An objective look at the individual differences of students improve teaching performance art - secondary IT classroom

[Abstract] In this paper, the secondary IT classroom teaching, for example, on how to objectively look at the individual differences of students, improve teaching performance art, the strategy include: hierarchical classification of a scientific and reasonable, and constantly improve classroom teaching methods strengthen the teacher-student interaction, active classroom atmosphere.

[Keywords] individual differences in teaching performance art.

IT courses as an era, pioneering, development is very obvious subject, has been important elements of the overall quality of the new era of individual students for secondary school students, the same is no exception, and master a solid IT foundation is an important part of learning other knowledge, to improve their overall competitiveness. learning IT courses for different students, due to the differences in learning based on ability to learn, hobbies, lead to learning for IT very different and the environment for the growth of each person is different, contact with things that are different, different experiences, these differences are irreparable in teaching practice, many of our teachers are often not taken seriously the objective existence differences, but more of a "one size fits all" teaching method, trying to get students to ultimately achieve the same progress through a unified teaching method [1] In fact, this teaching method not only will not achieve the desired effect, often also perceptibly this the secondary IT classroom teaching, for example, the objective factual circumstances of the students, to explore new ideas for differentiated instruction, provide a reference to improve the teaching behavior to build efficient classroom.

A scientific and rational hierarchical classification

Carry out differentiated instruction, we must first reasonable classification. Specific to a secondary Classroom, the classification can not be random, but in conjunction with the students' learning ability, knowledge background, hobbies integrated to develop a standards, then the students were divided into three groups A, B, C If more school classes, the school also several classes of students and mixed courses allows similar types of students in on when IT course, class to go to a [2] Thus, teachers preparing lessons, it will be more targeted, less class schools, you can learn in the same class, but this proposed level of teachers to prepare lessons and teach higher requirements. Generally, in this case, on teaching aspects into account. the layered and evaluating reflected cubing. different for different students set goals but also, specifically set the stratified goal to follow the students "want all students to achieve the basic objectives of the curriculum requirements, but also allows the school has spare capacity exceeds the course requirements to learn" principle, so that the existing development of target levels and types of students suited to the level, different starting point for students to have whatever target [3].

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Constantly improve classroom teaching methods

The hierarchical teaching according to the students' psychological characteristics and different personalities, teachers teaching model to promote the full development of each student based on the original students of different levels, different types of students have different needs, therefore, teachers in the teaching process, students need to take a different teaching methods, in conjunction with the students' mental focus. For example, the number of poor students, many of whom are low self-esteem, and is very sensitive to this time, teachers in the classroom can not be blindly on various measures to block the bad behavior of the students, but to combine the characteristics of each student seriously divert Xiao true exhort people to good, to teach people to the United States, make a clear distinction between right and wrong, so that students feel to the teachers really care I slowly students will form a self-confidence in learning which requires teachers to learn to appreciate the vision to their students, especially poor students to catch them every glittering zoom to give encouragement, slowly so as to allow students to feel the significance of learning, and gradually form learning programs in conjunction with their actual situation.

3. Strengthen the teacher-student interaction, active classroom atmosphere.

Efficient classroom, students tend to "into the role of emotions, which is what we call focus and strong motivation. Motivation cultivate rapport with the teacher-student relationship is inseparable [4 IT This discipline is no exception, in order to achieve efficient classroom efficient interaction can not be separated between students and teachers, and harmonious atmosphere in the classroom, especially in the process of conducting differentiated teaching, teachers need to have good classroom art, the different levels of students, enthusiasm for learning can be mobilized for example to carry out group cooperative learning, students in accordance with the principle of heterogeneity in the same group is divided into a number of study groups. allow each team has a poor student, Average - as well as honors, so that the different levels of learning together they can learn from each other, mutually reinforcing, plus teachers scientific and reasonable arrangements for study and scientific guidance, students can be their potential effectively stimulate, which requires teachers to use of rich language, and changing teaching methods to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students learning, active classroom atmosphere. including situational teaching, case teaching, teachers and students role conversion into differentiated teaching philosophy IT classroom.

Modern psychology, human behavior, is based on a specific desire in order to achieve a specific goal, well choose a variety of means to achieve the target activities as classroom teaching behavior, as to say what kind of teaching behavior must be art, and what kind of teaching behavior must be able to achieve the goal of efficient classroom, this is not conclusive only the actual needs of the teachers combine classroom, continuous exploration and improvement of teaching, eventually to form suitable for the actual situation around teaching behavior, this behavior can be called "art".


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