Preliminary Study of Wuhan the Newport logistics management training base construction

Abstract: Wuhan Newport logistics management professional Hubei Province, the first batch of institutions of higher learning strategic emerging (pillar industry talent cultivation projects This paper discusses the use of the the campus internship training base premise, to strengthen ties with the first enterprises in Wuhan Newport, and enterprise cooperation construction internship training base by the company to assist in the completion of practice teaching or even directly responsible for the student's actual ability mode.

Keywords: Practice Base in Newport Wuhan Wuhan Newport logistics management professional Hubei Province, the first batch of institutions of higher learning strategic emerging (pillar industry talent cultivation projects, construction, logistics management professional internship training base in Wuhan Newport achieve training plan key aspects of the target.

Relying Wuhan Newport line enterprises relying on industry, the establishment of the establishment of the training base outside the training base outside contact, mainly through professional teachers, schools and enterprises reached between the two sides signed an agreement. Consistent contact businesses should consider training convenient and has the strength and characteristics The step by step process of contact, training, exchanges, and enterprises to establish feelings, and gradually carry out the cooperation listed last become a training base outside.

Strengthen training base outside the building on the basis of the increase campus training environment and conditions, is an effective way to improve the practice of teaching effectiveness training base jointly established businesses and schools, the schools can take advantage of the corporate practice resources the students brought companies to test the results of their teaching, and more conducive to further improve the effectiveness of teaching, to do with the social and corporate standards.

Training base outside the free or preferential training equipment and training materials, an effective solution to the requirements contradiction campus training bases, and provide free training places, and part-time teachers to participate in the joint guidance of the theory and skills of the students learning, ease the social communication practice teaching in schools the rafts pressure to achieve the training conditions.

Cooperative education "does not seek all, but to use" is another important way of training base outside the building the school school can be used, on the one hand, increasing the technical school students to make high-quality resources to maximize their effectiveness, and the other the one hand, to solve the many problems on the College campus training bases and training base for the Institute, but it can be fully utilized, and thus achieve a "win-win" situation.

Wuhan Newport logistics management professional targeted internship training base construction and management have to rely on companies to create a good practice teaching conditions and practice in order to achieve the desired effect. Enterprises as a training base, to assist in the completion of practice teaching by enterprises or even directly responsible for the cultivation of students' practical ability, this way, students can master the actual operation of professional positions the necessary skills and experience to complete the transition from school to production jobs.

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full use of existing resources, and strive to create a real professional environment, the majority of vocational college is upgraded by a better school conditions, secondary vocational and technical schools from their teaching Training conditions in general can match with professional development and the formation of scale. take full advantage of these training resources and extensive contacts with the social resources of collaborative training units, with less input, through well-conceived, design, organization, implementation can be paid off, is an important way of vocational training base construction.

Vocational colleges should be original laboratory reconstruct the overall planning, rational distribution, reducing demonstrative verification experiments, increased manufacturability, design and comprehensive training.

Vocational colleges should purchase some basic components, equipment and the necessary tools, instruments, modeled on the production environment and maintenance of on-site, in repeated tests, analysis of the process of assembly and disassembly students through innovative training project, strengthen skills training help students hands, and brain, balanced development.

Increased investment, the establishment of the campus training center, a high starting point, high standard, the construction of a modern training base should be visited schools, research institutes, and in-depth factory and various types of vocational training institutions, established to enable students in a real professional environment vocational skills and literacy training, high-tech and training projects reflect the new technologies, new processes, to become a multi-function training base combination of teaching, research, production, training in the training process, create and simulated business environment, standardized curriculum experimental teaching and practical teaching, the student's actual ability to get plenty of exercise to enable students to master standard operating skills, and to lay a solid foundation for the next corporate internship.

2, fine, large, conventional equipment with both hands of your equipment and basic skills training for students in vocational colleges from different sources, from the ordinary high students have not received basic skills training in conventional equipment, the students from vocational high school for various reasons, the basic skills base still poor. vocational colleges should focus on the acquisition of high technical content high, fine, sharp equipment, carefully conceived to optimize the design and re-arrangement of the original general machine tools, arrangements to avoid the operation of the laboratory- achieve less bulk, more than a combination of training, to enable students to use the equipment, tools and environment as close as possible to the career facts.

3, multi-channel, multi-channel to raise funds to expand the scale of military bases and facilities on campus practice bases, large amount of capital investment, while the limited financial resources of vocational colleges, etc., is not enough to rely on government investment. Vocational institutions should make every effort to raise funds: The first is to fight for business with all the donations and support, followed by the self-financing. per year in tuition fees for students taking some costs for funding for training teaching, again, do it yourself. the homemade equipment both save a lot costs, but also to meet the need of Practical Teaching, to make the teaching, research and organically combine to achieve a virtuous cycle to promote scientific research, teaching and training faculty.

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