Chen-yuan 110kv substation construction organization design

Abstract: The Chen-yuan 220KVA substation is to address a serious shortage of electricity during the dry season in Southeast Guizhou and other provinces of Guizhou Power Grid to supply power transmission project in an important project. 220KVA substation which is located at Zhenyuan Zhenyuan County, about 12km west of the Poplar Village cloud List Group.
Keywords:: 110kv substation construction organization design
    1, project profiles and characteristics of
        1.1 Project Overview
        1.1.1 Project Description: Chen-yuan 220KVA substation is to address a serious shortage of electricity during the dry season in Southeast Guizhou and other provinces of Guizhou Power Grid to supply power transmission project in an important project. 220KVA substation which is located at Zhenyuan Zhenyuan County, about 12km west of the Poplar Village cloud List Group.
        1.1.2 Scope of work: voltage level 220/110/35kV.
        Main Transformer Capacity: Forward 2 * 15MVA, current building 1 * 15MVA, left wall of the possibility of expansion of third sets.
          220KV outlet: Issue 2 back to the final eight back.
          110KV outlet: Issue 5 back to the final eight back.
          10KV capacitor reactive power compensation: Issue 4 * 7200Kvar, the final 8 * 7200Kvar.
          1.1.3 the scope of project contract: Based on the construction plans (engineering quantity does not include three one-ping, retaining wall, fences, communications, sports, debugging).
        1.14 Geological and geomorphological conditions and weather conditions:
        Substation area landscape as a dissolution residue mound, the ground elevation of 674 ~ 692m, the relative height difference of about 18m. South and Central was quite high, mainly dry; west, north and east side of the three low-lying valley, across paddy fields, brick kilns by brick field effect earth terrain is more disorder. The area of the upper strata of Quaternary residual slope plot of red clay, the lower part of the bedrock is shallow relative to dolomite. Venue for the melting of surface karst groove and groove patterns, development was not obvious, the stability of non-destructive impact on the site.
        As the substation was quite high, is not flood affected.
        1.1.5 Transport: The substation is located in Zhenyuan County to Shibing County Highway, 300 kilometers away from Guiyang, the county seat about 12 km away from the substation from the road about 350 meters (blind alley), after entering pit road for immediate construction. Trains accessible town on the large more favorable transport and traffic conditions ideal.
        1.2 Project Characteristics
        1.2.1 Design Features:
          ① a one-time construction completion (leaving room for expansion), electric built in phases;
          ② control room, 110KV relay rooms, telecommunications rooms set up an integrated floor (two to three), other smaller outbuildings;
          ③ complete fire-fighting facilities, the main change with the water spray fire protection systems.
          ④ Main Electrical Wiring:
        220KV double-bus with a bypass bus terminal, 110KV double-bus with a bypass bus terminal, 10KV sub-single-wire bus.
          ⑤ distribution devices:
        220KV power distribution installations in medium-sized tube-type bus the positioning phase, 110KV power distribution installations in medium-sized tube-type bus the positioning, indoor switchgear cabinet power distribution unit.
          ⑥ station automation using computer monitoring system plan.
        1.2.2 Project Characteristics
        1) Construction Features:
          A, large amount of flat-field project, the total excavation of more than six Wan Fang, fill only 1.4 Wan Fang, Watian suffered a serious imbalance in the ground equipment and sub-subsidiary structures to build more.
        B, relatively well-off schedule can be more reasonable arrangements for production.
        C, ultra-deep foundation in the flat-field before the well, improving co-ordination to avoid secondary excavation.
          D, the construction of water, living water difficulties, we have ahead of drilling wells for water.
          E, earth and heavy workload, a large quantity of concrete works, masonry works, but the amount is not significant.
        F, quality requirements, construction technology, we have to meet the national power company put into compliance requirements.
        G, fire water system is relatively complex, water spray systems, highly specialized.
        2) The installation features:
        A, are all China-made equipment, a joint venture factory equipment, to installation, commissioning and has caused great difficulties.
        B, a large quantity of cables, artificial exhibition place, a longer duration.
          C, control a large quantity of bus project.
          D, master, relay room and a large outdoor enclosures.
          E, Computer Integrated high degree of automation.
          3) early delivery of drawings in a timely fashion, is a trilateral project.
