On the theoretical system of energy saving electricity and technical support system

Abstract: The implementation of energy conservation is to implement the scientific development, building a socialist harmonious society, a major initiative is the inevitable choice to achieve sustainable development. According to China's national conditions as well as some experience in the international energy conservation, energy conservation proposed electricity theoretical system and technical support system. From the establishment of long-lasting energy saving mechanism, this focus on energy saving and emission reduction theoretical system, technical support system, market and policy mechanisms carried out research.

Paper Keywords: Electricity; energy conservation, theoretical system, technical support system

In recent years, with social progress, China's economic takeoff, economic development and environmental resources increasingly acute contradictions between, pollutant emissions and energy consumption issues are also becoming increasingly serious. According to some foreign experience, energy conservation mechanism based on market mechanisms to establish. because our market mechanism is not perfect, this is necessary to solve the environmental resources and economic contradictions between, but also to promote economic development, the task is arduous, the situation is complicated in this complex context, this paper to establish long-term effective mechanism for energy conservation as a starting point to develop the core theory of power saving system and technical support system, designed to address China's rapid economic development and the contradiction between environmental resources.

First, the theoretical system of electric energy saving system architecture analysis and technical support

Although China's vast land, rich in energy resources, but because of China's large population, the demand for energy, it is necessary to carry out energy conservation. Theoretical system of energy saving electricity and technical support system in line with our national standards, is energy-saving and emission reduction Work powerful means, is conducive to building long-term mechanism of energy conservation, working for the promotion of energy conservation has a great role in promoting.

1 way to implement energy saving energy saving means, including the implementation of three types: system management tools, techniques and innovative means to adjust the industrial structure change to energy-saving and emission reduction, to the technical, structural, institutional efforts, comprehensive implementation of energy saving row work experience under the conditions of our country and abroad, mainly from market mechanisms, techniques, industrial restructuring aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction.

(2) energy saving electricity market mechanism is through the competitive market mechanism means to fully configure market resources, the market mechanism is the fundamental mechanism of energy saving system, but the market mechanism can not solve the energy saving some external problems, such as environmental protection, energy conservation, etc. Energy saving and emission reduction mechanism deficiencies mechanism for sustainable development needs to be supplemented in the energy saving work, the market mechanism does not play much of a role because China is a socialist country, the market economy and political system must meet the criteria Therefore this requires market mechanisms need to meet China's national conditions.

3. Relevant laws, regulations and policies formulated a series of laws and regulations improvement is conducive to maintaining a sustainable society. Through a series of measures to make sustainable development a primary purpose of energy saving based on China's basic national conditions, geological conditions and other factors, in many remote areas, legal means and not maintain the energy consumption, it is necessary to improve the local laws and regulations and policies carry out publicity and education for sustainable development, strengthening local people's awareness of energy conservation, energy conservation techniques to reduce stress, but also conducive to energy saving technology system maintenance.

4 technical staff training and assessment of energy saving and emission reduction on energy regulatory body to supervise staff in energy conservation work, technology is the key, so the relevant technical staff should conduct regular assessment and training to improve the technical skill level, so a timely response to energy conservation work in the unexpected phenomenon.

5 Management System Construction in the initial period of energy conservation, energy saving systems and structures accounted for the vast majority of energy conservation, energy conservation work is completed essential way for later work in energy conservation in, rely mainly on technical and administrative means to implement. managed properly, can the amount of energy consumption for effective control, mismanagement, will result in waste. therefore, should strengthen the management structure of the system, to develop a comprehensive system to to ensure the smooth implementation of energy conservation.

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Second, the power of the market access mechanism for energy conservation

1 Consider the part of the market mechanism of electricity energy saving China's power enterprises have achieved some success, but the market mechanism to play in energy conservation, the effect is not very clear, there is no market mechanism prominent role in energy conservation. generation rights trade, you can use market mechanisms to promote energy efficient generators instead of high pollution, high energy turbine power generation, using market mechanisms to promote energy conservation at this stage power mode change.

Power structure to a low pollution, high efficiency development to achieve energy reduction targets. Changing existing power generation mode, making for Energy and Economic Compensation Mechanism separation With the deepening of energy saving in the next few years, high pollution , high-energy generators to basically shut down in favor of new, low pollution, high efficiency turbine. achieve this power structure, both to save expenditure, but also realized the technology, equipment modernization, is conducive to China sustained steady and rapid economic development.

(2) energy saving electricity market model in energy conservation work, to carry out their duties, the market should actively cooperate with relevant government policies and measures, so you can play the market in allocating resources to the basic role in the short-term or long-term markets, to establish emissions and energy consumption based on market access system for obtaining access to the theme, you can make decisions independently participate in market transactions, to reflect the effects of energy conservation, energy conservation and the unity of the market mechanism and effective manner to high pollution, high energy consumption of the generator set to implement constraints for low pollution, high efficiency generator set to provide opportunities based on a system of emissions trading is on environmental protection, in accordance with a certain degree of market mechanisms, through the sale of emission rights way to control emissions. since the inception of this approach, polluters from their own interests, their own choose to buy emission rights, greatly reducing pollution.

