Optimization of engineering materials management concept of the internal environment

        Abstract: The strengthening of engineering materials cost control, to reduce the project cost, increase economic efficiency is essential. Articles on current engineering materials management optimization problem within the environment are briefly explored and put forward a sound procurement management system, optimize the materials program management, material quality control system, establish a sound material suppliers, database files and price information, establishment of computer management system, establish mechanisms for evaluation and incentive measures.
        Keywords: engineering company; materials management; internal environment
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        Materials management is a construction project cost management is an important component of high and low levels of materials management will directly affect the cost of construction enterprises and profit. In business management more scientific, standardized, maximizing the economic benefits the new situation, increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, to materials management are also put forward higher requirements on the optimization of internal management of the environment, it must be according to actual needs, and gradually improve the purchase, transportation, inspection, storage, distribution and recycling sectors, for materials, procurement management, supplier management, materials management process in the production of consumption of the effective use of control methods provide a good operating environment for enterprises to achieve the intended goal of lay the foundation.
        First, a professional centralized, classified management, procurement management system
        1. Improve the materials management system. In order to meet changing market needs, engineering companies should enact 'materials management approach', 'materials, bidding and purchasing methods', 'on-site material management practices' and other rules and regulations. Reinforced materials, centralized management, classification and grading operation is responsible for all aspects of materials, making each department rules to follow.
        2. To establish a rational material procurement budget planning. Engineering company's financial department, engineering department and engineering implementation of sectoral communication and coordination should be reasonable and timely dissemination of information to develop a reasonable consumption of materials engineering stage. Engineering Company for the purchase plan to provide scientific data; for a reasonable choice of suppliers to provide information; for the project in a timely manner on the material consumption for the production of feed-forward control and rear provide a basis for feed-forward control.
        3. Strictly regulate the examination and approval system for procuring materials. In general, the procurement approval system of the perfect performance of the business has a positive impact. Engineering audit of procurement operations carried out under the following steps:
          (1) The procurement of pre-audit. Purchaser in the preparation of materials, procurement plan, indicating the name of each material, the supplier of the purchase price and the rate of tax etc. along with the presentation of technical and financial sectors. The financial sector based on available information, the price of materials, plans to purchase a careful balance between the amount of comparison; technology sector is on the material properties, ratio of cases to be identified. Then the two departments work together, using qualitative or quantitative method to determine a definite option. If the declaration in line with options, then stamped 'review' chapter. On the contrary, proposed to improve the program or deny that the procurement plan. Reported that the relevant manager for final approval, plan approval can not be implemented.
          (2) the inspection of cargo to the post. Clerk is responsible for checking materials procurement planning, contracts, quality certification, notes and other documents. Name not found, the quality improperly, quantity short of the actual to the exfactory sales price higher than the approval of the situation, the right to reject and report. Fail to meet quality requirements of materials, according to the provisions dealing with the implementation of return or discount. The means of preventing the implementation of the plan process in the 'high prices and poor quality' problems.
          (3) settlement of bills before the audit. Accounting personnel and vote on the single audit storage register after the audit is correct stamping of financial chapter, shall be reported to the relevant manager for signature.
          (4) require every buyer should have a corporate business records, manual handling of their business, including supply unit name, material name, price, quality, payment methods and other detailed records should be 11, once problems are detected, they can be traced back to the person responsible.
        4. To strengthen the internal containment material procurement mechanisms. Containment refers to the internal departments, employees and between employees and jobs created by the mutual authentication and mutual constraints between enterprise internal control system are an important component. Is divided into specific institutional constraints, procedures and responsibilities of containment to contain. (1) institutional constraints. Organizational control is the basis for control of internal control is the control of other key to the success and effective. (2) program to contain. Focus on process control, the key is to observe the organization within the containment design, the separation of incompatible duties, in order to prevent errors, especially in the occurrence of fraud. (3) responsibility to contain, take the corresponding responsibility for internal control. Material procurement mechanisms to strengthen the internal constraint is the constraint from the system, procedures to contain the responsibility to contain these three clear at all levels of authority and duties of the officers to stop a variety of black-box operations.
        5. Combination of market conditions, scientific and rational use of procurement management. Engineering company in the implementation of the procurement process should be implemented pairs of buyer procurement systems. Responsibility for quality inspection system and the procurement system, phase separation, separation of procurement and pricing system. Consistent with the characteristics of the formation of efficiency-seeking enterprises to maximize the price of self-control, joint and control mechanisms.
        Second, the implementation of the characteristics of materials, adapt to market construction program management approach
          Engineering units of the construction project should be based on the progress of proposed projects in various stages of construction materials used in general program application form. Implementation should be an annual, semi-annual plan for the forecast, quarterly, month program, based on the event of design changes, such as immediate suspension of work or prepare an additional reductions planned for the phased plan to add management. At the same time, in order to adapt to the changing situation in the construction of production, the existing material scheme can shorten the preparation cycle, increasing the size frequency, the implementation of dynamic management. To improve the accuracy of plans to require all aspects of planning staff attention to the collection of information, analysis, forecasting materials, market conditions, improve enterprise's regulatory capacity, rapid response capacity, in close coordination among various departments. Materials, preparation of the plan the implementation of the financial department, technical departments, planning departments, engineering departments will coordinate with the implementation of the results. Therefore, to achieve material plans for completeness, accuracy, timeliness and predictability, project implementation department should be strengthened and technology, planning departments, financial sector collaboration. Materials plans to order construction plans as the basis, construction technology sector of the stock preparation program based on progress and keep abreast of construction project information, timely adjustment of material changes to plans, while the Ministry of Planning of engineering materials response program is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy. Collaboration among various departments responsible for their own joint program to improve the usefulness of materials.
