On Innovative Education in Computer Teaching Research on Application

Paper Keywords: innovative education basic computer applications

Abstract: basic computer technician college students teaching basic computer literacy course critical, so do teaching innovative education, to improve students' computer skills of great significance. Article I combine their years of working experience in teaching basic computer, summed Current teaching deficiencies exist in the work and put forward corresponding countermeasures.

Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for national flourish, in such an era of knowledge economy of today, in personnel training should we place particular emphasis on innovation and innovation capability, which is an important part of education reform face of today's information explosion, rapid popularization of computer situation, the traditional basic computer education has lagged behind the needs of the modern order to change the status quo, it must be based on innovation and the introduction of computer education teaching. improve the traditional mode of teaching, methods, concepts and other computer applications in developing talents Technician College education is very important.

China has proposed to build an innovative country, as a state policies have been proposed, showing the importance of innovation and the country's degree of attention, while Tsien I asked the old man before death, and also shows our country as well as the lack of innovative talents We thirst for innovative talents. Technician College focus on training applied talents, innovation and application of a combination of greater need in basic computer education work we want to discover the lack of malpractice reform, students with innovative educational innovation and innovation capability.

First, the traditional teaching of basic computer deficiencies

1 obsolete knowledge, application of low value

As the fastest growing disciplines, computer knowledge and technology updates can be described as constantly changing, and this corresponds to a computer based teaching, this should be followed by an update of its pace and consistent discipline, but the actual teaching situation is not optimistic. I found in many Technician College, the use of materials are a few years ago, the students learned a lot has been replaced by more advanced even updated the school textbooks, and some teachers do not update their knowledge base, according to their own The same old talk, the students learned many of which are already being eliminated out of. Consider this situation how can we adapt to modern needs?

(2) theory lags behind practice Reserves

In Technician College, we focus on training applied talents, abilities of students has made us more value, but this does not mean that teaching the theory is not important in reality there is such a case, the technician college students low cultural level of the complicated, tedious and master basic computer theory is not good enough, often disjointed theory and practice, the students just to remember the operation of mechanical processes, for the principle is not so handy. no clear scientific theoretical guidance, the students do not understand in which the principle of knowing but not the why, the students' innovative ability is severely limited.

Three teachers teaching the concept behind

In many disciplines, teaching the existence of such a phenomenon: Students buried bitter school, get a high score thought this exam is to learn, and many students feel this concept, teachers are also many teachers are teaching the dominant force, and more should be a change in students' attitude to optimize learning methods, rather than to guide students countersunk stacks of paper dead reading. ability is more important, we should resolutely avoid embark oriented education of the old ways, student learning and ability, but that are not useful, this is not education purpose. Such education can not develop talent, not to cultivate a sense of innovation talent.

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Second, innovative education in basic computer teaching

1 Innovative teaching content

First, the school should be based on computer science update speed characteristics, the choice of the materials on keeping the frontier. Choose the moment when the new, practical textbooks, decisively eliminated some of the content, the students learn to avoid stale no practical value of knowledge and technology. Secondly, and more inspired by the students, encouraging innovation, to find and affirm their whimsy, creating a respect for innovation, innovation atmosphere. Again, many arrangements mutual exchange of students and let them speak their minds, in problems encountered in the study so that we can discuss to see if there is no solution. they saw the new technology, knowledge, ideas can be used to share, so that students are more likely to be inspired, and enhance a sense of innovation.

(2) at the different levels of individualized

Intellectual education is teaching an important aspect of the work, but not all. Innovative education but can not start just from intellectual education in basic computer education, innovation, mainly from the interest of students. Teachers should be good at grasping the student's personality characteristics, abilities, the different potential students into different core competencies of talent, students have their own advantages and disadvantages. relatively strong practical ability for students, we will focus on strong to let him do some practical work, and there advantages for logical thinking students, focusing on his theory of education, let them play to their strengths, while fostering their spirit of unity and cooperation, learn from each other and become one with innovative consciousness and possible team in basic computer education, the teachers should be based on students' different potential and needs of targeted teaching, which is cultivating innovative talents, innovative team has unusual significance.

3 innovative teaching ideas

The teacher as a professor who's responsibility in education is to teach knowledge, cultivate an interest, and actively guide in respect teachers more innovative teaching ideas in a dominant position in the actual teaching, teaching philosophy teacher decided to conduct scientific concept can effectively promote the optimization of teaching, improve teaching efficiency and innovative teaching ideas in other more reason to work on basic computer education, especially in the technician college, be sure to pay attention to the students' ability, not only on theory, fractions, Ignore practice ability for students to understand the application of computers to learn the true meaning of the professors stimulate student interest, given the task of teaching students to have practical significance, focusing on solving practical problems, so that students truly feel that something is learned useful addition, teachers should not only focus on students' test results, can provide students with opportunities for students interested in the outside of the course, the advantage manifested guided independent learning, and truly master the learning initiative, in order for the innovative skills provide a basis for training.

In short, the rapid popularization of computers and applications, updating of knowledge accelerates, innovative computer based teaching can improve students' information literacy, enabling students to better cope with the information explosion brought dazzling information for the innovative talents lay the foundation Computer-based Innovative education is not only to provide students with advanced knowledge of professional, more importantly, a sense of innovation and a better grasp of the information, which established the independent personality of the students is also of great significance. innovative and application-oriented talents will depend on innovative educational.


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