform for all kinds of basic urban planning related to data management, including socio-economic class data, power class data, class data network equipment, power demand class data, class data such as load characteristics, as well as business management planning module and planning decision support module provides data to support the urban grid planning the final result depends mainly on the basis of the original data and planning methods do not have sufficient and reliable sources, and any outstanding planning methods are impossible to obtain realistic planning A good solid power system planning must be based on the preliminary work, including collecting and collating system load data, the local social and economic development, power points and aspects of the original data transmission lines and so on.

Planning service management module involves provincial companies and most of the company to the state planning business, and part of the business abstract workflow to achieve various planning business process management.

Planning decision support module provides project management, planning analysis and planning process of decision analysis necessary for some auxiliary functions, specifically including load forecasting, power balance, network planning and other functions, and provides trend, stable, short-circuit current calculation, economic analysis, etc. existing mature software data interface.

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Third, the project feasibility study stage issues need to focus

Through years of efforts, Fujian power grid transmission project construction and management level has been greatly improved, but is still in the feasibility study review revealed the following questions: substation Universal design can not be fully effective combination of the actual situation in the province, the lack of inlet and outlet substation overall planning, universal design application rate is not high, the following analysis of these issues.

1 perfect universal design programs to refine the substation, Quanzhou, Fujian, for example, is located in southeastern Fujian Province Quanzhou, Fujian Province is one of the three major urban centers as of the end of 2011, Quanzhou area of ​​683.94 square kilometers jurisdiction powered , the maximum load is 1065MW, annual electricity sales to 5.485 billion kWh.

Quanzhou 110 kV substation in some areas because of land acquisition difficulties and government requirements, the need to build all indoor substations. Universal design in all indoor transformer substation solutions are used separate body and radiator layout and high-pressure side cable entry are used, such program building larger, higher investment and operational units proposed cable runs inconvenient. therefore recommended that relevant departments of the company commissioned to design full complement of indoor unit main transformer substation layout combined with the radiator, and the main transformer using elevated into the high-pressure side line program reported to the State Grid Corporation of Infrastructure Department approval.

(2) Strengthen planning and management of substation outlet

Quanzhou is located in the coastal economically developed, light industry developed rapidly, often resulting in the sudden increase in local load, circuit overloads. Currently, Quanzhou jurisdiction supply area is still 39 units low pressure problem areas exist in which the line is caused by the power supply radius is too long The main reason prominent problem, which requires the substation into the outlet need to be scientific, rational planning, to meet the needs of the grid structure to optimize the network structure, increase the line of contact between loop in order to properly regulate the peak electricity load line operation mode, ease overloaded line supply pressure.

For the new 220 kV substation, the relevant departments at all levels must attach great importance to overall planning voltage outlet. Substation design units generally will qualify to make an overall plan, but can not qualify for the final size of a planning accurately place due to investment throughout the state intensified, customer electricity engineering surge Among these projects are not in the planning and design units commissioned by the user, the design quality varies greatly, and some units are often designed according to their needs and convenience occupy qualifying interval, if the regulation is not in place, will inevitably cause qualifying interval occupied unreasonable subsequent outlet cross each switching interval occurred, and caused power outages and wasted investment. throughout the state attaches great importance to the company which should be under the jurisdiction of the 110 kV 220 kV substation outlet overall planning, and in accordance with new changes and timely adjustments. new construction access, we need to press the planning and implementation, not in planning engineering projects, especially our customers, but also to carefully study and analyze, a reasonable allocation of qualifying interval, to prevent cross-qualify due to human factors, switching interval occurred. qualify planning to follow optimize and beautify and simplify the concept of substation into the outlet should be as possible, "straight, straight out, merge and tidy", do not use a ramp into the oblique way to beautify the substation surroundings to conserve resources and environment-friendly destination.

(3) Strengthen design management, to improve the level of application of universal design in the design of management, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces companies have a very good experience and practice, for example, to carry out design contests, design appraised, focusing on the construction design engineering organizations review, development of power transmission project design incentive assessment methods, etc., are aimed at the source of the good quality of the project. Fujian companies in this regard also made some useful attempt to guide and encourage the design units to carry out design optimization and technology innovation, the relevant departments of the 2011 special batch of project feasibility studies were designed to evaluate, as an important basis for follow-up projects commissioned.

Feasibility study stage should also strengthen the application of universal design. Fujian belong hills, weather conditions are very complex, in-depth understanding of the relevant designers promulgated national network of universal design, while also based on the actual situation according to local conditions. Should strive to learn from superior design management provinces, work experience and work methods, accelerate the improvement of their universal design, universal design to improve the application level, expanding the coverage of universal design, enhance efficiency, to meet the requirements of the rapid development of Fujian power grid.

IV Conclusion

Network Planning is the power network construction and transformation of an important part of the implementation process should also pay attention to the following questions:
(A grid planning should not only realistic, need appropriate advance in the correct handling of recent construction and long-term development of relations at the same time, you need to take into account social, economic and environmental comprehensive benefits.

(2 network planning needs to be recognized by the city planning department, and should be included in the overall planning of urban construction, the plan would not only authoritative, but also flexible.

(3 current grid electrical automation lack of mature experience, according to the first pilot, after the promotion of the principles of the urban pilot can do first, such as the establishment of the first grid geographic information management system, which is the future grid electrical automation indispensable for The current operation and management is also a very useful system.

(4 meet load growth and reliability of the site as an important concept throughout the entire power grid construction.
(5 not only to try to be implemented in accordance with the planning objectives, but also with the actual situation appropriate adjustments to achieve grid planning stages.

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