        Third, improve the quality of materials control system
        Engineering company to seriously implement the quality and accountability, strengthening quality management foundation work, a sound quality management system. The establishment of mutual convergence, mutual coordination and restraint of material procurement procedures, in accordance with working procedures of operation, inspection and examination; press materials, standardization of procurement, program management requirements, focus on the implementation of materials, inspection systems and traceability system; in the material plan, procurement, inspection, storage and other sectors to implement the quality system standard positions and responsibilities of the people, so that the work record, evidence-based assessment. Strengthening quality management and project information on the basis of the Department work to ensure the quality of engineering materials procurement.
        Fourth, establish a sound material suppliers file
        1. A reasonable choice of suppliers. In order to ensure that supplier selection is reasonable, should be established vendor specific files. Contents of the file should include the following elements: supplier's location, management capacity, financial capacity, equipment and technical capacity, on-time delivery, product quality, reputation and status of the industry and service standards. Then, based on the establishment of files, a reasonable use of the existing information and establish appropriate indicators of the enterprise systems, suppliers to the scientific and comprehensive evaluation. As the importance of these indicators, companies usually pay attention to reasonable maintenance of the vendor files, regularly updated file of vendors.
        2. Using ABC classification method, the rational management of suppliers. The establishment of vendor files, the works According to the supplier company can do business with this company the amount of funds and related information, supplier classification. For different types of vendors using different management methods, so that is conducive to business to save the human, material and financial resources.
        3. Optimize the structure of the enterprise vendors. Engineering companies to optimize the supplier system, the implementation of the A class suppliers to establish long-term cooperation, mutual-wing mutually beneficial relationship; pairs B, C category vendors with appropriate introduction of new suppliers and maintain an appropriate degree of competition, survival of the fittest. This is conducive to grasp the dynamics of the market to ensure the supply of materials at competitive prices.
        Fifth, the establishment of the price information database
        First, the engineering company from top to bottom of the procurement system should be established. Material procurement departments should have the material procurement information center. Will conduct an extensive collection of market information in a timely manner to engineering projects under the company issued by the Ministry of information, so that corporate resources are shared. Secondly, the project department but also in locally extensive and detailed resource survey to find out local materials supply capacity, demand, price, transport distance, transport capacity, and seasonal changes on the supply and price fluctuations affect the ability of the law. Again, through the network of information, publications and other media to gather information in order to enrich the purchasing department of the Information Center database; also be posted by the company personnel to focus on project construction, the feedback from price changes in the construction area of information and relevant preferential policies. Information collected by the multilateral import database to provide proof to the price group, demonstrated by screening and the overall balance of the purchase price set out the current for each project procurement staff and related departments. This work will be able to share the procurement and supply on the basis of reliable sources to avoid the blind purchase, but also for procurement and pricing systems laid the foundation for the separation of the mechanism.
        6, the establishment of computer management system
        The use of modern computer management system to enhance materials management, achieved through the two systems, one is material price system, and the other is on-site material management system. Materials management system includes three parts: material price collection, analysis and query. Acquisition system is based on engineering industry characteristics of statistical methods to develop multi-material prices through market research, field procurement method to collect information on a variety of materials, keep records of all kinds of information. Analysis system is the collection of material prices branch established method, statistical analysis derived materials weighted average price (or market price), and provides a variety of materials, classification management, and enterprise-related personnel to provide a reliable and accurate price information. Query system to achieve material remote retrieval of data, and added some auxiliary functions. These include material price inquiries, new materials releases, public information, search engines and message boards.
        On-site materials management system includes data collection, query, statistics and other functions. Acquisition of the materials management system is mainly to complete the data entry work. These include: input monthly storage lists, Chu Kudan, material value of single-plate entry points. Query system is mainly to complete the year of the data query functions. These include: Query expenditure accounts, revenue accounts, and check material balance (either a material balance check number), checking the price list, checking department code, and check supply unit (check either a material supply unit).
        7, the establishment of assessment and incentive mechanism
        In engineering the company's materials management process, we should establish a strict examination and incentive mechanisms, a summary assessment on a regular basis. According to materials management in all aspects of the problems easy to develop materials management assessment methods and assessment criteria, mainly including the basic management of materials, material program management, materials requisitioned from the store, materials on-site management, recycling reuse repair old or discarded, indicators completed, the management innovation in seven areas, the implementation of percentile system, can assess the different emphasis given different weights. On examination the implementation of assessment honor system, after the regular test of the reward or punishment for acts of violation of discipline found to be dealt with severely. The end of each unit per month, based on examination scores, and material rewards and punishments against assessment criteria fulfilled, and floating grass-roots level managerial and technical staff salaries linked materials, authorities and bodies floating wage linked with the entire company's earnings-related benefits, and further enhance the awareness of all employees to save ; the implementation of grass-roots bundled settlement of materials and wages, in full complementarity and further promote everyone to cultivate 'saving materials is to increase the wages, waste material is to reduce wage' concept.
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        Author: Wang Ju-hong (1968 -), female, Sichuan camp Yamahito, worked in China Gezhouba Group, 5th Engineering Co., Ltd..

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