On the vocational mathematics curriculum in conjunction with professional New Approach to Construction

Paper Keywords: vocational and professional construction of mathematics curriculum building a resource

Abstract: vocational mathematics as a public basic course, how combined with specialized courses, how to combine professional personnel training requirements is the urgent need to resolve the problem. This paper discusses the need for a combination of vocational and professional mathematics curriculum construction and implementation approach.

Higher vocational education training goal is to adapt production, construction, management, service line needs higher technology applied expertise. Vocational education is not only to cultivate the "work" and, more importantly, know how to cultivate " how to do a good living ", to" do a good living, "it is necessary to correctly use thinking, teachers teach students knowledge and skills at the same time, to develop students' awareness of the application and application ability, sense of innovation and innovation capability very important. of vocational mathematics as the professional vocational colleges opened a public basic course, not only for all students to learn more professional knowledge and skills to lay a solid mathematical foundation, and also to enable students to experience the use of mathematics to solve practical problems Exploration and Practice of Higher Vocational Mathematics How-oriented professional, do organic combination with the professional personnel training, so as to effectively develop students' mathematical ability to apply the quality of thinking, is the focus of reform of Higher Vocational Mathematics Teaching and difficult, but also the talents training are urgently needed to solve the problem.

Combined with the construction of the mathematics curriculum and professional necessity of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance << accelerate the reform and development of higher vocational education advice on the implementation of the national model of higher vocational college construction plan >> and << >> National Vocational colleges and schools one of the goals is to play an exemplary role model colleges promote vocational education to accelerate the reform and development under the guidance of the spirit, employment-oriented professional courses teaching reform has achieved initial success, but high post public teaching reform is still in the "spontaneous, sporadic, random", Mathematics as a core curriculum of basic courses, a vague position in a considerable number of vocational colleges, and even individual school mathematics in dispensable position. belong to the upgrading of the secondary or private nature of some vocational colleges, the overall lower level of the teachers, the teaching resources are mostly undergraduate teaching resources modified brief version, such as "hard tack", outdated content, the form of a single, system is unclear, the lack of planning and standards, there is no integration with the advanced technology from the industry and professional development of the actual lack of the professional convergence and the characteristics of higher vocational education, higher vocational talents not fundamentally reflects the requirements of training objectives. To change this situation, the construction of the mathematics curriculum must be combined with the professional, so as to promote the updated teaching philosophy, mathematics teachers improve the teaching level, in order to deepen the reform of vocational mathematics teaching, the real ability to bind to cultivate students' engineering.

Combined with the construction of the mathematics curriculum and professional way to professional research should take professional advice, sampling survey, seminars, individual interviews and other forms of professional research and curriculum, including the professional mathematics courses, vocational training plan for vocational mathematics course requirements, students 'mathematical base case analysis with the ideological status, professional and mathematics analysis content through various forms of research and effective organization, data processing and data analysis, master students' mathematics learning situation first-hand information about the different needs of the professional mathematical knowledge, ability, quality and relevance of the various professional mathematics curriculum requirements, to tease out the Mathematics Curriculum System (including professional skills associated prominent dominant material and case, dig out the implicit demand of the mathematics curriculum, classification form a research report, to provide a logical basis for mathematics curriculum development and teaching resources.

Based on the the talents training requirements, classification develop course content system of vocational mathematics curriculum is different from the regular higher education mathematics curriculum, but also different from the mathematics curriculum of secondary vocational education, which is characterized mainly reflected in combination with professional addition to mathematical knowledge content requirements differ, compared with the general higher education, vocational mathematics courses and professional combination of surface is wider, deeper compared with secondary vocational education, vocational mathematics curriculum and professional. therefore, should be based on the vocational professional features, the laws of mathematics education and students of sustainable development requirements, the status and role of explicit mathematics curriculum in the professional personnel training, according to the requirements of the vocational professional training to develop vocational mathematics teaching objectives, classified hierarchically development of mathematics curriculum content system to meet the requirements of professional training and personality development of students.

Sub-specialty categories, respectively, according to the professional research to develop vocational mathematics curriculum standards vocational mathematics curriculum standards, including the nature of the mathematics curriculum, the status and role of mathematics in vocational major categories of professional training, teaching objectives of mathematical knowledge and ability, teaching content system, evaluation methods and teaching conditions for implementation, in which the teaching objectives, teaching content system, appraisal methods proposed hierarchical requirements, the different requirements of the curriculum standards with a certain degree of flexibility, taking into account the national vocational colleges , available similar professional reference to the implementation of the mathematics curriculum embodiment.

