Sustainability analysis and practice of civil engineering professional education

National College of Civil Engineering professional education in civil engineering professional training programs, educational assessment index system and engineering education certification situation. Reality from my school education of civil engineering, proposes the transformation of education ideas, strengthening teacher Professional Construction deepen the practice and quality education measures and professional teaching plan envisages amendments to improve the quality of education and teaching, to maintain the sustainability of the development of the education of civil engineering.
At present, China has nearly 300 colleges and universities to open a civil engineering professional, involving the disciplines of engineering, science, agriculture, forestry, and Normal. Schools each year ranging from enrollment, at least 60 people, up to 600 people. These students graduate engaged in building construction, bridge engineering, underground engineering, road engineering, geotechnical engineering, tunnels and culverts engineering, railway engineering, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, installation engineering, mining and construction, transportation construction industry. Civil Engineering Professional adapted to the needs of China's large-scale infrastructure construction, the employment situation is good, but be prepared to have the necessary in-depth study of how to maintain the sustainability of the civil engineering undergraduate education, and continuously improve the quality of training of civil engineering students.
Civil Engineering Professional Development Programme (a) Civil Engineering professional training to meet the needs of the socialist modernization, training objectives and practitioners range of comprehensive physical and moral development, to master the basic theory and basic knowledge of civil engineering disciplines, get the basic training of engineers and innovative spirit of highly qualified specialists. graduates engaged in civil engineering design, construction and management in housing construction, tunnel and underground construction, highways and urban roads, railway engineering, bridge engineering, mining, preliminary project planning and research and development capabilities; building design, construction, management, consultation, supervision, research, education, investment and development department is engaged in technical or managerial jobs.
Ambition and a sense of social responsibility; (b) of the basic specifications of graduates in the moral: the love for the motherland, promising prosperity of the country, national prosperity and struggle with hard work, discipline, unity and coordination of quality; has a good social morality and professional ethics ; civility, politeness, mental health, hard work, positive psychological qualities. Has a basic knowledge of the humanities and social science theory and literacy, compared with a solid knowledge of the basic theory of the natural sciences, the solid foundation of professional knowledge and basic theory in sports Links to free papers Download Center http://www.hi138 intellect: com sports and military knowledge, physical exercise and military training standards meet the state requirement, and the formation of a healthy body.: the ability to acquire knowledge in the quality of education, the ability to apply knowledge, innovation ability, expression and communication skills management and organizational skills.
(C) teaching plans from a curriculum point of view, the civil engineering profession set by the professional directory of the Ministry of Education in 1998, covers the construction, road engineering, mine construction, urban construction and other professional, is a wide caliber of professional. Professional widening is mainly reflected in the expansion of the professional foundation courses and professional courses and practice teaching settings, is presented, teaching methods should fully reflect the schools training features this total hours of professional Steering Committee recommended curricular control 2500 hours, the public basic course of not less than 50%, respectively, accounting for about 30% and 10% of the professional basic courses and specialized courses, and the remaining 10% by the institutions are arranged according to their characteristics. courses are divided into compulsory and optional Electives are divided into limited electives and any elective courses, and provides courses total should be at least about 10% of the courses as elective courses.
From required courses consist primarily of public basic courses and specialized basic courses. Professional foundation courses constitute the common professional platform of civil engineering professional learning professional courses and after graduation continued in various fields of professional study and provide a solid foundation for the students at the school. This part of the course includes the basic theory of engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, fluid dynamics, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and engaged in civil engineering design, construction, management must be the basis of professional theory lesson group.
Civil Engineering Professional Education Assessment and Engineering Education Accreditation long time, many countries have established a registration system of Civil Engineers. Civil engineering professional education quality to be able to comply with the requirements of the registration system of the civil engineer, uniform quality standards in the country, in 1993 The Ministry of Construction has set up a "Higher Education Civil Engineering Professional Assessment Committee, National College of Civil Engineering professional assessment. purpose of the assessment is to strengthen macro guidance and management of the national civil engineering professional education, to ensure and improve the basic civil engineering professional education quality, better implementation of the principles of education must serve socialist construction, strengthen the links of the education sector and the engineering and civil engineering graduates of our colleges and universities to meet state regulations apply to participate in the educational standards of the registration division examination for the developed countries and international mutual recognition of similar professional qualifications to create the conditions. Links to free papers Download Center

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