Analysis and processing of test proposed substation run accident

Abstract: substation operation accident seriously affect the safety of the power grid, stable and reliable operation, brought a great deal of inconvenience to the user. Reasons leading to the substation run accident, including equipment manufacturing and design problems, aging equipment and maintenance problems, the grid structure the impact stable operation, safety management issues in order to effectively prevent processing substation run accident, the relevant units should strengthen the management of infrastructure, improve the integrated automation device, to run equipment reliability coefficient strengthen equipment management, optimizing safety management.

Paper Keywords: substation run accident, analysis, processing

With the rapid development of the national economy, the increase in electricity demand growing, expanding grid scale, the stable operation of electricity is very important once run accident, the larger it will give the people of life and socio-economic loss. Therefore, the analysis becomes electric run accident, explore effective measures to ensure electrical safety and stable operation has great significance.

Substation operation Accident Analysis

Equipment manufacturing and design, equipment manufacturing and design problems is one of the main reasons that triggered substation run accident. Substandard product quality will seriously affect the safe operation of the electrical equipment, the network run power equipment manufacturing or design problem will be planted significant security risks. Typically, equipment manufacturing or design problems include manufacturing quality issues, design flaws, equipment selection problems. According to related studies have shown that, in operation less than three years of the new equipment and operational highest probability of failure of the old equipment in more than 20 years. As part of the new device is a newly developed product, design, manufacturing processes, and technology is still not very mature, very easy in the actual running problems. Moreover, the part of the manufacturer-sided pursuit economic interests in production over-compression costs, the product is difficult to fully meet the quality indicators, unable to meet the standard of substation operation of some new equipment, and technical innovation to replace the equipment in the run-time can not match the original facilities, leading to the substation run accident.

Aging equipment and maintenance problems devices running aging two substation put a longer running time, in the function of the grid medium-and long-term operation of equipment, spare parts gradually aging, such as knife rust is difficult to close the place, which to cause the accident. Secondly, the non-normal use lead to increased aging equipment such as temperature has a greater impact on the life of the transformer, insulation material temperature is too high during operation will shorten the service life of the transformer. because the current electricity load growth increasing part of the transformer will peak at full load or overload operation, the insulating material temperature rises too fast, exacerbated by aging in order to maintain the equipment to normal operation, maintenance and upkeep of equipment must be regularly maintenance in a timely manner to deal with a variety of equipment problems. However, due to the the substation operation of the equipment is relatively more, equipment maintenance, lack of staff in the peak period device can not exit overloaded running at full capacity, and other reasons, the normal equipment repair, maintenance difficult accordance with The implementation of the scheme, thus planting the safe operation of equipment hidden.

Grid structure affect the stable operation in recent years, the rapid growth in China's demand for electricity, the electricity load is getting heavier and heavier. The powered formula expanding power grids, but it is still difficult to fully meet the electricity needs of the user, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, electricity an inadequate supply of every summer or winter peak period, most of the substation will be full load or overload operation, power cuts phenomenon have occurred because too much electricity load, the grid often in zero spare state, resulting in network security and stability margin is kept to a minimum, which can easily lead to a substation run accident, causing widespread power outages.

Security management issues in the management of some of the problems is the indirect cause of the substation run accident. Substation operation management arbitrary part of the leadership did not change the traditional management concepts, are accustomed to calling the shots, and can not be combined substation The actual running of its safety management, security management into action which in substation operation management, stop-gap measures, there is no reasonable management planning. Second, the various oversight mechanisms, rules and regulations may not be implemented. Relevant departments have been put forward in order to strengthen the management of electricity to run << substation management specification >> production safety work regulations >> << electricity safety regulations >> acts such standards. However, in the actual work, many of the units did not seriously implement these rules and regulations, the implementation of these rules and regulations to the specific work which, leading to management as long as the strict implementation of the relevant norms, will be able to effectively protect electrical safety. loophole. scientific management methods. partial electrical safety production management personnel will strictly manage sided understood as punishment, deterrence, lack of people-oriented management thinking, it is difficult to achieve management objectives. Fourth, the lack of effective incentives. The the substation operation management did not establish an effective incentive mechanism, it is difficult to inspire employees work actively initiative, it is difficult to adequately protect the security risks.

