Penetration of the ideological and moral education in the classroom teaching

[Abstract] ideological and moral education of the student culture has a role can not be ignored, and this article on how to penetrate the ideological and moral education in the classroom teaching, better achieve the ideological and moral education work Talking follows.

[Keywords] ideological and moral classroom teaching

Dante said: "moral can make up for the defects of wisdom, and wisdom can never make up for the defects of moral." This shows that the ideological and moral education is very important, however, for a long time, the ideological and moral education by the examination-oriented education can not be effective the implementation of which the main front of the classroom, but relies on simple forms of engage in several activities as a carrier of the ideological and moral education - the importance of the variety of activities is undeniable, but it is not only the position, contrary it needed Dishuichuanshi a silent lubricant inspired, nurtured, to be settled in each lesson, throughout the process of the subject teaching always form a sequence, go to classroom-based positions, the way to full implementation of the ideological and moral education a multiplier effect.

First, the classroom is the infiltration of ideological and moral education of the main front

Mr. Ye Shengtao had this to say: "What is education, simply, is to develop good habits." This sentence is very incisive very important reading for young students, to develop good habits, good moral character is more important I think that the classroom is the main front of the ideological and moral education. ideological and moral education through classroom implementation has its unique advantages.

First, the class can students good habits such as requiring students to wear clean, improve health can develop good health habits of students, class stood up to ask the teacher, to answer questions raised their hands standing at attention, follow classroom rules and penetrates etiquette discipline, you can cultivate the habit of good behavior, before class, ask students to check the books to see the exercises, carefully read the textbook, well expected to preview, so learning to develop a habit of consciously learning, but also develop awareness of students' independent and self-improvement. these good habits is the basis for the formation of good moral character, teaching and discipline infiltration of ideological and moral education prerequisite and guarantee is an important ideological and moral education.

Second, the knowledge of the classroom to teach subjects textbooks crystallization of the wisdom and inspiration of the people, the shining light of the ideological and moral material for students sound personality, perfect personality, establish a scientific view of the world, life and values ​​has an extremely important role in language teaching materials selected into the text, text quality and beauty of Famous masterpieces, they are not only enlightened man of wisdom, cultivate virtue, and to read and enjoyable, emotional agitation, long-term influence of, be a life filled with hope, will pursuit of the sun, toward a more healthy ideological halls of the history textbook enable students to understand China also had a brilliant culture, developed technology, vast territory, was once a powerful country like the United States, we catch up with the world powers, big country , thereby enhancing the students a strong sense of national pride and national self-confidence. physical education teachers in daily sports teaching work, a conscious, purposeful, planned cultivation of the constitution, the will, the sense of competition for students, Moral Education in Physical ......

Third, the ideological and moral education resides in the branches of knowledge throughout the classroom, ideological and moral education vivid and specific, the image can be a sense, than dry boring preaching to arouse students' emotional resonance, but also to facilitate the students to understand and accept. math students of positive thinking, daring to speak good habits, language lessons about love for the motherland, extol the prose poetry of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, require students to recite and talk about their feelings, music lessons, music appreciation, lyrics, creating background students by the love for the motherland, love of nature and civilization, rituals, and the ideological and moral education ...

Fourth, the ideological and moral education is shaping the engineering students the soul, its long-term and level, and the ideological and moral education of your classroom in over time, not to mention too hasty and excessive demands and imposed on students preaching, and the focus on subtle influence. thesis format]

Fifth, the moral education in the classroom can enhance students' learning efficiency, interests, hobbies, persistence and perseverance, the inexhaustible impetus for learning, ideals, beliefs, and for the development of the students pointed out the direction of the sail. the accumulation of knowledge and the shaping of a more perfect quality, teaching and educating people more to complement each other, complement each other, thus forming a virtuous circle so that the classroom should be the main positions of the ideological and moral education.

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Second, tapping the ideological and moral education textbook material, and improve ideological and moral weight

Textbooks both knowledge of the carrier, and the carrier of ideological and moral material to fully tap the ideological and moral education textbooks factors increase the weight of the classroom ideological and moral education, the foundation of which is classroom education. Subjects textbook contains a wealth of ideas educational material, such as the ideological and political course education students who love the motherland, love of the Chinese Communist Party, love the socialist, to enable students to understand many things, to understand a lot of common sense. reasoning in the number of health physics lesson requires students to analyze carefully observed experimental phenomena analysis of the causes and conditions do experiments Summary understood phenomenon.

This is not only to tell the students' scientific knowledge, but also allow students to clarify the process of knowledge, training students to seek truth from facts, serious scientific attitude, require students to take the observing and thinking, and hands-on production, analysis of the discussion of the basic forms of activities in science and technology activities, gradually students to scientific thinking and innovative spirit, the culture that they are good at focusing and ability Another example of language teaching materials is a bonanza of an ideological and moral education, textbooks full of pride and feat of ancient and modern people with lofty ideals, Fairview articles and revolution deeds. efforts to unearth a little, it can be a good student education in patriotism and revolutionary tradition, nurtured by the splendid culture of five thousand years of Chinese and mold their sentiments, to develop their noble character so, teachers not only to impart knowledge, but also good at capturing the ideological and moral education factors glittering to to ignite students "seek knowledge, school life," the flame, to cultivate the quality of new knowledge and expertise. [Papers formats]

, Grasp the ideological education an opportunity to strengthen the effect of educating people

Albert Einstein said: "no matter how good the food is not forced to eat." Classroom teaching the same can not be imposed. Teachers should be good to grasp the opportunity to stimulate students' feelings, and they translate into a sense of morality, internalized as moral quality, such as in the junior high school language teaching materials << >> lesson who is the most lovable people, will enable students to teachers in class to be coaching and guiding the one hand by the education of patriotism and revolutionary heroism, and will know today's hard-won happy life in the future will be more cherished, studied hard in the classroom teaching them to pay attention to the ideological and moral education contents and knowledge combine both easy to impart knowledge, but also to strengthen the ideological and moral education of the effect .

In short, the long-term goal, based on education, education plans, moral education-oriented. "Young people are the future of our country, they shoulder the important task of the fate of the nation and national honor students the noble values ​​of life, and to do a good, moral noble sentiments, educators bounden duty. classroom-based positions in science to achieve "Dead Poets Society, silent like owning" the penetration of the ideological and moral education, the full implementation of the ideological and moral education, both in line with its long-term characteristics, but also to follow the physical and mental development of the law and the law of development of the knowledge level of the students.

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