        1.2.3 Natural Environment: The surroundings in the past without large-scale site-building, therefore, the local timber processing is not to scale and can supply is too small, and the price is expensive, program-controlled to a large degree of constraining the progress of construction, traffic is not convenience, the average thunderstorm day 53d.,, the higher terrain of the site, the site around the lower, not flood-wai Association. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

    Second, the construction site organization
1 Field Organization
        2.2 The works mainly responsible Resume
        Huang Xiangdong: 89 years, graduated from Guizhou to build special civil engineering profession, has served as the company increases the compound layer of transformation of four construction team leader, Shenzhen Meilin become captain of the expansion works, Xingyi 220KVA substation engineering and construction for the captain of farm change the expansion of construction team leader, Jiang Jian Duyun construction variable expansion of the captain of Michizane 110KVA substation construction team leader, Kerry changed the expansion of construction team leader
        Feng Jing Hui (External): 90 graduated from Guizhou to build special civil engineering profession, in the two companies to build four Bureau of Construction Technology has long been engaged for almost a decade, intermediate title, there are construction workers and other documents, certificates.
        Xie Jianhua: 90 graduated from the Guizhou Electric Power technical schools, long been engaged in construction site work, civil engineering profession has already been made secondary diploma, certificate and other documents with the construction workers.
        Rong (External): machinery specialized technical school graduate, has long engaged in the construction site mechanical repair work.
        Third, the construction site general layout plan
        Construction of temporary living arrangements outside the station building, production and layout of temporary construction inside the station, of the specific layout see attached (I).
        4, the construction program
        4.1 Construction Preparation
        1) First, actinomyces centerline to the wall, location, site grid measurements.
        2) Due to the workload of large flat field, using mechanical flat-field;
        3) actively cooperate with the construction management department, the local government in the Young compensation, housing demolition and Qian Fen, cutting down trees, etc.;
        4) do a good job with the local electricity sector of the construction site power installation program;
        5) as soon as possible into the access road widening done forever with clinical treatment, to facilitate the transportation of materials;
        6) The preliminary work of staff in place, installed the first telephone communication in order at any time and get in touch;
        7) According to the site situation, the necessary pre-construction temporary pond (you can use a nearby hill, or in situ trenching), can only be removed after the water supply wells (wells water necessary to pay close attention to the work carried out)
        8) and local reach a lease agreement (for the life of the Provisional Construction puts up)
        9) In view of this project as a trilateral project to reach a consensus with the design institute, as long as the information in place of electrical equipment as far as possible to ensure timely delivery of construction drawings. However, companies still need the relevant ministries and the Ministry of construction and management, come forward to press;
        10) Upon receipt of the construction tasks, the pre-construction workers admitted for the first time to build puts up temporary living, in order to facilitate the work on the back;
        11) as soon as possible and construction management department, institute, Kerry Power Supply Bureau, Chen-yuan County, Zhenyuan County Power Supply Branch, Zhenyuan County Land Bureau, the five Yang Changhe Town Government, the soil tubes, police station, Poplar Village and all departments in related to leadership and to contact the person in charge of the establishment of friendly relations and cooperation;
        12) Construction of the power configuration management staff of about 15 people 〔 including construction, installation〕 contract workers (in transformer-based) 10-15; the construction period to ensure the main construction 110-130 people, mainly electrical construction period to ensure places 60-80 people, This project mainly the construction period (including construction, transformer) to ensure with 200 people.
        13) Construction Machinery Allocation Table
        4.2 The overall arrangement of construction processes
        ① the first ground, after the ground;
        ② the first construction, after electrical, and debugging;
        ③ the first comprehensive building (from the control room, 110KV relay room, communications room, etc.) after the subsidiary, after the first main body decoration;
        ④ the first 220KV, after the 110kv and others;
        ⑤ After the first stent architecture
        4.3 Construction of the main processes and special processes methods:
        ① flat-field mainly consists of pushing of soil, bulldozers leveling, rolling three processes, taking assembly line;
        ② In the framework of the basis of division of 220KV project, in the flat-field process a good basis for the next super-deep, not super-deep part of the foundation, the main consideration in order to manually dig for, trolley transit earthwork. Concrete pouring a large amount of mechanical transportation sectors to adopt a mode of transport.
        ③ In the 220kv foundation and retaining wall construction, due to the local land wood supply (six strains of double-track construction in its territory), in addition to measures to increase wood supply to be used outside of the framework must give priority to the basis of 220kV.
