Analysis of Computer Applications in Psychology

[Paper Keywords] computer computer science study of human cognitive psychology

[Abstract] Since the computer came more and more have been used in various fields of scientific research to provide a convenient, but also makes many complex research into reality. Especially in the past more than a century computers are also widely used in psychological studies in psychology research paper on the computer's main application functions, and in the use of the advantages and problems exist some exploration.

The development of modern science and technology, continue to provide a new theoretical psychology, methods and means, especially since the 1940s, the birth of the first computer, instead of a new era of human mental work, brought to mankind production automation, automation and information automation of scientific experiments, but also for psychology and other disciplines of research and development has opened up vast new road now, computer studies in psychology to get more and more common use, as all psychologists should not lack of knowledge and skills, research methods of psychology has become an important part of research in psychology has been a new trend emerged computerized, it has been widely used in various fields of psychology, experimental control in data processing , mental process simulation plays an important function, which greatly promoted the improvement of the level of scientific research in psychology.

A computer in the main applications of psychological research function 1, for the operation and control of experimental psychology, the computer is widely used in psychological research over the past decade a new development in this regard, the computer is used primarily each element of the research process control and testing, in particular, which is used to render the stimulation control other instruments, the reactions of the test recording automatically according to the program instructions, the computer can be effectively record the response test, and conduct a simple preliminary treatment required to calculate the data required for researchers.

2, processing and analysis of data

With computer processing, analysis of data, computer studies in developmental psychology the most widely used one aspect finishing with a computer acquisition, storage and analysis of data, has many advantages, it may be required for data storage automatic classification can be improved The accuracy and speed of calculation results for a large sample of data processing, and the results of the study have a variety of complex multivariate statistical analysis capabilities, this is the last human that fall.

3, the psychological process simulation and modeling in recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology, researchers have recognized that the use of computer simulation technology, you can create a variety of psychological processes relevant theories, models, computer simulations that allow solving problems in the thinking process, for example, using a computer simulation of the process of thinking people solve problems, psychological tests simulate human reactions and so on.

Second, the computer in cognitive psychology research applications 1, in the study of cognitive development, computers are often used to create and present a variety of complex visual acuity, visual recognition ability and preference, attention persistence, as well as Researchers solve the problem according to the human mind when programming rules, use computers to simulate their activity patterns of thinking, such as: spiral and isometric graphics, such as freehand drawing, it is difficult to achieve the experimental requirements, according to the mathematical equation using a computer mapping it is easier, like Archimedes spiral (R: 20, drawing the gray rotation diagram requires a computer made in accordance with the law of inflection, which is not drawn by hand can grasp, mental rotation map requires pairs, Some render certain angle of rotation of the three-dimensional structure of the cubes, these stringent made by computer graphics, as the experimental material after photography.

2, the computer in psycholinguistic research applications since the 1960s, people began to use computers psycholinguistic research, mainly using natural language dialogue computer experiments on grammatical structure of this method control of many unrelated factors to improve the efficiency of the experiment. Additionally, in psycholinguistic research, but also for a large number of computer on-line experiments to study the characteristics and mechanisms of syntactic perception.

3, the computer in educational psychology research applications in children's learning capacity development and education research, computers are widely used for "computer-assisted instruction" and "computer-assisted learning." In this regard, Skinner (BFSkinner proposed linear teaching methods and procedures Claude (N.Growden proposed branch-type programs have a greater impact on teaching methods. Moreover, a large variety of game software has been developed as a student mental training, learning an important tool for students during the game learned a lot of knowledge, skills and the development of skills. using a computer to simulate some real life can not exist in many of the problem situations, in teaching students to solve, or to give some of the conditions that will allow students and predict some of the hypothetical events, but also In recent years the use of computers to promote the development of students' ability to learn important attempt.

4, the computer applications in the field of psychological tests in the field of psychology, computerized testing has become a new trend in the development of psychological tests This test form is predicted in advance, by all the test items difficulty, discrimination, guessing and other parameters, and these items and their parameters stored in the computer together, these tests can make the implementation process of the test answers were entered via the keyboard, and then by a computer program for scoring and analysis, significant savings in the past researchers have spent Shi measuring, scoring, statistics, etc., percentages, and the norm of a lot of time to promote the development of the discipline of psychological tests.

