CASIO-fx4500PA programmable calculator in Engineering Measurement

Abstract: This paper is in the engineering measurement applications CASIO-fx4500PA some experience, and the problems found was an explanation, and CASIO-fx4500PA programming rarely used loops and variables used were highlighted. Hope that this paper can learn to play the role of peers.

Keywords:: CASIO-fx4500PA programmable calculator engineering survey
With the total station construction project in the popularity of coordinate calculation is becoming an engineering survey of the basic skills necessary for personnel. CASIO-fx4500PA can write a simple program also works to simplify the calculation, reducing the workload of surveyors within the industry gradually being used by engineers. Engineering Surveying officers, when using this type of calculator can be as long as the input of key data needed to calculate the value. Such calculator calculated by program basis, the calculation does not require measurement of personnel gradually, so the elimination of input errors. And when the number of decimal places in the calculation of calculator is the trade-off itself, so you can ensure its accuracy, and higher than the calculated step by step manual. Here I will write applications CASIO-fx4500PA several measurements of several commonly used engineering procedures and to highlight the loop.
1, the application CASIO-fx45000PA several commonly used procedures for the preparation of
CASIO-fx45000PA by writing a simple program to simplify the calculation process. The algorithm is to accumulation of ready-made formulas, we can use conditional statements to the entire curve into a unified program.
1) CASIO-fx4500PA calculator conditional statements
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