        ④ 220KV structure supports a large quantity of other works of construction is divided into two paragraphs twice for material supply.
        ⑥ cable-layer cable were placed, using a computer design.
        4.4 The project cost control measures
        l) Construction Management to take 'after the first count, dried and then counted' to strengthen the sub-projects, Division Engineering, unit project costing and control.
        2) Use of 'two single' management, namely, 'the construction task list' and 'limits requisition'.
        3) The construction of a professional team on water, improve labor efficiency and reduce the cost of a one-time investment.
        4) The strict reward and punishment system to reduce the transport workers and substandard products, to avoid direct and indirect losses.
        5) try to avoid the second excavation.
        6) Avoid duplication of bad luck.
        7) to take individual subcontractors.
        8) construction of temporary roads was never combine.
        9) Component stack space formation compaction, from components to avoid damage to earth subsidence.
        10) Mortar and painting to prevent extra-thick concrete floor on the ground.
        11) to approach materials and components to strengthen inspection and acceptance, the good material off.
        12) Organization of joint trials of electrical and civil engineering drawings, engineering drawings to avoid in the past do not coincide
        , Resulting in rework problems. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

    Five .
Schedule and construction schedule
        5.1 schedule planning and requirements
        Duration period requested: From April 15, 2000 -2001 8 15, a total of 16 months the whole, according to past experience 220KV substation construction experience, strive for April 15, 2001 completed the process of major construction schedule Gantt Chart (see figure II).
        5.2 The construction schedule network diagram
        See photo 3
        Key process duration ensure that:
        l) carefully prepare pre-construction preparation work, get the construction drawings, the organization of technical personnel, construction personnel to seriously review of the drawings and learning problems are discovered in time and design of contact familiar with the drawings, the correct understanding of design intent
        2) In accordance with the progress of construction, coordinate the associated electrical and civil engineering work, to avoid adding unnecessary workload.
        3) The company supplies equipment closely with the Department of Management in advance to prepare equipment and materials required for the works to ensure that the equipment and materials in place in time after the start.
        4) The department shall, when the supply of main equipment supplier, equipment must arrive at the scene and design
        Figure in line with the equipment to the scene after the construction team should be carefully checked the device models, prepare records;
        If factory personnel to the scene to guide the work requirements contact's timely contact with the manufacturers to ensure that
        Works as planned.
        5) The construction of the rational organization of work sequence, configuration, and complete construction workers and industrial equipment, construction workers do a good job technical training.
        6) The works carried out in strict accordance with operating instructions to conscientiously carry out quality assurance and quality supervision work to ensure the quality of work, eliminating the quality of the accident, to prevent quality defects. Pairs of hidden projects to be completed by the acceptance of the Quartet to ensure that each completed one to ensure that the competent one.
        7) the construction process, according to the procedure of construction documents and departments prepare records required.
        8) To strengthen safety management, to prevent personal accidents and the occurrence of major equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.
        9) active use of rationalization proposals and new technologies to improve work efficiency
        10) The project of various single-living project, division engineering, sub-projects, all use of network management, the construction process with the construction of small water management practices, scientific and reasonable way the organization works. Divisions, sub-project construction tasks commissioned by the project manager, co-ordinate the arrangements must be part of the project and each sub-Road construction process and orderly arrangement, are implemented, and there are checks, key tasks must be clear when to start, when to end , non-critical work, earliest start time, the earliest end time, latest start time, latest end time.
        11) 220kv architecture-based (including the ultra-deep sub-parts) from the earth excavation to lay a solid foundation backfill, a duration of 60 days; In addition to using artificial excavation pit, machinery and transport concrete, construction works are divided into two paragraphs, the Party and the The designer must be resident on behalf of the site, pouring time slots to ensure the timely inspection, timely acceptance and timely hidden
        5.3 Main installation of equipment and material supply plans
        1) 220KV framework of material required to August 17, 2000 arrive.
        2) 110KV pole structure of cement and iron beams and other accessories to be September 18, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        3) 220KV stent column must be September 29, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        4) 110KV bracket cement rod to be November 10, 2000 really matter since everybody
        5) 220KV bus must be September 18, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        6) 110KV bus must be October 9, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        7) 220kv equipment must be on January 1, 2001 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        8) 110kv equipment on January 2, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        9) 220KV cables must be December 21, 2000 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        10) 110KV cables December 22, 2001 disregarded Chu's invitation.
