Status and Problems of talk about urban distribution network planning

Abstract: urban power grid construction, power sector planning, urban distribution network planning is reasonable direct relationship with the city power grid construction and transformation, is to ensure that the basis of the quality of power supply and power supply efficiency. Standing urban distribution settings macro perspective of the problems in the distribution network planning, and make some suggestions.

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With the continuous development of the overall configuration of the power system in China, the state of the urban and rural distribution network construction increasing emphasis on how scientific set of urban distribution network planning is particularly important in the construction of traditional power, China will always generate electricity in the first place A, transport distribution is placed in the second place, that as long as there is sufficient energy resources to the construction of the power system can do., transport and distribution are virtually affect the urban power supply capacity and reliability of power supply Therefore, reasonable and appropriate urban distribution network planning in gradually reveals its own unique advantages, for the transformation of the power grid construction to provide a reasonable, scientific guidance experience.

One, with the status quo of power grid construction in China

Today, China has consciously change the original "heavy power, light transport and distribution," the status quo, and achieved certain results, making the whole distribution network settings tend regular, reasonable. However, because of the late development of the distribution network planning, still there are some unreasonable factors.

Poor foundation, a weak economic foundation and infrastructure is poor, weak economic foundation is a true portrayal of the distribution network construction in China in the construction of power grids in the past, due to the lack of early investigation, inspection and planning, resulting in unreasonable distribution of our distribution network settings supply line is longer, the damage is more serious in some cities rich center of power, the status of rare power of surrounding villages, resulting in this case some of the surrounding rural areas is no electricity used in the state for a long time.

2. Circuit structure is irrational, converting complex, inflexible China in the construction of power grids showing the circuit complexity and intertwined, it is difficult to move such phenomena. Sent away near electric grid wiring complexity, circuitous supply, private line occupies too many main line unreasonable arrangement also brings a great deal of inconvenience after the re-construction of the new circuit structure, also increases circuit maintenance difficulties.

3. Decline in the quality of power supply failures are mostly due to poor foundation, a weak economic foundation, plus line setting unreasonable, it is bound to affect the quality and efficiency of the power supply, reduce the reliability of the power supply until now there are many areas Overhead lines transport electricity, which has a direct impact on the reliability of the power supply at the same time, this overhead lines, the higher the frequency of failure, is apt to cause the circuit leakage, electric shock and other accidents, an increase of dangerous.

China's urban distribution network planning problem

Been inclined to the development of power generation energy, little attention on the basis of the construction of the distribution network, resulting in the construction of China's power industry will be biased with the continuous development of science and technology and the emergence of the information industry, high-speed, high-quality, safe reliable become the new requirements on the development of electric power. experts and staff which also forced re-examination of the distribution network planning, a new study of urban distribution network planning, and has made certain results, but based on various factors, China's urban distribution network planning is also facing some problems.

Unstable countries the Ministry of Construction, Urban Development in 2003, "people-oriented, safe and comfortable as the basis for re-adjustment to modify the urban planning" of the plan pointed out that each city should be based on its own characteristics and needs of the modernization, to reproduce for the occurrence modify unreasonable urban planning, urban planning focus on the renovation of dilapidated buildings, processing municipal waste, to ease the housing conditions of low-income families the goal, while building municipal infrastructure and cultural facilities, efforts to improve the city's comprehensive service and Habitat environmental planning proposed is a good thing, is also a problem for the urban power grid construction. Improvement of urban planning standards will inevitably impact on the enhancement of the urban power grid construction, but due to the development of each city are inconsistent, and constantly strive to improve and change, which brought considerable difficulties to the city grid distribution network planning.

Convergence problems of the urban planning of the city power grid planning problem of convergence is generally divided into two areas, the city power grid planning and urban planning convergence problems, the city power grid construction and urban construction convergence problems. Both complement each other and influence each other. Town planning contains grid planning, grid planning plays a vital role in city planning and construction in accordance with plans, so also lead to deep friction between urban construction and power grid construction. cities in planning is generally the same time to prepare, so timely and quickly in the face of unexpected problems can not be modified and coordination, leading to problems between urban planning and grid construction planning other hand, urban construction and power grid construction and sometimes not at the same time building, which also led to the extreme resource big waste.

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3. Distribution network planning data is difficult to count the collection distribution network in the construction process requires huge amounts of data to conduct research and collect protection can make a reasonable and effective grid planning, but also pay attention to the various factors. lot of human resources such as preliminary research, collect data, and spend a lot of costs, we need a good plan in advance, but so complex engineering, its difficult to implement, can be thought of with knowledge, but also a huge challenge in front of us.

