About the exterior wall after pouring with construction plan

First, the program purpose

The program in this program to facilitate the construction, exterior wall after pouring belt diameter 1200mm thickness of 240mm semi-circular brick as a retaining wall, the demolition of the exterior wall template to do a waterproof layer and waterproof protective layer. Than To do straight wall on the outside has the following benefits:
1 to save the wall at the sealing 8mm thick steel plate.
Semicircular retaining wall can effectively prevent damage to the waterproofing membrane earthwork backfilling.
Diameter 1200mm semicircular retaining wall can facilitate the construction, workers in the retaining wall internal construction and debris cleanup templates supporting and concrete curing and waterproofing measures.

Second, after pouring with the construction process:

1 after construction, pouring concrete, with outside

2, the dissolution of the remaining parts of the template

3, the masonry brick titanium mold,

4, to the design specified time, after construction, poured with concrete,

5, after pouring with concrete strength reaches 100%, the dissolution of pouring belt bottom mold (side molding,

6, do the waterproofing membrane lap

7 do waterproof protective layer,

8, and conservation.

Third, after pouring with construction requirements:

Poured with reinforced concrete temperature after pouring with this project, which should be 60 days after pouring the floors and concrete pouring, the specific location and width, see the corresponding knot Shi drawings. Stay after pouring with alveolar type, after pouring concrete with micro-expansion concrete strength grade should be higher than the level for the component strength grade of concrete after pouring with both sides of the template to be poured with concrete strength up to 100% before form removal, after pouring with pouring temperature should be the main concrete pouring temperature close.

Fourth, after pouring belt construction

1, rebar Construction:

By drawing construction with steel banding completed after pouring good protection measures (stamped cover to prevent the damage and corrosion of reinforced poured with concrete reinforced before the inspection and rust treatment after casting.

2, the template construction:

Workers from semicircular retaining wall into the internal construction of the branch set of templates and post concrete curing and waterproofing measures.

3, concrete pouring:

According to the requirements of the design drawings, after pouring with concrete micro-expansion concrete, the intensity ratio of the components of concrete strength increased by a label, water conservation, not less than 14 days after completion pouring.

Floor: After pouring with concrete using high-level non-shrink concrete foundation slab: After pouring with concrete using C45 P8 contraction of the concrete. Reposted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

4, masonry construction:

Tight schedule of the project due to the construction of various projects interspersed pouring with at the beginning of the masonry has not pouring concrete must be poured band position aside, leaving after pouring with the location of their where Upon a cross within casting with casting complete line of masonry strength reaches 100% before.

5, the construction of main points:

(1 poured with concrete using micro-bulking agents and admixtures should be determined by experiments incorporation, by the laboratory than the report issued by the concrete mix.

(2 micro-expansion agent must have factory certification and product technical information, and comply with the appropriate technical standards and design requirements. The approach retest qualified before use.

(3 concrete should Stir, otherwise it will produce the local too large or too small expansion, affecting the quality of concrete so should be the doped micro expanders concrete mixing appropriate extension of time.

(4 poured with concrete should be dense, shall be securely connected to the first concrete pouring, the force should not cracks.
(5 pouring with concrete pouring with mold insulation moisture conservation under the conditions should be taken after, should be rules and regulations, water conservation generally concrete shall not be less than seven days, doped admixtures or concrete impermeability requirements not less than for 14 days.

(6 after pouring concrete pouring belt if impermeability requirements shall also be the specification produced impermeability test block.

Fifth, the quality requirements

1, reinforced control inspection poured with rebar specifications, shape, size, number, spacing, lap length and joint position with the design requirements and construction specifications provisions, especially after pouring with within reinforced disconnected requirements band banding lap joint area percentage does not exceed 25% of welded joints does not exceed 50%. poured reinforced steel corrosion is inevitable due to the long exposure time, therefore request granular or sheet steel surface before pouring the concrete, like old rust rust treatment. If reinforced foot bending or bending phenomenon, before pouring concrete request to be corrected in a timely manner.

Template support system control. Template formwork rack one-time installation molding, be poured with concrete to be removed and then pouring good to ensure the formation of the bottom of the plate.

3, on both sides of the seam shut control such as the use of steel mesh, the production of single-layer steel wire mesh must be taut, the lashing and steel wire mesh with reinforced bracket must be strong and solid.

Symmetric pouring concrete pouring control with both sides of the concrete poured in after pouring the process should take, with the template will not shift after pouring guarantee, after pouring belt before pouring concrete pouring belt in debris clean up, both sides of the concrete loose stones chiseled surface clean, keep it moist and grout brush.

5, anti-leakage measures after the the pouring with seams form of practice, and both sides of the concrete seams waterproof engineering characteristics is the key to good anti-leakage measures, should normally be in the tongue and groove joints or ladder seam, and select The seams Central set waterstops or waterstops combination of practices.

Sixth, the safety requirements

Temperature after pouring belt interval of 60 days after pouring vaginal discharge its 1m within formwork and support on both sides should ensure that the force and stability. Otherwise, it may cause the flat slab upper crack or pouring with parts Deflection of the roof surface is uneven, sinking quality defects.

2, after pouring belt on both sides where the cross within the flat-slab support shall be removed, row spacing not greater than 1m (including flat-slab support shall be retained.

In other parts of the construction process, construction workers pouring belt across, should be vigilant, pay attention to the foot of whether real step and then through to prevent damage after falling Caikong.

4, after pouring belt before pouring, pouring personnel should the security technology correspondent, to understand the safety precautions in the construction.

5, after pouring with pouring process work squad leader and project manager, security officer must be full next station supervision, found three violations of "to put an immediate end to the phenomenon of.

6, after pouring with pouring after scene clean up, led by the work squad to double-check whether the work surface there are security risks, confirmation, before leaving. A Links to free papers Download Center http:// eng.hi138.com

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