        11) Master enclosure really matter since everybody January 17, 2000.
        12) The main change must be November 10, 2000 arrive.
        6, quality objectives, quality assurance system and technical organizational measures
        6.1 Quality Objectives: Building Division, sub-projects 100% pass rate, good rate of more than 85%; transformer sub-part of the project 100% pass rate, good rate of more than 90%; to the quality of construction in the past on the basis of re-substation to a new level, in full compliance with the national power company compliance requirements and standards of production.
          6.2 Quality management organizational structure and main functions of
        1) The project manager responsible for engineering quality.
        2) The total project workers to the project quality management, control and improve the technical responsibility.
        3) Project Quality staff: In accordance with company quality system procedures and job requirements of technical documents, is responsible for organizing the project quality inspection and assurance.
        4) the construction personnel and construction teams and groups within the scope of their respective responsible for the quality product.
        6.3 Quality Control Measures
        1) The implementation of a comprehensive quality management, three hidden project acceptance acceptance inspection and licensing system, three technical tests, systems, materials, equipment, inspection system. Main materials and equipment must have a factory certification or inspection, test qualified, the key project preparation specific technical measures to guide the construction of construction; for special operations to implement signed.
        2) Quality Management Department is responsible for the construction of the works according to the practical assessment of quality inspection standards, to identify and carved out of the scope of the project Quality Inspection and Evaluation. Quality Control Department quality inspection checks, when to use statistical techniques to improve work quality and efficiency of the implementation of the project department-wide review and carry out QC group activities on the construction quality, process for continuous improvement.
        3) with on-site supervision of the construction process to conduct a comprehensive quality management.
        4) project management to implement 'six are not allowed to', namely:
        Drawings without a trial at bar; are not allowed as a basis for construction
        Design changes without notice, shall not be allowed to modify their design drawings
        Without the technical tests, projects, allowed construction;
        Failure of raw materials, semi-finished products are not allowed to use;
        Failure on the working procedure, are not allowed to enter the next Road construction process;
        Come upon inspection and acceptance of the project, are not allowed to transfer.
        5) The measuring instruments shall be subject to verification of qualified legal metrology testing machine locked up in the Term to use, construction machinery should be inspected and the strengthening of custody maintenance; and the ability to meet the construction needs.
        6) All of the construction process, process control procedures must be consistent with the requirements of the quality of construction of recording the process control procedures must be accurate and timely complete the form in Appendix, visa formalities complete, time, and data authenticity and reliability of any information not allowed to fill after.
        7) The strict reward and punishment regulations, implemented in earnest.
          6. 4 Quality management and inspection standards.
        1) Acceptance of Power Construction and building national standards.
        2) The electrical installation construction and acceptance specifications.
        3) design technical documents.
        4) The technical information equipment manufacturers.
        5) The owners and Management Company to develop the quality of implementation details and local standards.
        6.5 Quality assurance of technical measures
        Construction parts:
        1) flat-field engineering work site implementation of mechanization level, using the Nissan D-85 bulldozer, one Taiwan; scraper 2 sets; excavators, one Taiwan; roller one, in strict accordance with large-scale earthwork construction operations specifications the implementation of construction machinery
        2) 220KV, 110KV structure bracket construction, cement pole, iron processing quality a great impact on the assembly quality and should therefore be strictly raw materials, semi-finished feed by the industry to take the lead organization of the total project construction workers right approach for each of a component acceptance, and the Ministry of Machine and material quality meet the middle of the processing control, 220Kv structure, steel beam assembly must all be used to measure the level of instrument control, lifting must be accompanied by two theodolite control and rewards to heavy penalties
        3) Engineering measurement and control: from the design of position control pull correspondent, the construction team reviewed actual measurements. Flat-field measurement of the project measured by the on-site workers responsible for completion of the project to be flat-field acceptance, based on the design and construction plans, in the control of the establishment of at least three piles, the construction survey control inside as the basis for its measurement method by ZY/QSB03. 01-1997 'measurements (control, positioning crossed) operating instructions' implementation.
        4) Infrastructure construction by excavator - clear at the end of drill exploration - testing slots - Cushion - Basic - filling the order.
        5) all require a basic configuration supports the forming of cup side wall to rough handling.
