To improve the practical ability of students in vocational studies

Abstract: With China's social and economic development, social and technical personnel for the increasingly high demand, therefore, vocational schools must be strengthened in teaching students practical ability, improve their job skills. Article is required in this situation Next, combine their years of teaching practice, multi-angle proposed to improve the practical ability and vocational school students the methods and recommendations.

Keywords: vocational students, practical ability, improve

In the current vigorously develop vocational education, the environment, business and technical personnel requirements are also getting higher and higher, in order to better improve the skills of the students employment skills, we need to strengthen in teaching students practical ability to develop and improve, foster social and business really need line needed skilled personnel.

First, improve teaching methods, students hands-on opportunities to improve

Teaching teachers should be based on the actual situation of students from the lesson plan preparation, physical preparation, tour guide and other sectors, to maximize skilled to provide students with the opportunity, in addition, to strengthen teaching targeted, for most of the students hands-on exercises using special , while the achievers students implement creative exercises, for example, in the electrical aspects of teaching, simulation machine electrical circuit troubleshooting training, the teacher can require that all students are familiar with the machine electrical schematics, and after failure may be determined according to the fault phenomena regional occurrence for the master degree student teachers only give slightly better schematics, then let the students design their own circuit installation diagram, so that both cater to the majority of students, but also cater to individual students.

Second, improve teaching methods, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students hands-on

In comparison, the overall quality of college students is not high, they are professional theory and skills find it difficult to learn a great example, electrician courses, students who are afraid of electrical psychology, so I do not go operation. Then we should starting from the interest in teaching intrigued by example, in explaining the contents of the front, give the students were introduced to the application of power in the family, in particular to clarify the electricity generation, development and application, so that not only enable students to overcome the electrical The fear, and can generate curiosity in learning to be able to maintain a keen interest in improving learning outcomes. Again, cited in teaching family sometimes flickering lamp, knife fuse blows frequently, such as failure phenomena, then Have students discuss, to find out the cause. guide students to repair circuits, allowing students to apply their knowledge with fun addition, but also by race, interest groups and other forms of exercise abilities of students, improve learning efficiency.

Third, the emphasis on practical teaching, improve practical ability

Our expertise in student teaching, students' practical operation should be learning the main line, to strengthen practical teaching, so we should increase in the teaching of experimental training sessions, so that our teaching problem-solving as a breakthrough to enhance knowledge application and capacity development, thus further optimize the teaching effect, for example, in electrical practice teaching, you can target the entire electrical practice teaching is divided into four phases the first phase, allows students to identify and become familiar with the device as a priority, familiar with the role of the various parts of the device, and then allow students to have the faulty device for repair and maintenance. entered the second phase, targeting the right circuit schematic, layout familiar, mainly let the students know how to pick the line, so that aware of the third phase, with emphasis on process requirements, the first of wiring required to explain the process, the students attached according to process requirements, and gradually raise the level of quality and craftsmanship wiring last stage, so that students in the repeated training improved. Additionally, In order to better complete the training mission, the school should increase the experiment, training equipment investment, ensure that all the relevant professional students can have adequate conditions to carry out training, improve training efficiency.

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Fourth, transform teaching, promoting cooperative learning

Professional learning in secondary school students in experimental group can be used to allow students to discuss, debate and synthesis of views, the students establish their own way of understanding things in co-teaching model can give full play to the initiative of students, construct new The deeper level of understanding and awareness. example: I use when talking multimeter first asked the following three questions: What multimeter can be used to measure? how measurements? measurements should pay attention to what? then grouped the students, so that each team member their first observation multimeter external composition, as well as other various switch knob, and finally let the students measure some specific values ​​by giving them each group made ten resistive element, so that they measure and measurement, to see if they Which set of measurements quickly, get accurate measurements This group cooperative model not only enable students to "learn", "Learn", but also to enable students to "enjoy learning", "studious" cooperative learning course students should be more appropriate teaching organization.

Five in a timely manner to enable students to internships, practical ability to improve

Teaching in vocational schools, we want quality training and business line personnel requirements docking, so students should go into business, take advantage of good corporate job site and the latest production technology, professional positions for students to practice on hands-on skills training. Through this way, the students exposed to production practices in the enterprise or the project, and then on the modernization of the production process are familiar with, and by learning the use of advanced technology and equipment, to further enrich the students' practical experience, to make education , training, application of organic combination. Thus a graduate student will be able to work, that greatly enhance the students' employability and competitiveness. Moreover, the enterprise can not only train students to practice professional skills, but also to train students in life skills, because a student internship to employment, to social practice base that can help develop students' sense of social responsibility, ethics, integrity and teamwork quality, therefore, in the corporate practice, we want the students to establish a practice first perspective, learning master workers a sense of spirit, to develop students awareness of labor of love, but also through the practice of labor in the profession to guide students to understand the science and application of rigor and breadth, the students professionalism and professional ethics training, achieve quality training and business requirements relative access tier talent, and ultimately the students' skill levels and jobs to match.

Six, the reform on student evaluation methods

In secondary school education evaluation system, the practical ability is an important assessment of the contents in the student evaluation process, using a wide range of evaluation tools, dilute Midterm and final evaluation, evaluation of deepening the learning process, such as:

1 would be replaced by percentile scores relatively obscure excellent, good, medium, pass, do not pass several levels, this evaluation method can reduce students' test scores too seriously.

(2) the student's curriculum theory, practical operation, attitudes and learning process and other aspects of a small portfolio comprehensive scoring form a "comprehensive results". "Comprehensive results" reflect the overall quality of students is conducive to comprehensive vision of development look at student learning conditions, to encourage students to develop their own personality and expertise.

3 students plus "bonus points." In student evaluation, if you find the originality of student opinion on certain issues, unique ideas and methods, or at school, winning various competitions organized or students innovations , according to the corresponding achievements with "bonus points." This evaluation methods to encourage students to open your mind, Exploring innovation, a number of personality, creative students come to the fore the creation of a good mechanism.

In short, to improve vocational students practical ability of the implementation process will encounter many problems, the majority of teachers we need to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, but as an educator, as long as careful study before class teaching content and organization of the classroom less speaking, succinctly, and constantly improve and perfect our teaching methods and means to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, give students hands-on opportunities in the teaching process as long as we always put the student mastery of skills in the dominant position, emphasis on students practical ability to improve, we will be able to explore better ways to better promote vocational students practical ability to improve for future employment vocational students and work to lay a solid foundation.


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