Summary of the current situation of the primary school essay Psychological Analysis

Master student essay psychological composition teaching teachers is an important task in the face of this long-standing problem of the composition teaching, we must not only understand the students' writing performance, but also to understand the state of mind of the students in the writing process of learning, only to to find out where the crux of difficult composition teaching, and thus to find an effective way to crack the problem of the composition teaching. well-known primary school language teaching is the one writing the initial stage of learning is also laying the foundation stage how effective composition teaching in primary schools to improve composition teaching efficiency, must be aware of the primary school students in the the composition learning process in the real psychological state, I conducted a survey of Guizhou Province, one thousand pupils writing psychological, mainly from the students' interest in writing, writing motivation, writing the success or failure of attribution and composition modifications and other aspects for analysis is intended to provide a reference for the primary school language teaching.

A primary school essay Psychological Investigation

1. Interest in the investigation of primary school essay

Interest in the investigation of primary school essay mainly want to know the current primary school favorite essay. Mention of composition teaching, teachers shook his head, students shouted afraid. If you can find students like or do not like writing, teaching writing in a definite purpose.

Very fond of writing and like the total number of the students surveyed, 48.6%, sometimes like 40%, 11.4% do not like the results of this survey show that pupils overall composition is like, accept , and is willing to continue its efforts to improve the writing score in case of failure by writing score.

Why this result and teaching differ significantly from it? Analysis found that, in fact, students like why they like the fear of writing is not the same thing. Knew how to write? Because they believe that the composition can say what I like, can " to describe things in their own words, "to write some of the interesting things that can give full play to their own rich imagination. afraid of the essay is asking too much of teachers, essay writing is no fun at all if the students think writing content is difficult, "the teacher only let us listen to the essay book, there are a lot of students write are the same, it does not mean".

In view of this, students like writing, because they believe that the essay is a freely, to express their own meaning, and be able to play to their imagination. Pupils overall like the essay also shows that they are willing to accept the essay, willing to become good friends and Composition this phenomenon Humanistic Psychology that "human beings are born with the potential to learn, learning psychological phenomenon coincide stifle students' interest in the essay. Yet it is overly rigid teaching writing requirements essay arm's length attitude, even fear and escape.

2 pupils writing motivation survey

For 38.5% of the total number of students is what prompted them to writing it? "Want interesting things to write down, want to tell the truth others", "written composition to life in the future, the work is good" for the total number of students 32.9% for exams to get good grades, in order to complete the teacher handed the task "is the total number of students 28.6%.

The results show that in primary school language teaching, fun, happy, real, the imaginative composition teaching content is the main factor of the success of students get essay, they are willing to also prompted the composition of the primary factors become secondary external encouragement or punishment success factors and composition power, learn writing has become the third factor. reasons? essay's main purpose is to be interesting in the primary school seems happy, happy thing recorded, so after the mood is not good when you can come take a look at the "or" and others to share.

Through the above analysis, we can also be found: at the primary stage, a variety of writing motives have encountered lead to the motivation of the student's essay to describing life happy, interesting things and talk to the secrets of the hearts of the primary motivation. Triggered motivation of pupils writing factors: at the primary stage, the relationship between writing purpose and writing score is not that various writing the purpose of teaching students at the primary stage, basically to improve the students' writing performance effect.

3. Modify the survey of primary school essay

Essay modifications to improve the level of students' writing, an important means to improve the efficiency of the composition teaching, also reflects the interest of the students in writing of the essay to modify the attitude, adhere degree. Pupils how to treat essay to modify this part of it? On writing modify the survey, take a good look the teacher modify, then modify "37.1% of the total number of students," consciously modify "25.7% of the total number of students," can not consciously modify, teachers have pointed out to modify " 27.2% of the total number of students, "requires teachers to modify" for 10% of the total number of students.

The results show that the initiative to consciously modify the composition of students at the primary stage, a very small number, and they took the initiative to modify the composition of the reason is also varied. Example, some students "in order to get a high score, I repeatedly check sentence modify the sentence, either because the "modify modified to give the teacher, the teacher easier, as well as because of" composition modified, to pay up, the teacher looked happy.

Why not take the initiative to modify it? "Because the teacher's writing skills than I," the teacher can modify "Some believe that the teachers do not say, do not know where the bad, because I checked no where modify "," he did not know where you need to modify, only to see the teacher's annotation, we go to modify, "write the essay, is completed, do not like to modify" There, "did not develop modified essay consciousness. "reason analysis, we find that students on the modification of the composition, more than from external factors to consider (such as teachers, few students realize modify itself on the composition of the benefits. addition, in primary stage, to modify the essay mainly rely on teachers rather than the students themselves role models in teachers the student essay modify link can play a huge role, and the students need to be writing to modify the habit and the ability to modify the Links to free paper download Center

4. primary school essay attributed to the survey

Learning attributed to students 'own academic performance reasons identified and summarized attributed to their academic achievement of the students' future learning. Generally speaking, in the learning process, student success academically or failure due to external factors, he would think that the difficulty of learning tasks, their luck or others factors own academic status quo of the factors attributed to internal factors, he would believe that the ability to learn or their own efforts to determine academic factors of the status quo. primary and secondary school students in the face of the writing score what attributed mentality?
The survey found that, Attribution in from the writing point of view, the pupils will be writing success due to the "teachers" for 62.9% of the total number of the survey, due to the "hard work" 18.6% of the total number of the survey, due to the "smart and hardworking "7.1% of the total number of the survey, due to the" smart "for 5.6% of the total number of the survey, due to luck and other for the investigation of the total 5.6%.