        6) cable trench and ditch drainage ditches to ensure construction of slope, elevation, and to prohibit water ditch meet the design requirements for masonry walls, basement ramming machine with vertical compaction, both sides of the backfill layer pressure strengthened; ditch the pre-Li parts should be buried after welding, location accuracy, ditch line of straight, flat, angle Founder of yin and yang, without any cracking phenomenon trench cover smooth surface, uniform thickness Sileng corners, the construction of the development of special measures.
        7) Winter Construction: To optimize the effect of admixtures to increase the early frost, in order to improve the quality of concrete to prevent early freezing of concrete to enhance the strength of concrete cold critical monitoring. Masonry mortar by adding a small amount of lime powder can play a role in anti-freeze
        8) during the rainy season construction measures: Construction of the rainy season mainly focus on prevention, use of rain drainage measures and means of strengthening the focus on protection, earth subsidence, slope protection, retaining wall collapse and so on.
        Electrical parts:
        1. Electrical Installation category (a total of eight systems) (1) Main-variant system
(2) high-pressure system (220KV power distribution device)
(3) medium-pressure systems (110KV power distribution device)
(4) Low-voltage reactive power compensation system (35KV capacitors, reactor device)
(5) Grounding System
(6) The station power supply systems (AC and DC systems)
(7) control and protection system (secondary system)
(8) lighting systems

        2. Construction principles: strict accordance with the construction blueprints, product manual, electrical installation standards, acceptance norms and operating instructions for the construction.
        3. Construction processes: Electrical Construction should take the top down, first auxiliary equipment after the equipment body and accessories to install in order to avoid cross-operating. Its flow chart is as follows:
        Each job should be to conduct technical tests, the pre-construction, tests, be should be complete, detailed, first of all from the device configuration, then the process, and finally the quality requirements, prepared in written form, orally communicated to the construction workers. In the scope of nature; in quantity of concrete, so that a complete understanding of the construction workers, and implement in the construction.
        4. Equipment, materials transfer, custody and out of the box: equipment and materials arrived at the scene, there must be someone responsible to take over, the nearest unloading, placed in the site-to-earth and reliable place, moisture-proof equipment, components should be rain, wind, sun measures. Right to reach the current equipment, components, materials, records, marking models, specifications, quantities and construction plans should be checked one by one, and its appearance of serious examination. Materials must be material to prove, and passes the examination after passing before being used. Equipment out of the box, it should once again check the physical size, type, quantity, right spare parts, spare parts, special tools, manuals, certification (product test report) should be with the product packing lists, design and construction plans 11 control inventory. Prepare equipment, materials transfer and out of the box records, timely feedback transfer out of the box and found the problem, timely reporting, settlement processing.
        5. Of moving equipment: equipment arrived at the scene should be close to unloading to minimize secondary transport, in the second handling process, equipment and location-specific circumstances, can be used cranes, flatbed or human handling. When moving, there should be shockproof, anti-impact and impact measures.
        6. Electrical co-ordination: in construction started at the same time, electrical workers should be organized accordingly to the construction site, engaged in transforming electrical and construction work in cooperation to ensure the electrical equipment installed base size, size, embedded, set aside pieces of the correctness of , rationality, to prevent the nest, stop the occurrence of rework in order to ensure the smooth progress of electrical installation.
        7. A device-based: carefully check the reservation, embedded devices based on size, shape, vertical-degree, level and degree of stability, have to be installed to meet the requirements of electrical equipment; check the equipment installation Yankong size, size, right reservation, embedded iron (such as CT, PT reserved isolation switch plate, channel) using magnetic seat drill, bench drill hole to not fire welding, electric welding and cutting.
        8. Equipment in place, adjusting (primarily circuit breakers, isolating switches): Apart from the main transformer equipment, hoisting, the cranes are used 8 tons of cars. When lifting, there must be someone Command (Lifting workers), command and auto crane operators shall be suitable for the relative positions of the signal a clear, unified. The sling used to be passed the test should depend on the part of the equipment hoisting rope waist (eg, CT), to take anti-dumping measures. Porcelain pieces of equipment, use of special lifting sling, not a rigid contact, hanging point is reasonable, with oil equipment (such as CT, PT, etc.) should consider its gradient. Equipment, adjustments should be strictly in accordance with design and product specification requirements and achieve the standard of value, to meet the specifications.