4 with the power grid construction approval process complex distribution network planning approval to go through a variety of complex procedures, and approval is difficult, considering the need to combine all aspects of the city's own situation and the human, material and other conditions at the same time power sector is the core of the energy sector in China, bear the huge social responsibility. Therefore, the state and the city in considering the distribution network construction plan should think twice before they act. Implement through a period of a long wait but this also means that the distribution network planning.

Third, the urban distribution network planning problem several measures to solve

Urban distribution network planning involved with the pace of modernization of the state, but also of great significance for the development of the entire power system, so we have to overcome all difficulties, the urban distribution network planning to implement into practice, the real for the reliability of the power grid construction and economic , security, good pioneer in security work. Author many years of work experience, analysis of the current measures to solve the problems of urban distribution network planning, indicate some directions for the in later distribution network construction.

First, for the city in the planning process in the development of the instability, imbalance, we should increase the prior survey of electricity consumption and electricity consumption indicators in different regions of the city, developed the characteristics of the various regional distribution network frame structure, the overall good layout, to better integrate into the urban construction to meet the majority of users for the pursuit of high quality of life to strengthen communication with the city's main decision-makers to understand the details of further urban planning be aware, to avoid conflict with urban planning.

Secondly, the issue of convergence between urban planning and construction of the grid planning and construction, power grid planning staff to coordinate the relationship between the analysis of the pros and cons of the relationship. Urban planning and construction are generally inclined to the planning of the overall layout of the city, it to take into account a number of factors, both should be conducive to the development of urban construction, but also to meet the people's living standards improve, a comprehensive planning. The planning and construction of the distribution network is a part of the urban planning and construction of urban space grid distribution reasonable layout change before the circuit structure is irrational, complex conversion, decline in the quality of power supply, fault status quo do a scientific and rational modify and improve in order to ensure the unnecessary waste of resources and the effective use of human, material, during the planning phase, and strive to do the planning of urban planning and distribution network synchronization, ie synchronization prepared synchronization approval synchronous execution the two complement each other and promote each other.

Third, the data collection difficult. Collect data complexity problems facing this stage for this phenomenon widely application of advanced science and technology, and information management system, establish a scientific and effective data platform to collect to integrate various grid planning and construction the types of data needed, and through the computer network to find historical data grid process of historical development, electricity use, socio-economic development indicators. Meanwhile, pay attention to the cultivation of high-tech statistics, talent applied to the practical work will have a multiplier effect.

Fourth, the planning and construction of the distribution network, after all, is a matter of the overall urban development projects in the planning process, so we have to fight for the support and cooperation of the government sector, the only way to achieve the desired objectives in advance to complete the overall grid the actual construction of the planning. example, must for the city grid planning land acquisition, demolition, line construction and government departments, good communication and negotiation, to avoid unnecessary trouble due to demolition, land acquisition. For the location of the power key urban construction, power systems also increase the intensity of planning, rational, scientific and practical principles of strict control of cable distribution in the grid, fight for the government to focus on power grid construction projects, the full support of the department. government departments need to meet with the construction of the grid, in turn, with the power grid in the construction process should always take into account the needs and difficulties of urban construction, so that with help, and the two together for the contribute to the development of the city.

Fifth, the distribution network planning, in addition to taking into account the actual situation of the construction, but also consider the social image of the power system which advocacy agency. Settings in the power system, and strengthen their own publicity and coverage and distribution network for the new city planning to have the focus, there are examples of prominent coverage, so that the majority of government departments and the masses are concerned on this project, and contribute ideas for the project. This will not only enhance the concern of the majority of people in the power industry, but also for the distribution network planning and implementation process pave the way to eliminate the contradiction of public power construction, efforts to promote the effective implementation of the construction of the distribution network.

The above points mainly on the corresponding preparations should be made before distribution network planning and construction., In order to ensure the proper implementation of distribution network planning for these preparations, we have to carry out the urban grid load forecasting program. Distribution network through the forecast to determine effectiveness of planning and implementation, and immediately revised and improved. inadequacies in determining the grid load condition on the basis of rational allocation of distribution transformers, construction of substations, from bottom to top in order to complete the construction of the distribution network.

IV Conclusion

The pros and cons of urban distribution network planning has an important impact on urban development, is also an important part in the nation-building process in the future face of the problems faced by the urban distribution network planning, as the electricity staff should confront, positive solution to implement into practice with the city power grid construction.

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