Efficient three dimensions of learning the language classroom

[Abstract] Efficient Keqianyuxi validity from the language classroom, classroom student participation, knowledge and skills to strengthen after-school degree are discussed and examples be properly explained, in order to truly efficient classroom.

[Keywords:] efficient prep involved consolidating

Language plays in various disciplines basic and decisive role in the Soviet Union Suhomlinski said, "To develop a person's intelligence, we must first cultivate one's reading." Visible, language learning in the learning process throughout high school students the importance of self-evident. So what exactly what to do to improve the efficiency of the language classroom, this article will discuss three dimensions.

First, the validity of Keqianyuxi

S One said: "I think not, Mr. good teaching, not teaching students, but teaching students to learn." Efficient classroom without students conscious prep, prep but teach students how to teach students how to learn, lesson the effectiveness of pre-prep classes directly affect the effectiveness of, and how to be effective it? First, it should allow students to preview the heavy and difficult to understand, so that students be targeted, such as prep << >> Guaren the country and also, we must first enable students to understand the focus of this text is "to understand and grasp the importance of the real text, function words" which requires students to combine notes, using books or modern educational tool to understand the text of the important preliminary fact, the significance of function words, which will be effective classroom learning to lay a foundation, but also allow students to know exactly what this text difficulty "Mencius" benevolent "era of thought has meaning." solve this difficulty, it is to let students to collect information about the Confucian representatives, writings, as well as the development of his thought process. With this background knowledge, the students in class discussions to explore possible only talking, it may be in the conversation struck a spark of thought, to be able to fully realize that the "benevolent" Thought sense of the times, followed by even when guiding students to preview, good prep notes, left blank, pay attention to the knowledge and understanding of each marked blind spot to the classroom listened, successfully resolved, such as << Guaren in countries also> > The four "in" word, the student's understanding inevitably difficult, but it is the focus of this article, which requires students to preview it to be clearly marked in the book. Finally, Keqianyuxi should have breadth, Each student should guide efforts to complete the task of prep, the real basis for consolidating the classroom.

Second, participation in classroom learning

With the full preview before class, it is important that all students participate actively in the teacher's teaching interaction, under the conditions of the new curriculum, the teacher just learning activities of the participants, students and between students, between students and teachers mutual discussion, inquiry learning These appear to be particularly important, in fact, this is a problem of student participation, the effectiveness of the classroom and classroom students should first proportional participation, classroom student participation is higher, the stronger the effectiveness of learning, student actively participating in the process, they are able to appreciate themselves unwittingly become masters of learning, learn and earn can feel the joy and happiness. Encouraging learning such as learning << >>, first by topic interpretation, "Encouraging Learning" What do you mean, the teacher wrote on the blackboard a first "advised" the word, and asked: What does this word mean? students tend to answer without hesitation: "advise." teach those who take in "persuading "after the word with a" learning ", ask:" advised "mean? Students will comprehend: So it has" exhort "means, which is called in psychology students to establish a" center of attention. "Then to say: "persuade" the traditional "advised" is a form of sound words, those who use the "force" say anything next to the word, paper format most people are encouraged to give meaning, such as "Reed", "effort", etc. This is the "persuade "The original meaning, but in modern Chinese," advised ", interpreted as" discouraged ", meaning has shifted. authors in this study in order to persuade << >> as the subject in the article, and encouraged people to adhere to either stop learning the only way to increase knowledge, develop skills, cultivate noble character through persuade the points of interest, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students involved in learning and enhance the learning participation. Secondly, also in the process of teaching and constantly create three The excitement around, mainly in ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes is appropriate, it should be in the thirty minutes of classroom learning is to achieve orgasm, and if this one >> << encouraging learning, first climax lies in the interpretation of the topic, the second climax in the design in twenty minutes, is designed to allow students to learn by learning about the role of the third paragraph in the arrangement of the students when heated discussion, I believe that students learn more than a decade, is very keen in the discussion of the role of learning, teachers can match up, homeopathic coaching, will be able to grab an excitement, the climax of this article to learn design in three minutes later, this is the fourth paragraph of learning >> << Encouraging learning after Mencius advocated by the accumulation, attentive, good attitude, in addition to guide students to discuss whether such a statement in line with modern learning methods, as well as what needs to supplement the students for the pursuit of learning achievement is eternal, each student is I hope he can learn to take good learning method makes learning more effective, so students in the discussion of this issue, when bound to combine their learning to express their views fully and carefully, there is a good supplement study habits have added a good learning atmosphere, There diligence has added intellectual development, and so forth, I believe that in such a warm atmosphere, the efficiency will be the subject of this lesson is self-evident.

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Third, after-school consolidation degree of knowledge and skills

Consolidate learning after school, in fact, an extension of classroom learning, you want to classroom learning the knowledge and skills to enable students to master long-term, they need after-school learning the knowledge and skills to consolidate, Ebbinghaus "forgetting curve "Tell people in the study there is a pattern of oblivion, forgetting in the process quickly, and slow down after. observe the curve, you will find that the knowledge learned in the day, if not seize the review, it is only the original 25% over time, forgotten slowed, thus reducing the number of oblivion. This fully shows that after learning the timely consolidation is essential to the effectiveness of a classroom learning process, such as in the study completed < <>> After division, said, requires students to summarize this important content words such as "teacher" meaning, "the" appears 25 times, and each time what it meant, and inverted sentences such knowledge. consolidation of knowledge should be on after school forming a habit of turning into a consciousness for the consolidation of knowledge and long-term learning, "three days a underestimate week a great look, January series", such as << >> Qin important content words "death "" solid "" degree "function words" in order to "consolidate the students will need after a day, three days later, in January after a careful review of the consolidation, only serious students after school before becoming a teacher to consolidate the knowledge the students' knowledge, Armed with the knowledge of the brain, the ability to be able to be improved, so as to put what they have learned to migrate to examination venues, for the mid-term exam, final exam, college entrance examination are even mention.

In short, as long as the master good method of learning, attention Keqianyuxi validity, classroom participation, consolidation of knowledge after-school degree, each student will be confident, intimate knowledge into the examination room, to create their one after another brilliant life. Such language classroom is efficient.

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