        9. Covert projects (the main grounding grid, cable ditch cable laying, main transformer core department inspection, etc.) have the coverage conditions, written notice of Supervisors, inspection and acceptance, after receiving notice of qualified coverage. (1) Main grounding grid: Next Strip, grounding materials used must meet the design requirements can not be a small generation of large, its buried depth of the absence of special requirements must be ≥ 600mm. Welding should be no cold solder joint, shaped like a fish scale, welding length of the flat should be grounded for more than 2 times the width of the horizontal overlap should be three sides by welding, vertical welding, or connected with the ground piles, should make up a short flat ride to meet the welding area, turning arc when the transition to prevent the sharp electric shock potential. Ground pile spacing uniform, the length of line with design requirements.
(2) cable laying
Cable laying before the deal with cable specifications, length statistics, and cable tray to be numbered, and pre-prepared equipment. Organize the staff, so that the smooth operations of cable laying. Cable bracket, cable wear tube models, specifications meet the design, should be firmly fixed, ground should be good. Cable laying there should be measures to prevent the cables slipping wear and tear, its curvature of redundancy to meet the specifications. Arrangement should be reasonable as far as possible to avoid cross. Cable laying pm at the corner at both ends, and the line segment should be evenly within the Long Ties Binding solid with mud. The specifications of the cable model, starting and ending locations should be marked clearly. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Secondary equipment installation and wiring prior to installation of secondary equipment, first on the basis of verification, check the internal configuration of your equipment, marking its use and installation location, and then in place. In place, the manpower available (such as the terminal box) or a crane lifting (such as screen plate), equipment in place, there should be anti-vibration measures, their level of degree, vertical degrees to meet the specifications.
Secondary wiring should ensure smooth vertical and horizontal, neat appearance, Multi-core line voltage wiring must be sugar tin nose. For a single strand of its circling around and screw fastening to be consistent with the direction. Secondary wiring diagram must be installed to ensure its accuracy. Substation put into operation, should repeated several times fastening screws, while loop checks, particular attention is to prevent the open circuit voltage, short circuit current loop.

        11. The following major construction of technical measures, the program must be in strict accordance with product specifications, electrical specifications and acceptance criteria be drawn up and approval before construction.
        (1) SF6 circuit breaker installed to adjust
        (2) The main transformer and reactor loading and unloading transport program
        (3) The main transformer oil treatment and hanging works cover, the core department inspection measures
        7, the safety objectives, safety assurance system and technical organizational measures
        7.1 The safety management objectives
        Without any construction, transportation, fire incidents.
        7.2 Organization and major responsibilities of the security
        1) Safety Supervision Department of the implementation of this project represents the company's security monitoring and management of gold.
        2) The first construction project manager for the safety of the people responsible.
        3) full-time security staff responsible for project safety management, safe working arrangements for engineering, supervision and inspection.
        4) The construction workers from the role of part-time security officers.
        7.3 Safety Management System and methods
        1) all participants before the project starts construction personnel to conduct a safety study and examination, pass the examination before taking a post.
        2) Establishing a sound safety management system, safety production responsibility system for production safety authorities.
        3), earnestly implement the safety plan, layout, inspection, review, appraisal work.
        4) The new workers and migrant workers to education and training, so that there are plans to have the content, there are records, assessment, qualified only after induction.
        5) Special types of specialized programs, training and assessment, qualified only after the.
        6) To move with the migrant workers, in the pre-construction by the person in charge of construction to explain the scope of work, safety precautions and method of operation by the person in charge of construction to explain the scope of work, workers with formal
        Collar and their safety.
        7) by the project managers and construction workers signed a commitment to personal safety, mutual insurance contracts.
        8) Company of relevant functional departments in accordance with their scope of business of the project, dealing with technical personnel, security correspondent, and a record of tests, be signed.
        9) All construction activities shall be construction safety measures; handle construction safety job tickets, before the construction correspondent, in a perfect security (facilities), safe working condition before the work.
        10) according to the requirements of safety technical measures to configure the security of facilities and qualified security supplies, equipment, or to prohibit the construction.
        11) into the construction site of machinery equipment and materials inspected before use to ensure their safety performance and good efficiency.
        12) construction site and the charged areas should have protection, rope, construction, residence and live there are plans to set up billboards, placards, if necessary, Department of warning, warning signs c
        Shi. Beneficial to the resident and on-site
        13) special, dangerous and important construction projects should develop safety technical measures according to reported procedures implemented after the trial is approved, the company sent Safety Supervision Bureau, the project manager for the Department full-time security officers to the scene to be monitored.
