On the new system offline Loss Management Analysis and repair service mode

Abstract: "five" system after the implementation of professional management level and efficiency will certainly be greatly improved, since inter-professional barriers increased, especially in urban power supply branch merged separate distribution and marketing professionals, the original internal coordination by the branch and become the communication between the two management systems, will inevitably lead to the division of labor is not clear, responsibilities vacuum, such as poor business convergence phenomenon. As a consequence, the city line loss management and repair service management model of the main problems and solutions are described.

Paper Keywords: new system of line loss management, repair services

Build a "five" system was in 2012 a top priority of various tasks, has now entered a critical stage of full speed. "Five" system after the implementation of professional management level and efficiency will certainly be greatly improved, but because inter-professional barriers increased, especially in urban power supply branch distribution and marketing expertise combined separate internal coordination in the original by the branch into a communication between the two management systems, will inevitably lead to the division of labor is not clear, duty vacuum, business convergence poor and other phenomena this end, the author of management changes are more prominent of the city line loss management and repair service mode and make the following elaboration.

First, the city line loss management pattern analysis

"Big Five" system construction, the marketing, distribution implementation of professional management, to line loss management work has brought new challenges and higher requirements.

1 main problems and analyze the main problem lies in two aspects: First line loss management interface issues, and second battalion collaboration with the problem.

(1 for line loss management, the former city power supply branch is implemented as a complete unit line loss management, the implementation team pack lines, class members pack station area, line loss camp contract with linkage mechanism is the branch manager line loss management area the first responsible person in charge of sales, production assistant manager is directly responsible to organize and coordinate their joint analysis of marketing distribution line loss priorities, coordinated management and technical loss reduction and loss reduction work.

"Five" system implemented, the city line loss management work is no longer the original power supply branch bear. "Overhaul", "big marketing" on the city line loss management work without clear boundaries as the District line loss work entirely by "big marketing "commitments, then technical loss reduction work will be carried facing poor situation. If work entirely by urban line loss" overhaul "commitment, the management will also face the loss reduction work carried out poor situation.

(2 collaboration with the camp, the former full-time branch office supply line loss management personnel, responsible for organizing the distribution line loss analysis and business contacts, business with professional line losses will be based on priorities, unified technical loss reduction and loss reduction and management work specifically for the branch managers to organize regular line loss analysis, coordination with business operators difficult problems, a reasonable allocation of human resources, sales director, production assistant manager coordinating professional communication problems separately organization and management, technical loss reduction work full-time line loss management line loss analysis of tissue specific personnel responsible for liaison with camp.

"Five" system after the implementation of the original urban power supply branch camp close contact with the relationship is broken. Camp paired non-professional issues in order of importance, would reduce the demand side of the job "threshold" will increase, especially for contracting work station area greater impact How to achieve "big marketing", "overhaul" work together, is the need to make efforts to solve the problem.

2 solutions based on "five" system implementation planning, marketing and distribution business model changes, in accordance with the "unified leadership, division of labor, hierarchical management, with the collaboration" principle, to follow the line loss rate integrated management, technical loss reduction and Manage Loss Reduction three main lines, appropriate adjustments to the interface, to ensure the whole process of line loss management.

(A clear line loss management interface. Development Planning Department is working line loss centralized management department is responsible for the comprehensive line loss management department of Management and loss reduction by the "big marketing" (or called the customer service center is responsible for technical loss reduction work by the "overhaul" (otherwise known as maintenance company. town line loss indicators from the "big marketing" and "overhaul" shared responsibility, "big marketing" and "overhaul" were set up full-time line loss management staff.

(2 implementation of management responsibilities. "Five" system implemented, according to the "big plan", "big marketing", "overhaul" of the actual situation, re-optimize the management responsibilities of various departments.

A "big plan" (otherwise known as development planning department to take charge of the integrated management of line loss, the development of loss reduction programs, plans and annual project audit Loss Reduction Project, responsible for the management of line loss rate indicators and targets completion of assessment, to take charge of 10 kilovolt high-voltage power distribution loss target to complete, regularly organize theoretical line loss calculation, is responsible for formulating loss reduction measures planned for loss reduction effect assessment.

2 "big marketing" (otherwise known as customer service center is responsible for managing and reducing loss contracted work station area, responsible for regular business surveys and Stealing work organization, is responsible for assessing energy metering device assembly and disassembly maintenance, oversee and guide the user reactive compensation device management, responsible for local power plants and large customers on a monthly Internet gateway timely nuclear power and other copy.

3 "overhaul" (otherwise known as maintenance company responsible for technical loss reduction and economic operation of distribution network management, responsible for the voltage and reactive power equipment management, responsible for technical loss reduction measures and reactive power and perform device management, responsible for combining technology change, overhaul and business expansion projects, the preparation of the implementation of technical loss reduction program, responsible for distribution transformer economic operation planned and implemented for the advancement of technical loss reduction and management level, improve the line loss information.