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Substation run accident treatment countermeasures

1. Strengthen the management of infrastructure, we must strictly control the quality of the equipment in the a transformation substation or new substation. Avoid the accident due to equipment design or quality defects lead to substation operation in the choice of equipment, the manufacturer must be strictly screened, do not meet the requirements or product quality problems to be excluded, not allowed to participate in the equipment of the bidding. selected equipment manufacturers should take appropriate measures to ensure that manufacturers in strict accordance with the standards of production, control of product quality, good factory test work. put an end to the material, equipment manufacturing problems into the substation renovation or new projects, and preventive measures. substation safety management departments need to strictly control the design, planning, equipment selection, equipment selection plant, installation, commissioning and other related areas. implementation of the engineering quality of life tenure and quality acceptance of the accountability system, improve the awareness of the quality of all aspects of the equipment design, procurement, installation, and to ensure compliance with the relevant standards, network equipment and eliminate safety hazards.

2. Improve the integrated automation device

Integrated automation device for real-time monitoring of the operational status of equipment, to prevent accidents caused by equipment malfunction. Substation to run integrated automation device able to monitor, regulate, coordinate and control the various components of the power system, the abnormal release of energy control allowed to ensure stable operation of electrical equipment within the scope of it can acquire the information of high-voltage electrical equipment, to determine the state of the surge arresters, transformers, circuit breakers, etc., can be collected fault recorder, various data protection devices, in order to detect electrical equipment. monitoring system to monitor the operational status of equipment, grid operation parameters, to determine whether the device is an abnormal condition, the event of abnormal operation, will immediately alarm automatically latching exports to avoid worsening of the situation in the actual operation, should be The application of computer mistake proof locking system to reduce the misuse of personnel to operate, to ensure that the system safe and stable operation.

Run equipment reliability coefficient to ensure that the substation safe operation, avoid exception accident caused by equipment defects, we must strengthen the equipment health monitoring, to run equipment safety factor. The electricity production run shall be equipped with a power cable fault detection instrument imager, far infrared thermometry advanced monitoring equipment, instrument, apparatus, correct assessment of the operational status of the equipment, so as to strive for the ability to detect equipment failure and timely processing, eliminate safety hazards at the same time, you must also improve the quality of repair and maintenance of the electricity to run the equipment. equipment maintenance should be followed should the compulsory repair, maintenance mandatory good principles, to ensure that the performance of the operating equipment to comply with the relevant standard requirements. strictly control the maintenance quality, detailed records of the maintenance process, the establishment of repair after file ledger, save the maintenance data, objective reference for analysis to determine equipment operating status. shall improve in order to improve the quality of equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance system, the implementation of state-based overhaul, instead of the past on a regular basis overhaul. actual operating status of the device as a basis for overhaul, enables a more scientific and effective equipment maintenance, better utilization of human, physical, and ensure the quality of equipment operation.

4. Strengthen aging equipment control equipment lead substation run accident in order to avoid the aging equipment led to the safe operation of hidden, you should assess the condition of the equipment is running according to the specific condition of the equipment, to take targeted measures to develop equipment rectification , transformation, comprehensive treatment planning. Unbalanced load or content contained relatively small substation OLTC large-capacity transformer can be replaced. Replacement, consideration should be given to the increased load, pre-leave some margin. Timely replacement of the use of poor performance, unstable operation , backward technology, voltage transformers, current transformers, disconnectors, switch operation for years outdated equipment. conditions permit, you can use the state-of-the-art combination of electrical appliances. temporarily unable to replace the grounding grid, pillar, equipment, architecture, batteries, capacitors, surge arresters and other auxiliary equipment, these devices should be comprehensive maintenance check.

Optimize reasonable and effective security management security management can prevent substation run accident, the substation operation accident happened and be able to respond in a timely manner. Relevant departments can be taken in order to improve the level of safety management, risk management method, and effectively improve the employees and management 's risk awareness, improve their prevention and control of risk, the substation operation safety management work forward from the strict supervision of the self-management, self-management and mutual assistance to the team forward, the ability to improve the prevention and control of various security risks of accidents, in order to achieve ahead prevention and control. At the same time, it must continue to optimize the safety management oversight and assurance system, efforts to build a high-quality workforce, to ensure that the facilities and equipment in good condition, to strengthen the management of production safety. safety production supervision and assurance system, corporate safety culture and employee incentives together constitute a comprehensive security management. specific implementation process, should the equipment maintenance, staff training and safety management process for scientific assessment to identify the problems which exist, and the use of appropriate method to improve long-term mechanism to establish safety management.

Third, the conclusion

To sum up, leading to the substation operation accidents, such as equipment manufacturing and design problems, aging equipment and maintenance problems, the grid structure affecting stability, security management issues in order to ensure the stable operation of the power grid, should take appropriate measures to solve specific work practices should strengthen the management of infrastructure, and improve the integrated automation device, to run equipment reliability coefficient strengthen equipment management, optimize security management, multi-processing substation run accident.

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