On the vocational education teacher in the New innovative ideas for research

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Vocational education teacher of the abstract class group organizer, educator and mentor, the bridge is the school leader in the implementation of the work plan of education, teaching assistant, the House of schools and teachers to communicate. Teacher good or bad, directly determine the quality and effectiveness of vocational education. teacher should adhere to the words and deeds, to guide students to establish a correct outlook on life, values, and master the skills of student discipline processing three aspects to discuss innovative ideas for vocational education in the new period of class work.

The teacher must first understand the psychological characteristics of students, individualized education, the right medicine. Between students and teachers only do mutual understanding, mutual trust, we propose strict requirements into the students' self-requirements and conscious action. Teacher work directly affect the ability of students Adult class has a good head teacher, students will be able to an adult, taught to be a good teacher, you must pay the hard work, bold exploration work hard in practice, and worked out a sets of features to adapt to the new era of vocational education students work.

One teacher should adhere to the words and deeds

As we all know, the poor overall quality of vocational school students learn basic learning enthusiasm worse, class management is also difficult to do, how to change this undesirable phenomenon, the teacher's words and deeds is particularly important. Saying goes: "the power of example is endless, especially for secondary vocational students, they are the 16-year-old transformed by minors to adult stage, the teacher's words and deeds directly affect a whole class of students. education students not to be late for class, not absent, teacher always advance to the classroom, the students do not smoke, do not drink, first do the class teacher, saw scraps of paper in the classroom, the teacher bent over to pick it up, students have to pick up their own garbage around, did not see the blackboard rub, the class teacher to do it yourself, and then once one student ran up to talk to, do calisthenics teacher standing in front of the team to seriously do you grab, the students will also seriously educate students to be honest, Zhicuojiugai good student, no one is perfect, teacher wrong , the courage to admit its mistake and promptly corrected in front of students, which students dare not admit error? both on and off campus, see the students take the initiative to say hello to these seemingly insignificant things, with the subtle influence on students. teacher I do onwards, from the trivial to point to their own specifications, less blame others, lead by example, serve as role models to inspire students with noble character and the words and deeds of infection to set a good example for the students.

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two guide students to establish a correct outlook on life and values

In the traditional mode of exam-oriented education, is often based on a student's academic performance is good or bad judge students excellent or not, this one-sided pursuit of the achievements judge tends to stifle the nature of the students. Psychological quality of students as well as personal ability been ignored that some Gaofendineng the example that frequently appear in test scores often can not be the sole criterion for judging students this mode, academic performance is not very excellent students often have an inferiority complex, ignored their own advantages of their own growing loss of confidence and even give up on themselves, these values ​​will have a negative impact on student life. become mainstream in the quality of education, to judge the standard of the students appear diverse academic performance has not become only standard. allow students to understand their own advantages, disadvantages where, interest, and expertise where and play to their strengths and expertise in the learning life, learn from each other and strive to improve and perfect themselves. teacher to help students make career on the basis of planning, life planning, to help students learn professional make full use of the school years efforts to cultivate professional skills, and practical to establish a correct target and encouraged to help students achieve. Secondly, the teacher should be a timely manner the students moral education, equip students with the most important requirements of good conduct and rigorous style, which is vocational education.

Master handling skills in student discipline

Regular education class work is essential. Organize students learning the civilization class assessment rules such as dormitory regulations, the Student Code Pingyoupingxian rules, rewards and punishments rules, the school issued various documents, etc.. teacher to carry out regular educational process should be using a combination of a variety of ways, such as poster publicity and teachers on the way to universal access to knowledge, of conventional education fun get-togethers and debate competition in the form of increased knowledge contest, team competition mode further consolidate conventional educational content, but also set the Hall of Fame in the class for the recognition of the outstanding achievements of students in regular education learning a word used a variety of means to strengthen students in regular education, so that students understand what to do what not to do, let the students on their own high standards and strict requirements, words and deeds are revealed due to the quality of a qualified student.

Class work most cumbersome to deal with student discipline to discipline students immediately they severely criticized? Obviously not, treatment should be based on the specific situation. Adequacy approach, the author considers best reflect the teacher's ability to work. Teacher should conscientiously analysis class students, effective reflection, exploration, research and find the appropriate solution.

The teacher usually communicate with students about their character, attitude, life, learning, thinking, family, capture each student's psychological some easy to coax some easy noisy, and some big concerns, some "Shun donkey , some good performance, and some fear the unassuming master students of these characteristics for different students, different problems, you can take a different approach to education, so that it solved a student has performed well, once in late teacher's eyes so he lowered his head, there is a student just privately with the teacher to write a guarantee is no longer absent, however late again publicly expose its guarantee, the teacher in front of students in class, he was speechless, blushing to the neck root, have students go its own way, not the teacher's words in my heart, not looked down on the class rules, may wish to laissez-faire him for some time, was late when not seen, truancy punishment, the health of others cleaning jobs pay do not pay does not matter, the teacher asked, however, students do not associate with, he consciously disappointed, only honest with the students learning.


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