Energy conservation in the Chinese power market system is not perfect circumstances, every place should be developed according to the characteristics of each different systems, mainly through the power company guarantees for financing activities, contract energy management mechanism is based on profit for the purpose mode of operation and to reduce greenhouse gas based trading mechanism.

Third, promote energy conservation policy mechanisms

1 To promote means and methods of power saving electricity energy saving mainly through economic means to restrict the economic costs to increase production, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, while legal means mainly through legal deterrent to having right to regulate polluters. administrative means of energy saving electricity mainly to power enterprise energy conservation work will fall to local governments above, in order to achieve the energy saving effect.

(2) technological innovation rely on technological innovation, energy saving technology to accelerate the development and promotion of the establishment of energy saving technical service system. Electric power industry is to promote scientific and technological progress in the development of a strong driving force, to improve power quality of economic operation, narrowing with the international advanced level gap, one important way is to apply modern advanced science and technology to improve the modernization level of electricity production management, to achieve scientific enterprise management, intensive, fine.

First, to further strengthen the depth, strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure that the national energy saving in place. Increase inspection efforts to strengthen the renewable energy policy implementation of differential pricing and other checks. Increase around the introduction of the preferential tariff system to promote energy reduction goals.

Second, energy conservation information statistical analysis, the establishment of energy saving warning situation, strengthen the work of saving power consumption. Achieve interconnection with the electricity regulatory agencies and ensure stability standards.

Third, strengthen the scheduling, supervision agencies at all levels of scheduling trial in strict accordance with relevant state regulations scientific control. Generation companies and departments publish scheduling information, by strengthening supervision to ensure energy conservation work to achieve tangible results.

3 to play the role of government functions implemented energy saving electric power enterprises in the process, the responsibility in the implementation of energy conservation and law enforcement efforts to increase oversight, the government should play the leading role of large power companies caught in the daily management of energy saving establish and improve energy conservation standards to reflect the scarcity of resources to develop a degree of market supply and demand management and environmental pollution mechanisms, to develop a policy of energy conservation incentives.

4 vigorously develop the circular economy and clean production mode first environmental protection, resource use and economic co-ordination, forming a virtuous structural development system, increase clean energy development, and secondly, through source control methods, up to standard and External effects, in particular the source of energy consumption unreasonable strict control, adhere to energy conservation and economic development in unison; fully implement the scientific concept of development, to ensure the region's economic development and energy reduction targets in unison, relying on science and technology and increase efforts to develop energy saving technologies, energy conservation in the power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the whole process of implementation, increase publicity efforts to raise public in energy production, reduce pollution emissions consciousness.

Fourth, the establishment of the regulatory mechanism of energy saving

In the course of implementation of energy saving, do pay attention to all aspects of supervision and management mechanism, to request from the regulatory departments and organizations related to the supervision and management system to establish mechanisms to ensure enforcement within the enterprise benign improvement. Enterprise All departments must carry out effective supervision differentiation of functions to ensure that their duties, environmental protection, energy conservation, resource to conduct social regulation. regulatory authorities should strengthen their sense of responsibility for energy conservation, strengthening national energy conservation awareness In a period of high energy utilization for energy-related restrictions. conducting monitoring and management, we should be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations management planning.

Five, power energy saving aspects of the technical support system

1 First, to be innovative energy saving technology popularization and application through the development of advanced means, do new processes, new technologies and materials, equipment, promotional efforts, useful technology and advanced energy-saving equipment can fundamentally solve the maximization issues related to energy conservation.

2 energy generation system features include develop quarterly, monthly and annual power generation based on a combination of programs, improve the power generation sector to implement energy-saving aspects of scheduling and automation of power grid congestion control and online correction control, do a good job on the grid benign assessment, improve energy support systems, to achieve energy thermal power generating units, desulphurization facilities and other related aspects of effective monitoring operating parameters.

3 emissions certification data including annual adjustment and monitoring systems, license tracking system and sewage tracking system, whether the data on pollutant emission standards for monitoring, thermal power plants in the production process of energy saving system optimization, can be used as the contract energy management mechanism for technical support.

4 electric energy reduction targets of the assessment as well as evaluating technical support system mainly includes power loss, the unit power consumption, cogeneration and utilization of sewage monitoring, crew, desulfurization and control energy-saving emission reduction targets appraisal.

VI Conclusion

Through the power of energy saving system and technical support system theoretical analysis of inquiry can be found: in the modern production, energy saving system can effectively achieve the pollution and other aspects of the pre-control and improve the production of energy efficiency, improve production. Article theory proposed system and intelligent system technology can effectively improve the efficiency of electric power enterprises, but also to achieve the fundamental purpose of energy conservation to achieve sustainable development.

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