Attributed to the essay fails, the composition will fail due to its own "do not work hard," accounted for 47.2% of the total number of students being investigated, due to the "smart but do not work hard," accounting for 24.3% of the total number of surveys of students, attributed to " luck and other accounting survey 17.1% of the total number of students due to teachers and parents accounted for 11.4% of the total number of students being investigated.

In the attribution of the success or failure of students writing, we can easily find an interesting phenomenon: If the students' writing performance is excellent, he put the reasons for the success is mainly attributed to the teachers, and the poor academic performance of students writing, he put the reason for the failure is mainly attributed to their own if it shows that the students' understanding of their academic status quo exists contradiction? humanistic psychology study found that learners themselves have the natural tendency of learning and the inherent potential of human learning is a do not work hard. interesting phenomenon to say? spontaneous, purposeful selection process students writing failed due to their own, is that students have always had a learning potential, and are willing to choose to study rather than avoidance learning, writing success is mainly due to the teachers indicates that at the primary stage, the students believe that academic performance achieved mainly comes from the correct guidance of the teachers, teachers dependence is quite high.

Primary and secondary school students writing teaching suggestions

1 primary school language teaching should be true essay, happy writing and interesting essay

Primary stage of composition teaching content should make sure that the "real happy, interesting" abandon artificially overstating student essay freely pour out your own inner voice. Allow students to truly am writing turned out to be an "easy to get along with things, like my friend ".

To achieve this, teaching should conscientiously and field implementation of the curriculum standards in "to write what I want to say, write to imagine things, to write their own understanding of things around and feelings", "pay attention to the things around willing to written expression , enhance self-confidence of the coursework. informal wrote horizons, feelings and imagination, attention to performance feel new and interesting, or the deepest impression most touched "and" know how to write in order to express themselves and to communicate with people " and other requirements of the composition teaching.

To achieve this, teachers should have the education, "the root of wisdom, that the education of an authentic, intuitive value judgments" noble fun with the right value orientation can student talent and spirituality even if it is in an embryonic state, have a found sensitive and pounced on the impulse to embrace the "avoid at boot time due to their own taste very mediocre, values ​​are not pure, and thus" the authority to require a uniform specification students strangle children writing spirituality interesting and rich spiritual life this is the teachers discover and share Aura and talent of the students, the sentiment of their vitality essay prerequisite.

2 primary school language teaching should strengthen the role model and guiding role of teachers

As the saying goes, the power of example is infinite, especially primary school students is in life most like to imitate the stage. They like to imitate their parents at home, and like to imitate the students and teachers in school. Authoritative teachers in their hearts, their favorite one of the objects of imitation. teachers should continue to learn and improve their writing skills, and set the example in front of students teaching composition changes, mere students to modify the composition teaching can not play a significant role in promoting teachers must give students to specific, clear writing guidance and help, give full play to the role of lead the way of guidance, to avoid essay learning process so that students learn helplessness "because of his guidance weakness, thus leading to the students' writing motivation to lower interest apathy, disgust or even escape essay.

Guidance of teachers should focuses on training students writing attitudes, habits, and should be in line with the primary school students age characteristics and nature "culture of utilitarian purpose and system of primary and secondary students the language curious and sensitive, rather than a one-sided stressed essay writing , "lazy culture language programmers and thinking."

3. Primary school language teaching should be to strengthen the motivation of the students in a variety of writing inspire

At the elementary level, the extrinsic motivation of writing is essential and necessary, reasonable use of extrinsic motivation, to promote interest in the learning of the students' writing, and to improve the achievement of students writing, and keep learning persistence of students writing.

Teachers should pay attention to stimulate students' internal motivation, reduce external stimuli, external motivation into internal motivation to help students, to enable students to produce a lasting interest and enthusiasm of the essay, which active learning essay.

At the elementary level, the composition teaching should dilute essay utilitarian education, to promote a variety of writing Motivation, to avoid single pure utilitarian essay motive exist. Because the young minds of the pupils, the function of the composition is not clear, they are only able to determine essay written will be able to get a high score, praise from teachers and parents, students praised.

4. Primary school language teaching should strengthen the students correctly attributed guide

The correct attribution help to improve students' writing performance. Attributed the success or failure of primary and secondary school students easily successful essay learning due to external factors, such as teachers, will fail to learn writing attributed to their own. Teachers should guide students correct attribution, correctly deal with the pros and cons of the writing score, and gradually reduce dependence on teachers or external conditions, to establish the composition of self-confidence. posted in the free papers Download Center


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