5, the computer in clinical psychology research applications clinical psychology, psychological counseling and clinical treatment have been widely used in the computer, it can be consultants, direct patient dialogue and understanding about mental and record their state, CVs and symptoms, automatic testing, analysis and interpretation of psychological tests, and when necessary to extract the relevant information in a timely manner for the consultant, therapist reference since the 1960s, Wechsler Adult Intelligence test (WAIS has been used This type of computer diagnostics People can also use a computer analysis of the measured data directly, or through a series of questions to determine the patient's psychological obstacles encountered, situational barriers, social barriers and a variety of mental abnormality or mental illness.

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Third, computer applications in psychology advantages and problems of one, in the application of psychology, the computer has many advantages. They are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
First, the computer simulation of cognitive psychology to become an important and special methods help to improve the first theory, to help people find a gap in theory, computer simulation provides an output and human behavior can be compared. It can also predict complex behavior, when a series of steps is very long, very complex and require a lot of contact, we often can not predict the results, and computer simulations to be useful, and sometimes surprising results can be drawn.

Second, to produce and present precise stimuli, as previously described, the computer can accurately draw many complex graphics, it is difficult to complete by hand, according to the experimental requirements can present various stimuli randomly, improved timing stimulus accuracy.

Third, can accurately and easily record the subjects 'responses in psychological research, the subjects' responses in two forms, namely discrete and continuous shape shape when the trial key is to react the way, they are generally discrete form , when the test of the physiological variables to be monitored reaction information obtained in the form of generally continuous for these two forms of reaction, the computer not only can record them easily, and can greatly improve the accuracy of recording.

Fourth, can effectively control the experiment in the computer during the psychological experiments according to the requirements of the main trial, the manipulated variable of the various parameters to produce different experimental conditions, which can control a variety of instruments, so that they follow certain sequentially output to various stimuli. were tested according to the response in the shortest time possible in a variety of select an appropriate stimulation, presented in front of the test stimulus changes continuously compared to other experimental apparatus is a computer important advantage, as only by the researchers themselves are impossible to complete such a complex task.

Fifth can reduce the main trial on the impact of the subjects in psychology experiments, the main trial of the action, gesture, speech, facial expressions and even gender, appearance, the main trial with subjects such as interpersonal level are likely to affect the test response behavior of the subjects passed through many unknown information, resulting in a series of random or systematic error. And for those findings are vulnerable to additional information to influence research scenarios, computer-controlled experimental results reliability, good stability, and some Conclusions and differ from person to control the experiment.

Sixth, you can save a lot of time and manpower. Machine applied psychology experiment the entire operation of all or part of the process is automated, so that researchers from a number of cumbersome and complex variety of stressful work even freed, save a lot of manpower and time.

Seventh, the experiments and tests can be more standardized conditions with computers for experimentation and testing with good reproducibility, for it provides a different test conditions were the same, thereby reducing the research process of various errors.

2, the current computer research applications in psychology there are still some deficiencies and limitations, mainly in the following aspects.
First, thinking computer simulation has its limitations. Human brain is the product of millions of years of evolution, and the computer is the product of the human brain, which is why a few months of the baby can recognize the faces of the mother and the computer can not be done Cause In addition, only the output of the computer simulation outcomes result of human thinking is not enough, and the computer can not simulate human thinking in images.

Second, learn computer languages, computer programs are prepared to spend some time and effort in the application of computer studies in psychology practical experience shows that to the preparation of some of the high quality and complex procedures for psychological research, for proficient in computer language but are not familiar with computer programming psychology psychology experts and familiar, but not computer-savvy professional psychology researchers, is not an easy task.

Third, psychological experiments and tests in the application of computer, try to promote the direct observation of the main subjects of the opportunity, but during the experiment were tested in many reactions is difficult to predict, for some important behavioral noteworthy computer may turn a blind eye, not recorded, but these unpredictable reactions and for future research work provides important clues.

Fourth, the computer-controlled experimental lack of flexibility. Computer control experiment conducted in accordance with established procedures automatically, so that the main trial in a passive position, sudden changes in the environment due to the lack of, accidental events. In control experiments by the computer, the researchers want to study the program for a subtle change in the corresponding adjustment may be required to spend a lot of time and effort, but man directly controlled, variant change adjustment method is very easy to do.

Fifth, computer applications is limited in scope, some psychological experiments carried out manually when the effect is very good, and switched to the computer, but difficult to obtain good results in psychological research, clinical method, conversation France has a special significance, and In this regard, the computer difficult to play its advantages.

In short, the computer itself, although there are some shortcomings and limitations, but it is the role of psychological research beyond doubt in the computer systems are maturing today, computer application prospect is very broad, Some scholars say "There is no emerging computer science and technology." This remark is not false, the benefits to mankind computer is too numerous to mention, and now it's development is still in the ascendant, and heralded a more brilliant future.


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