On the integration of modern educational resources to improve the efficiency of mathematics teaching

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Junior high school mathematics classroom teaching abstract new curriculum context requires teachers need to modernize the teaching philosophy, change the teaching mode to the student as the main body, as the core mathematical ideas Exercise training as a carrier, the scientific use of modern educational resources, rich mathematical information volume, optimize the teaching aspects of effective teaching, strive to cultivate the students 'innovative spirit, to improve students' math literacy.

The new junior high school mathematics curriculum standards clearly pointed out: "The modern educational technology is the most intuitive image aids in teaching." Especially multimedia facilities to implement mathematics, optimization mathematics classroom teaching process, improve classroom efficiency plays a very important role in multimedia teaching is a modern way of teaching, it is abstract mathematical knowledge into a visual image of text, graphics, animation, and other information passed to the students to make mathematics learning more simple and easier With the further deepening of reform of teaching and the continuous development of information technology, more and more modern educational technology majority of mathematics teachers using it become one of the most practical teaching only the scientific use of these curriculum resources, the ability to improve students' math applications, in order to better to complete the goal of teaching.

An integrated modern educational resources, to stimulate students' interest in learning mathematics

Network as a product of the development of information in the new curriculum context very popular esteem, the students are willing to accept this approach to learning, teachers also freed from the heavy labor network situational settings and information inquiries effectively stimulate students' learning interest and improve students' ability to understand, but also to achieve the group cooperative learning, and receive good teaching effect.

For example, in the teaching of "pi", knowledge itself is relatively simple, relatively simple textbook design, but it has the unusual history of the development of mathematics in this simple knowledge behind, I design a job after school, please the students Internet Find: pi found? have any meaning? "The students feel a little weird, it seems so simple, does not have any broader sense? but student website, feel the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter The significance of the large, deep understanding of the "circle in a sense, is infinite polygon" connotation such teaching methods greatly stimulate the students 'desire for knowledge, to improve students' self-learning ability.

Another example is when the teaching of the "axis of symmetry", the author uses the curriculum resources for teaching life, axisymmetric characteristics items or pictures out to the entire class booth kind, increasing the number of students on the axisymmetric understanding of graphics concepts and features, such as textbooks, cylindrical cups, CD-ROM, butterfly pictures, and M, V, O, W, A, T, 8, ♀, ∩ letters, numbers or symbols pictures, students screen observe its characteristics, making it easy to discover the laws and master the axisymmetric graphics concepts and characteristics students are very interested in this teaching model, learning excellent results after school let the student use of network resources, check out some of the axisymmetric objects or pictures, to deepen use axisymmetric understanding.

2 to play the role of modern education resource advantages, scientific breakthroughs difficulty of teaching

Vast majority of knowledge points in junior high school mathematics is abstract and difficult to understand many concepts, formulas, and the derivation of the graphics transform segments of mobile animation shows the use of multimedia courseware, reveal the essence of mathematical concepts, principles visual display, students easily grasp the teaching content.

For example, in the "a geometry" teaching to begin the teachers and students cut out several simple geometry, but due to the the students personalized level of play in many complex situations interception geometry, the difficulty of the operation is also increasingly greater when I use multimedia assisted instruction to operate the process of making a Flash animation, presented to the students in the class, so that students have an intuitive understanding of abstract geometry, easily breaking the difficulty of teaching.

Another example, in the teaching of the meaning of probability, the author designed a caught ball small experiment: the black box filled with yellow, red, white three colors of the same size of the table tennis and 3, so that the students from the black box 3 ball caught out, caught a total of 90 times, to see a number of red color are singled out each of a number of times, red, yellow, white, two red white number of times ... this experiment because class experimental time, experimental sites restrictions, students experiment content, the number is not sufficient, therefore, students come to the conclusion there is a large gap between the possible and the expected results. the author used Flash courseware simulate this experiment, so that students have a deep understanding of probabilistic knowledge, received very good teaching effect. addition, I designed a probability exercises: "If such a test paper, 120 multiple-choice questions, each question, we will not, the answer is randomly selected. then, think about the following questions: we class students was 72 points probability? 96, what is the probability? through this issue further reflection, a classmate had 86 points, topics will be 86 points? "I can take advantage of lessons before making good Flash courseware demo, the probability of an effective solution to this difficulty such interesting topics so that students have a more objective understanding of probabilistic knowledge, to improve the practical application ability of students.

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3 integrated modern educational resources, optimize the Mathematics Classroom Teaching

Modern educational technology is able to demonstrate the capacity of mathematical information, expand the sources of information, the forms show the way in order to effectively optimize Classroom Teaching optimize teaching time, highlighting the focus of teaching, improve teaching efficiency.

For example, in explaining the lines and circles positional relationship, if a teacher is directly related group of graphics to draw on in the classroom will be a lot of waste teaching time, lack of image visual effect. Better optimize the structure of teaching, teachers moving up, so that a straight line by means of Flash animation to show a straight line and is known round the positional relationship, a deep understanding of the way off tangent intersect several concepts, students through dynamic observation, understanding Shuxingjiege mathematical thinking through round radius with the center of the circle to the value of the straight-line distance relationship, to launch straight line with the positional relationship of the circle, and the corresponding law, improve the ability of students summarized concluded from these relationships.

Again, the new teaching classroom Summary, teachers can take advantage of the PPT Courseware Knowledge Review and organize students through this link teaching overall grasp of the knowledge of this section, to improve learning efficiency. Teachers during the recitation of teaching when or papers commenting lesson, you can take advantage of the physical booth to show students most prone to error, or confusing topic, comparing teaching, in order to remind students attention, to improve students' ability to deal with the problem.

4 clever use of modern educational technology, guiding students' science learning

Approach is the key to success. Geometry teaching in many graphics changes, such as the change of the line, the angle of rotation, rotation of the plane and other, more difficult for students to understand. Teachers can use the dynamic display of multimedia courseware, pause in the process can be achieved control, in order to deepen students 'understanding of the knowledge and digestion. the many knowledge point is Shuxingjiege to the in algebra textbooks, also involving changes in the students' exposure to them is more difficult. teachers through scientific means of selection of modern education technology breakthrough students understand difficult mathematical material flicker, color, pan, folding, rotating to solve practical problems can also design model available to the students to explore situations, guiding students to explore methods to make students easy-to-digest from simple to complex, step-by-step learning, and thus continue to improve students' ability to think and explore and open up a new world.

For example, a function y = kx + b changes, this is a difficult problem in the past, students from a static point of view and analysis, the student life of the only note of the conclusions do not really understand monotonicity substance of misunderstanding, let that allow students to take the initiative to explore and teach this knowledge is very time-consuming, I take full advantage of the characteristics of the audio-visual media edutainment designed a function of change in the two-dimensional cartoon using tabular form to provide students with the data, combined with the image to allow students to analyze the corresponding changes of the function y and the value of the independent variable x, and guide students to explore the function to change the law. explore PxPy changes by observing the function changes, combined with x, the corresponding value of y table analysis function change, and to explore the function of change in real terms. methods teaching organic Shuxingjiege Naturalization mathematical ideas and methods to penetrate to the students, so that students gradually learn to study in the teaching process, to explore issues, consciously raising into the habit of self-exploration, which is the ability to make students lifelong learning benefit.

Multimedia into the classroom teaching with its unique advantages, to receive ideal teaching junior high school mathematics classroom teaching process, only the scientific use of multimedia tools for teaching, can really play to their strengths role teachers teaching and learning of students learning the win-win teaching, have a multiplier effect.


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