(3 deepen camp with collaboration mechanisms. Establish joint line loss analysis system, from "big marketing" and "overhaul" line loss management staff regularly organize joint line loss analysis for high-loss line and station areas were abnormal development of management and technical loss reduction measures to organize the line loss rectification action.

A reinforced battalion with liaison mechanism. Around lines and loss reduction work station area comb, optimize marketing and production of specialized business processes and maintain various business sectors can continue to digest. From the "big marketing" and "overhaul" line loss management personnel responsible for delivering coordinated. "Big marketing" by contacting one way "overhaul" put forward to stop, re-power needs, propose expanding industry acceptance, transmission needs, providing information on transformer operation , providing customers with electricity load, power, current, voltage, power factor and other information, application assistance check the lines, Taiwan zones. "overhaul" by contacting one-way "big marketing" provide line (Taiwan area change information, temporary repairs involving line loss change information, providing power plan information, such as assembly and disassembly station area metering device.

2 improve rules and evaluation system. Provincial corporate planning, marketing, maintenance professional cooperation organizations to develop "five" system operating under the coordination of relations with the standard system, a clear job responsibilities, timelines and quality requirements, improve the index system and performance appraisal mechanisms the battalion liaison with the implementation of indicators and quantitative assessment, thus promoting the camp, with two professional work as related to each professional to manage their work.

(4 promote information technology to improve the level of information sharing would be marketing SG186 systems and production PMS system setup interface, the sharing of resources. Camp with both sides passing through the system business requirements into other processes, in order to ensure that requirements are implemented. GIS-based platform The battalion equipped with an integrated application system to strengthen the marketing and production of horizontal linkages, breaking professional boundaries to improve line loss analysis and repair of accuracy and timeliness.

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Second, the repair service management model analysis

"Five" system scenario, the 95598 hotline service intensive company service center to the provincial executive, based distribution measurement device is greater than the number of faults considered, under normal circumstances, the power supply fault repair function is set to "overhaul" (otherwise known as Maintenance Company.

1 main problems and analyze the main problem lies in two aspects: First, the differences inside and outside the line of duty handle, the second is customer property troubleshooting problems.

(A line of duty outside the traditional repair service model is made by the 95,598 agents and supervisors accept fault repair work order, a preliminary judgment on the fault type, and then directly to the power supply branch distribution dispatching repair classes (classes or accident repair measure classes deal with failure when the result of the type of fault appears unclear to determine the initial marketing, production handling disputes responsibility, coordination chain is short, fast processing speed, internal conflicts can be resolved in the supply branch.

"Five" system after the implementation of the business receiving 95598 to the provincial centralized, single fault repair service centers distributed to the provincial city company "overhaul" (otherwise known distribution company servicing a remote workstation, the type of fault to be judged after dispatching to "overhaul" Distribution repair classes or "big marketing" measurement unit for processing. When the description of repair due to user error unclear judgment failure, distribution or marketing personnel will result in multiple trips on-site, or resulting marketing, distribution electric buck each phenomena, such as conflicts can not be resolved quickly, it is possible to move on the provincial hotline 95598 or external supervision, causing customer complaints super service quality.

(2 customer property Troubleshooting in practical work, often because of property abandoned pipe, customers own reasons and other problems of repair, because property interface issues power companies can not handle, thus causing customer dissatisfaction situation. Conventionally, by the power of Company actively communicate with relevant departments to fully utilize its own resources, eliminating a lot of contradictions, effectively preventing the escalation of incidents. "system five" after the implementation power supply branch resources have ceased to exist, such problems difficult to solve.

(2) repair service solutions to improve the efficiency of the internal power supply enterprises to avoid the responsibilities caused controversy customer service incidents, it is necessary to establish a new mechanism.

One is to establish joint processing fault repair mechanisms after receiving the repair, unable to ascertain if there are any professional short fault, or need for the marketing and distribution two professional co-processing tasks, to identify or eliminate the fault before two professional needs to keep on-site work status, mutual cooperation, until the failure to identify or eliminate failures and accepted by both parties.

To ensure power supply repair personnel arrived at the scene can be the first failure time for customers deal with failure, improve customer satisfaction, proposed that "big marketing" Measuring maintenance personnel arrangements to "overhaul" Distribution repair Ban She's a 24-hour work jointly responsible failure of power supply enterprise property maintenance repairs. Upon receipt of a remote workstation distributed fault repair work order, distribution and metering service repair person arrived Insiders fault site to find fault with the reasons, and timely treatment.

Second, actively explore the paid services in order to effectively solve the non-powered corporate property fault repair problem, you can learn some effective practices in the provincial power company, power piloted paid services in order to meet the individual needs of our customers, while expanding outreach services space, taking into account user affordability of electricity services for policy formulated charges, implementation of supply extension services, an effective solution to the customer property troubleshooting problems.

"Big Five" system policies, and operation is difficult, with the deepening of the work and the old and the new mechanism of the change, the need for improved communication and collaboration system, establish a "revolution" consciousness, to overcome the "rotation" tendency, establish service overall awareness. Camp As a close contact with both professional and need to constantly sum up, optimize and improve the running system to ensure economic efficiency and service quality improvement.

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