        7.4 Security Organization technical measures
        1) Construction specifically responsible for electricity based on the construction of electricity to overlap, make daily visits to check the site inspections for hidden dangers.
        2) The total dry surface rational planning of construction layout, construction layout according to a unified plan of the construction site layout, installation of processing machinery concentration, configuration, construction machinery and hand on the regular maintenance, maintenance.
        3) architecture lifting, calculated by the engineering team selection and development of crane hoisting programs, development of special security measures to be the project manager, the total industrial research, reported to the company after the relevant departments for approval before proceeding with hoisting, lifting by the hand command, guardianship.
        4) The use of steel scaffolding puts up the scaffolding, hoist vertical transportation master floor fruit, puts up by hand is responsible for maintaining removed.
        5) The high-altitude operations officer Shuanhao seat belts, rope. The establishment of guardianship cases, someone may work
        8. Sub-contracting the management of
        8.1 the reasons for and scope of the sub-projects
        1) large quantities of earth and stone works, transport can only be guaranteed mechanized operations ahead of schedule, to achieve best value for money, because my company no such machinery and equipment, thus a need to subcontract out.
        2) The whole project is extensive use of migrant workers, according to the company's actual situation, labor system of sub-mode.
        3) for the control of the project cost, to individual sub-mode.
        8.2 The selection of subcontractors
        By Cx1QSB06.02-1998 'of qualified sub-contractor assessment procedures' carried out on sub-contractor qualification assessment.
        8.3 Sub-Project Management
        8.3.1 Quality management: Upon entering the sub-team must pay 1-2 million for the construction deposit. In the 'construction task list' on the main construction processes specify the measures for prevention and treatment of common quality problems, allowing deviation, so that ex ante controls. Random testing in the construction problems are discovered immediately correct, to do something to control, the process of work made after the acceptance of applications by the sub-team, from full-time quality inspector in charge of the work group knowledge construction workers on-site testing, evaluation. Construction quality, award of the subcontract costs 3-8% to 3-8% less than a good deduction. Occurred during the construction rework and waste caused by defective materials phenomena, from the industrial organization of the total project personnel identification, according to the construction workers and subcontractors, the analysis of the ranks of responsibility by the consent of the project manager to determine the amount of compensation, compensation payments from the margin from the deduction, deposit amount must be immediately rectified. Where there have been not qualified or withdraw treatment to achieve good work, do not give any reward.
        8.3.2 Duration management: 'the construction task list' on some of the items specified sub-project start date, completion date, the sub-part of the project is completed on time, did not award impunity, early completion bonus under the sub-level of fees in advance of 1-5%, delay duration according to the extent delays in the sub-fee deducted 1 - 5%, serious delays in schedule will be given more severe punishment.
        8.3.3 Safety management: the sub-segment of the general safety of the projects completed, do not give awards, a special sub-segment of the project safety award after the completion of 1-10%, such as the 220KV architecture lifting, hanging bus, 110KV framework for lifting, hanging Bus and other high-altitude operations and other safety factor of less work. In case of an accident under the responsibility of responsible for their own safety, light shall be given punishment in serious cases will forfeit their entire deposit, sub-charges and the withdrawal of its sub-contractor qualifications. Safety management should undergo strict process control during the construction of insecurity and the risks found in violation of the safe operation of the relevant provisions will be given a fine treatment and criticism and education.
        Nine . Environmental Protection and civilized construction
        9.1 Environmental Protection
        l) when the cement concrete mixing ash, lime fly-ash pollution must be prevented
        2) mixers, vibrating rods, etc. caused by noise pollution to the surrounding.
        3) construction of wastewater, domestic wastewater pollution.
        4) Construction waste, domestic waste and other environmental impacts.
        5) Construction vehicles with mud and sand, dust.
        6) The construction of brewed asphalt roofing and expansion joints toxic gases emitted
        7) The life of stove smoke, coal cinder pollution.
        8) on-site fuel the possibility of leakage.
        9) admixture chemical pollution.
        10) Site cigarette litter, the mobile-smoking.
        11) carton boards and cable tray such as stacking effect.
        12) Pit and the cables unearthed accumulated at the Kengbian affect the environment and construction.
