Analysis of modern education resources in Physical Education

A PE teaching sports accomplishment whiteboard Zizhijiaoju Keywords modern educational resources

Abstract With the continuous improvement of the level of equipment of modern education, the the sports teaching philosophy of continuous progress, should keep up with the pulse of the times, change the teaching mode to speed up the pace of reform, the integration of modern educational equipment resources, to achieve sporting teaching optimization, the full implementation of the teaching objectives lay a solid foundation for the students' physical fitness and sports literacy.

The sports teaching as part of a quality education, should the sake of the overall development of students, improve sports skills, to take care of the quality of the mental and physical culture and sports literacy with the increasing levels of science and technology, modern education technology and equipment innovation modern teaching means more and more to get the recognition and promotion of the front-line teachers, under the guidance of the new curriculum ideas, processes and methods of teaching objectives is increased to a certain extent, the use of modern teaching methods, abstract and intuitive knowledge of sports visualization, rich sports teaching content, the ability to greatly enhance the students' cognitive understanding and analysis of issues.

Strengthening business learning, change ideas, the full implementation of the modernization of Physical Education Teaching

Today's society is the era of information technology rapid development of accompanying accelerated education modernization pace of modernization of the PE teaching is also a history of the development of the inevitable. Modern educational technology with a visual image, the characteristics of a lively fun, etc., to mobilize the students to learn actively sexual, to improve the student's ability to think critically, to help students learning difficulties, and integrated to improve the efficiency of student learning. addition, teachers can let students self-learning or collaborative learning through the Internet and other modern means of educational technology to help students develop their autonomy, to enrich students' knowledge horizons and improve students' practical skills. realize modern educational technology for teaching services, receive good teaching effectiveness through the integration of educational resources, changing the teaching mode.

Thematic activities, change the assessment mechanism, students sports disciplinary literacy

In subject teaching, teachers must strengthen the cultivation of the students' academic literacy should sports teaching students to learn through sport, to understand the history of sports development, understanding the purpose of learning the sport, the operational know consciously understanding of physical fitness for the country profound connotation of winning glory. especially in the use of modern educational technology more effectively optimize student learning environment to optimize student learning skills, improve learning performance did improve students' sports disciplinary literacy.

2.1 use of modern educational technology to standardize the operational behavior of the students, and to optimize the learning environment

In regular sports activity classes, teachers use modern educational technology, prior to the student to demonstrate action essentials, after boldly the classroom real to the students, allows students to complete a task or action to the students to complete their own teachers do not arranged all activities of the students in the classroom teaching, will help standardize the operational skills of students, improve students' self-learning ability.

For example, the whiteboard software library to provide teachers with a wealth of teaching resources. Making skills, procedural knowledge of teaching, teachers can select the appropriate picture or video, whiteboard presentation every action essentials, to optimize the learning environment, a breakthrough difficulty of teaching, in order to reduce the work of teachers of language, to facilitate the beat broadcast, Guangbo Cao sound intelligent voice aids system produced courseware, point by point reading pen touch, play music and beats the convenience of teachers and students learning, so boring classroom teaching becomes vibrant.

The 2.2 reform evaluation mechanisms to improve the skill level of students' sports
Physical Education Teaching compulsory national curriculum standards, junior high school students comprehensive quality evaluation is also an important factor. Past few years, Tangshan City has been in test sports plus test and examination program is changing, which requires physical education teachers in teaching the new curriculum requirements, open the whole course, each scientifically accurate knowledge imparted to every student, every theoretical knowledge or action essentials, must be aware of in the teaching process, teachers based on student development, timely adjustment training programs to achieve targeted, individualized.

For example, using the Excel spreadsheet for each student to create an electronic file, training scores of students, Scores All input forms, data analysis, Find students inadequacies, and then the "remedy" to achieve targeted as the girls 800 meters , sit-ups, the boys 1,000 meters, standing long jump and projects such as the statistical summary for each training or assessment scores, timely understanding of the actual level of the students, so as to carry out targeted training through long-term training of the students will be able to get a good test scores, improve sports skills.

