Civil engineering professional graduated design teaching reform survey and profiling

I School of Civil Engineering undergraduate fourth grade tutorial system with graduation design teaching reform, the survey showed that students in the fourth grade the Tutorial satisfied with the spirit of innovation, overall quality and capacity-building objective "research" the graduation design new teaching methods, results, and pointed out areas for improvement.

Graduation design is the most important practice of civil engineering professional teaching integrated part of graduation project can develop the the students comprehensive application of the knowledge skills, improve the ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems, and also to develop a student organization and coordination and ability to innovate, rigorous and realistic style of work, however, the civil engineering graduate design prevalence of the following issues: the actual graduation project topic and Engineering disjointed graduation project topics is narrow, lack of graduate design innovation and incentives.
Graduation design has always adhered to strengthen one tutorial system, standardize the graduation design process for a common problem in the graduation design, nearly four years of Civil Engineering, Southeast University INSTITUTING the undergraduate fourth grade tutorial system combined with graduation design teaching reform. the ability of the students the spirit of innovation, quality and engineering as the goal, the implementation of the the undergraduate fourth grade tutorial system, give full play to the leading role of the instructor.
Instructor development of students through the fourth grade year learning plan for each student and will be graduating from design to change the motor arrangements within a year, and allow students to advance to participate in scientific research research group, listening to expert lectures and academic reports, early graduation design collect information literature and reading, and knowledge of the reserve. instructor not only has overall responsibility for guiding students graduated design, but also concerned about the overall growth of the students to engage students in engineering practice and research activities to guide students in science and technology competitions the graduation design practice teaching and innovation activities, write a short essay, visits to actual engineering instructor through the years "research" combined channels, carefully nurtured, the establishment of a relatively stable and flexible mechanism and represents the current level of the latest technology base.
Nurturing through fourth grade undergraduate tutorial system with graduated design combined undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in topics graduate instructor, to ask seniors, panel discussions, and rigorous scholarship, but also by the instructor attitude and charisma and infection. Graduate design students at the base, the implementation of the "mentor" system the school Foreign Minister combination, can further enhance the students' perceptions of the actual project, broaden their knowledge, understand the latest developments in the domestic and international engineering practice to help students correct engineering awareness and social responsibility, to improve the ability of engineering practice, to improve and ensure the quality of graduation design.

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establish tutorial system, embodies the concept of "student-centered" teaching to strengthen the communication between teachers and students, to better implement individualized to promote the student's personality development through graduation design teaching base construction, to explore a modern big project, the initiative for production and research, the complementary advantages of the new method will help to overcome the difficulty of the topic, teachers, funding, and conducive to the students' practical engineering ability overall quality and innovation capability.
Since the implementation of the four-year undergraduate tutorial system and graduation design teaching reform has significantly improved the quality of graduation design teaching expert inspection team highly praised and affirmed the teaching reform achievements in the national civil engineering professional assessment and recommendations to promote in order to further improve the teaching reform work embodies the spirit of reform of the teaching of the "Times", combined with the author to participate in the Jiangsu Province reform subject, anonymous questionnaire survey of the 2003 Civil Engineering senior student of my school, to fully reflect the work involved in the subject and beneficiary --- four-year undergraduate requirements, voices and feelings, provide first-hand information for teaching reform.
Two, four-year undergraduate tutorial system and graduate design student survey questionnaire design of the student questionnaire designed a total of 21 questions, mainly includes the following four areas: investigating the implementation of the four-year undergraduate tutorial system effect, namely the implementation of the necessity of student learning, with the help of professional quality, comprehensive capabilities; understand the instructor guiding the way, the sense of responsibility, personal ability of students; grasp students' graduation project location, the source of the topics , subject type, level of difficulty, workload; understand the intention topics by the students in the graduation design process, learning initiative, encountered difficulties.

Questionnaire results and analysis

20xx year x the end of the month, we are facing the hospital 20xx level Civil Engineering professional fourth grade students to investigate, a total of 201 questionnaires were distributed and 201 were returned, and the recovery of 100%. Posted in the free papers Download Center http://www.

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