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[Abstract] This paper analyzes the psychological elements of scientific discovery to explore its use for high school physics teaching psychological factors improve student learning efficiency, develop creative inspiration.
International science education reform attention to students like scientists "do" science, along with the continuous progress of curriculum reform of science education have begun to focus our students to experience the process of scientific discovery, through the process of mental activity. Analysis of the psychological elements of scientific discovery will give high school physics teaching to bring some enlightenment.

A scientific discovery creativity

Scientific discovery is a creation. Wang Jisheng scientific creativity in psychology >> << Lieutenant "scientific facts discovered or created in accordance with the product to create a partition for the discovery and invention." He thought, "Scientists create new doctrine, new theory, belongs to a high level of creative activity. "
As a high-level creative activity of scientific discovery, you need to have creativity and creativity comes from the needs and motivations, but man's motives but also by the impact of personality.

Hinder the creation of the reasons Robert Olson summed up as "habit, time, fear of failure, anxious, difficult to engage in purposeful mental activity, it is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons of solutions, such as fear of being criticized."
Robert Olson that "creativity strong man, with a strong motivation and higher capacities, which include: to distinguish valuable problem, determine the real problem, open concept seeking answers, the use of judgment and intuition to find an answer, so that solution into useful results, the use of subconscious thinking skills. "
Feist's study suggests that "cognitive science talent has created an open and flexible features, in a dominant personality, arrogant, hostile, self-confident, independent, introverted, strong motivation, ambition characteristics" .

Wang Jisheng compared the creative scientists and the general characteristics of scientists that factors in intelligence, scientific talent to create a higher level of thinking skills, independent thinking, analytical ability, Lenovo, judgment, memory, imagination, comprehensive thinking ability, thinking flexibility and observation in non-intelligence factors, scientific creativity talent in the dedication, hard work, interest, responsibility, curiosity, initiative, determination, self-confidence, strong-willed character, emotional stability performance better.

In high school physics teaching creativity of students from the following aspects: achievement motivation motivate students, so that students from the ideological independence, originality, problem solving, encourage students to solve problems in a separate process to maintain flexible thinking, Lenovo bold suspicion and inspire students a variety of solutions to the problem, determine the pros and cons, to encourage students to personally experiment, students willpower, and emotional stability.

Second, scientific discovery Motivation and Personality

Guildford that "with all the essential capabilities of the individual, the ability to produce the results give a creation of nature, depends not only on whether creativity, but also on the motivations and personality traits."
Maslow Motivation and Personality in << >> in that "scientists are also produced in the required motivation, which includes not only the needs and cognitive curiosity, more emphasis on the pursuit of the common people, lasting understanding and interpretation, as well as the Things systematic desire. "He also pointed out that" any other human needs can become involved in science, in-depth study of the scientific or original motivation. "
Scientists themselves and also take into account such factors as well as social constructivism, they deny that science is to describe the nature of that scientific theory as scientists found not purely objective. Constructivist Karin Knorr Cetina put science · defined as constructive, and that "scientific innovation or discovery is the result of a directional process is intentionally directed study. because scientists have been conducting research on scientific knowledge: they know what a scientific issue, they know solution to the problem, they know where the study, where the neglect is these relevant scientific knowledge to guide the scientists to conduct scientific discovery to obtain innovative results. "
Middle School Physics Teaching analyze students' motivation and personality to cultivate students' interest, willpower, improve students' learning efficiency. While allowing teachers to students motivation and personality appropriate guidance and training can dig through students in the life of confusion, clear problems and needs, a key factor in determining where to build the physical model, with the knowledge to help students to explain physical phenomena and solve problems.

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Third, scientific discoveries insight

Bo Xiaoyong, Mao Garching molecular structure of DNA discovered by combing cases to explore the process of scientific discovery in a number of important factors that "a strong interest in and dedication to the pursuit of insight and other elements of modern science will make major discoveries prepared. "
Never realized consciously. Guildford mentions that "the problem with an alternative sensitive new concept involves encounter strange, unusual or confusing things perceived."
Insight required by the phenomena of nature. A Ruiti that "many scientific discovery is not considered the same from the previous thing or not contacted to find a common characteristic between or contact, but the observed phenomenon is certainly not enough."
A Ruiti the discovery process is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary processes process, he believes that "scientists have observed that the response of certain phenomena are not responses to stimuli, but to a new level react (this level include: specified that a common characteristic, but not with the way the primary process have a common characteristic of these same things up and recognize that they never thought belongs to a secondary level of process. "And this kind includes analysis and judgment, through the phenomenon of nature observation, it is insight.

In physics teaching insight on student learning is crucial, the abstraction of physics require students to be able to consciously build physical models to solve problems, to establish things and their essential relationship between the factors teachers should provide students with a wealth of information and materials, students develop effective sensitivity of the information, ask students to analyze and judge of things.

Fourth, scientific discoveries imagination

Galton reported in a study he invented word association test, he observed that many associate the word from his own experience to come, while others are less likely to produce the same association with him, this found to have a very important value.

Robert Olson that "suspend judgment and criticism is a skill, put forward ideas to encourage as much as possible, even if it is ridiculous and stupid." Judge allows the imagination to keep on the right track, then stimulate the imagination and inspiration judgment.

Yuan reform in diverse interpretation of scientific discovery << >> in that "scientific discovery is the process of creative thinking, its role must be logical and non-logical form of thinking concretely reflected, in particular, by inducing them the essence of creative thinking Part - inspiration, imagination, and intuition play a role and tortuous reflected. Creative thinking is the existing knowledge of the outcome of the restructuring of creative thinking in the knowledge reorganization process, a very important mechanism is a binary association, namely two ideas or philosophy, the original is irrelevant, the last link to be relevant, and produce creative. "
In order to stimulate the imagination of students, allowing students to raise as many ideas and assumptions, delaying the students' solutions to the problems of judgment or choice, encourage students to two yuan Lenovo.

In summary, the analysis of the psychological elements of the process of scientific discovery middle school physics teaching has a certain enlightenment. Use to create the psychological elements of the students training, improve teaching efficiency is to improve, develop students' creative talent is one important way.


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