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Integrate education resources, optimizing the structure of teaching to highlight sports teaching Features

The application of modern educational technology, sports classroom teaching did receive good teaching effect greatly improve the effectiveness of sports teaching, optimize the teaching structure, active classroom atmosphere, students like the teaching mode. Use of modern educational technology integration of physical education, and to highlight the features of the sports teaching.

3.1 play the role of modern education resources, science and highlight the difficulty of teaching

Many sports curriculum process knowledge, great difficulty on the teaching of motor skills in the process due to the teachers in the demo action short time, coherence, student representation thinking is difficult to form, poor learning outcomes. Especially those risk larger action, or the older teachers is difficult to demonstrate these actions, the teachers only to describe the language, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. teachers use of animation courseware details of the show, can help students clearly understand each aspects of the technical essentials. enable students to control the playback speed, or pause playback operation, more careful observation of an action, a prominent sports teaching specialty.

For example, in the teaching of skills training "diving forward roll, teachers demonstration action at one go, students see the the links specific requirements of each action. Therefore, the majority of students on the class action or right, or incomplete, many students can not understand the sense of the success of "diving" poor teaching results of this kind of lesson-teaching, the author making Flash courseware on display, to pause at every detail, for students understanding of the more difficult places to playback, to enable students to accurately grasp the essentials of the whole event, and a deep understanding of diving forward roll off, the hand stays bow, tuck turn, squat stand the basic requirements of the four links smoothly through this teaching breakthrough teaching difficulties receive good teaching effect.

3.2 integration of modern educational resources, auxiliary athletic competition

Physical education teaching, the main task is to teach students to learn and master the basics of the sport, the basic skills to enable students to form a good physique, exercise perseverance of the students, the students of the spirit of cooperation. Athletic competition for students of sports literacy platform, the use of modern educational technology assisted athletic competition, and greatly improve the teaching efficiency, make the game more dynamic, more scientific and standardized, prominent sports teaching characteristics.

For example, traditional sports competitions, the game just students trying to jumping, trotting, cast such as with the use of modern educational technology, and now the athletic competition scene vivid, encouraged by the sound of cheering, cheers heard Athletics field a boil, spectacular warm. especially displacement sensors, infrared sensors, the use of an automatic timer, increase the precision and accuracy of the sports games, and more effective to stimulate the enthusiasm of the students' athletic, can enhance the competitive level of the students and literacy.

3.3 to play sports Zizhijiaoju advantages role, and enhance the effect of physical education teaching

Physical Education Teaching Zizhijiaoju its unique advantages in resources into. The sports Zizhijiaoju making simple, cheap, and drawn wide range of convenient application, receive good teaching effectiveness, especially in rural junior high school physical education, play sports Zizhijiaoju role helping to train Society hands-on skills and ability to innovate, by student group cooperative learning or inquiry, to favor students of teamwork and cooperation explore the ability to improve students' comprehensive sports literacy.

For example, throwing a solid ball of teaching, students can be called with a sheet of fine sand and high density make solid ball, students can always throwing exercises at home, is conducive to the steady improvement of student achievement. Problem students in the practice of the process of discovery to school, find a teacher or classmate explore integrated to improve the students' practical ability. Again, the standing long jump is a year in compulsory test sports plus test content teachers can guide students to create a simple scale production with a straight wood or string can be range is 2 m, the value of indexing is 1 cm so that students can self-testing at home or during recess time to understand their own achievements, to facilitate the consolidation and improvement. sports Zizhijiaoju use, comprehensive enhancements of physical education.

In short, the Physical Education should actively carry out the reform of classroom teaching, optimize instructional design, increase the dominant position of students, clever use of modern educational technology assisted sports classroom teaching, lifelong learning services for students, the teaching goals of sports implement.


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