        9.2 to strengthen construction management, and strict protection of the environment
        1) Cement dust, powder and coal used tanker transport, venue set up a specialized closed-end warehouse storage, pro mixer closed around the city with the color of the trilateral, stirring work, cement removal with protective masks.
        2) mixer, vibration bar working hours as far as possible without affecting the rest of construction workers.
        3) The construction of wastewater is mainly cleaning mixer, mortar machine waste water, dumped the specified location digging; life there is a laundry waste water, kitchen water, bath water, toilet water. Uniform drainage layout, digging septic tanks outside the toilets to be closed deal.
        4) construction waste, solid waste by special cleaning team to clean up and concentrate stacking and processing, garbage sediment must be promptly cleared the scene.
        5) Construction vehicles entering and leaving the scene without silt. Construction of temporary roads Yong combination of paved large slag, gravel, at the entrance to a drainage ditch washed the wheels.
        6) Asphalt brewed outside the station downwind at the scene ban on the burning asphalt felt, rubber cement bags, plastic, degree of the military, leaves, hay and so on.
        7) Life lesions located chimney smoke, coal cinder and timely clean-up.
        8) on-site to prevent oil leakage and to prevent fires
        9) of the chemicals, additives such as safekeeping of database storage to prevent pollution
        10) set up a specialized smoking point, smoking is strictly prohibited movement of smoke, cleaning team is responsible for cleaning up.
        11) carton boards and cable tray such as concentration of stacking a timely manner.
        12) Pit and the cable transfer to the designated heap excavated from playing, and then brought back when backfilling.
        9.3 civilized construction objectives, organizational structure, implementation plan
        9.3.1 Construction of the goals of civilization
        Construction of the global civilization and strive for advanced appraisal activities.
        9.3.22 Organization
        Project Manager-based engineering a safe and civilized construction of the first responsible person
        Full-time workers and is responsible for civilized construction layout, arrangement, inspection, implementation of a safe and civilized construction of
        The construction team, team leaders within their respective civil works construction arrange and implement.
        9,3.3 implementation plan
        Development of civilized construction management system, a clear division of responsibilities and the construction of civilization;
        According to 'the power companies a safe and civilized construction of 80' and 'Transmission and Transformation on the construction of safe and civilized construction of the implementation details 84' implementation;
        In addition to cross-task, cross-technology, delivery safety, quality, delivery, must pay a safe and civilized construction.
        The organization of specialized cleaning team specifically responsible for the entire project to clean the polluted
        9.4 Assessment civilized construction management approach
        1) to develop a special reward and punishment regulations.
        2) full-time member of civilized construction jobs and benefits of the monthly salary by the project manager evaluation
        3) Each sub-segment of the construction workers civilized construction by the project manager and a full-time member of civilized construction uniform examination, assessment of all construction workers wages in the jobs and benefits to their distance.
        4) construction task orders on a clear sub-project of the civilized part of the construction of incentive amount, after completion of the construction tasks with the construction process of civilization construction, the various teams and groups to assess rewards and punishments.
        5) In the overall appraisal of civilized construction activities, the project manager from the Tao of all construction workers of various teams and groups, to pay a higher amount of deposit, appraisals after the sport of first and give 100% awards, take a second and not rewarding, not deduction The third and deduct all of the following deposit.
        Ten . Plans, statistics and information management
        10.1 plan, statistical report preparation and delivery
        Materials Program Chief Engineer is responsible for organizing the project engineering team related to the construction personnel in the preparation, verification, upon the consent of the project manager, from general office to send someone to conduct the trial is responsible for material sent to the company's departments and visa, and then the Ministry is responsible for ordering material plane to procurement, physical machine, when ordering an important material for the Department plans to have the project manager for the overall work participation, understanding and other areas to avoid due to failures caused by feeding incompatible with the drawings, delays in construction period.
        Statistical reports prepared by the management group by the project manager agreed that, by the General Office
        Send someone a month's time and submitted to the Planning, Finance Division.
        10.2 Information Management
        Information management objectives: the rapid, timely, accurate and reliable.
        Information Management Measures
        By a combination of office of individual responsibility and by the Office of organizations to develop specific integrated working system requirements and a careful and detailed monthly inspection and assessment, linked with the reward and punishment system.
        The establishment of internal documents and external documents between records, various types of document sorting, registration, payment.
        Purchase of office equipment according to table configuration table configuration Qi related equipment. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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