Integration of the professional needs course content, mining effective the resources construction material vocational math oriented professional, do organic integration and professional personnel training, so as to effectively develop students' mathematical ability to apply the quality of thinking, is the emphasis and difficulty of vocational mathematics curriculum construction carry out professional and social research and analysis on the basis of combined training model should be based on the Engineering, Mathematics in different professional study with professional teachers and industry, business experts, the development of various types of professional mathematics curriculum standards, design modular, hierarchical teaching content, combined with professional, focus on the ability to highlight the application "ideological guidance, to tease out the professional curriculum system (including the dominant material of the mathematical application of professional skills project and case excavated in mathematics implicit demand, provide a logical starting point for the construction of vocational mathematics curriculum and effective resource material.

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Innovative overall resource construction design, diversified development of quality resources should focus on the demand for professional services, with emphasis on technical applications, reflecting the quality of education "thinking, as the starting point of the course of professional research, in order to inspire students to learn mathematics and applied mathematics construction of all types of resources focus, build-oriented learners, educators, and docking of various types of professional display applications shared network platform. want the financial "teaching" in one of the ideas throughout the teaching resources construction process, the math comes from life, application actual "thinking throughout mathematics teaching process, Mathematical Contest in capacity as the starting point to promote the reform of mathematics teaching, stimulate students' interest in learning, and always organic combination of mathematical knowledge, application methods and experimental skills to the use of advanced software, The text, images, audio, video, animation, software and mixed media and other forms of representing mathematical resources, such as math resources Retrieval, Mathematics Teaching guidance, occupational status of mathematical ability training, sustainable development to expand learning, independent learning and integrated into each module open, shared network resources platform. vocational mathematics teaching resources of each type of professional general can be divided into the public basic module, the professional needs of modules and expand the quality of module, carried out simultaneously in three parts. should always reflect the idea of ​​mathematical knowledge, mathematical thinking and mathematical methods applied to solve and explain professional issues and practical problems, reflecting the music school, eager to learn, Fun learning "and" intuitive, life, diverse characteristics, highlighting the professional categories with a variety of levels, suitable for different professions, different basis, interested students.

Public infrastructure module and professional needs module resources professional learning and professional positions enough for the principles of the design of public infrastructure module content, based on the contents of teaching appropriate to carry out the training of mathematical thinking, enhance the quality of students' thinking, based on well-designed close to life, close to the professional case, the ability to train students to apply mathematics professional needs module resources construction mainly of vocational all kinds of professional students should learn mathematical knowledge, grasp which mathematical ability, how to understand the mathematical problem of the relevant professional background, and on this basis , better use mathematics to solve practical problems of the professional to guide students how to learn, how to use. (1 professional cases every major professional collect and mathematics-related material, design and the preparation for the mathematical concepts introduced mathematical thinking The interpretation the simple mathematical application of the professional case, professional case includes cases from which the field of professional learning and professional background material, case design and analysis, knowledge points involved in the case. (2 animated material combined with professional learning contexts and life situations, the use of animation technology point, line, surface continuous action to help all learners to intuitively understand mathematical concepts, ideas and methods. (3 physical picture. every major professional collect professional learning and math-related physical life pictures, and accompanied by the text, to help students understand around mathematics and mathematical professional. (4 professional applications practical questions in accordance with the categories of professional preparation and each learning unit supporting the students can be further reflection, not difficult practical questions, and the answers to the formation of the the application practice questions repository. (5 professional practical problems of mathematical experiment professional career-oriented jobs and mathematics closely related tasks, a relatively complete cooperation with professional teachers preferred The professional practical problems, which include the preparation math question, math problem solving, professional practical problems applied to practical problems such as mathematical experiment. the professional practical problems of mathematics experiment resource guide students to learn to use a new exploration of the mathematical emphasis from professional to professional to the concept, focusing on the use of mathematical techniques.

(2) expand the quality of the module resources. The Quality Development module resources mainly reflected higher professional students to learn the need for extensive grasp of mathematical techniques and mathematical culture resources, and online testing through the network and exchange through these resources, the organization of national vocational institutions math the application capabilities contest. (1 mathematical techniques. mathematics is an applied discipline means of the application of mathematics is mainly reflected in the mathematical software should be based on mathematical software, construction suitable for vocational students to learn and master the mathematical techniques resources. mathematical technical resources mathematical software, mathematical experiments, mathematical modeling, the race question to answer, exchange of experiences (including the award-winning paper, modeling experience, and Applications (mathematics culture from building mathematical and cultural resources of Higher Vocational Education the point of view of the proper meaning of cultural construction, construction suitable for vocational students to explore the source and flow of mathematics, inspired by rational thinking, develop rigorous quality, the pursuit of the spirit of innovation, know how to appreciate the beauty of mathematics, mathematics and cultural resources. mathematics and cultural resources, including around mathematical, fun math, math games, ancient and modern mathematics, math appreciation, recommended books.

In short, the analysis of the relevance of the professional requirements of mathematics teaching, with professional teachers and industry, business experts to study the application of mathematics in different professions, a careful analysis of the Higher Vocational Mathematics Teaching Reform and the problems in the construction, clear mathematics curriculum in the status and role of the vocational professional training for professional, prominent, vocational mathematics curriculum development and construction of the right idea.


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