Analysis of network teaching platform in teaching law courses

Abstract approach to the traditional lecture-based teaching of law in the popularization of higher education and student body growing awareness in the background, there is a need for reform. Teaching network platform can integrate existing teaching resources, students play the main role, to improve teaching effectiveness, and therefore should receive attention in law teaching. In particular, programs should display platform for the interactive platform both theoretical research and practical experience of platform-based platforms both, a single information platform compatible both with the resource center as well as policy incentives and raise the level of both teachers and other IT network platform to strengthen teaching in Law Teaching Application.

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Refers to a network teaching platform to organize, track, evaluate, send, presentation, management learning content and learning activities to promote interaction between the learner and a series of functions of a computer network system.  Bi With the development of information technology and the popularity of the Internet, network teaching platform experienced a common repository of learning resources, learning management systems, learning content management systems and common network teaching platform erected  after four stages of development, modernization in higher education processes have played an increasingly important role.

First, the traditional teaching of Law Problems

Law courses traditionally dominated by theoretical courses, teaching methods are often in the traditional way teachers teach. However, with the popularization of higher education into the student body awareness stage and the continued strengthening of the traditional teaching methods in order to speak based, do not attach importance to students' subjective perception and objective learning outcomes disadvantages are also increasingly reflected. As follows: First, the traditional teaching methods aimed at establishing a legal course students peruse the knowledge structure model refinements, one-sided pursuit of the breadth and depth of knowledge, but often overlooked student acceptance. Teachers in the classroom is always used in accordance with the basic principles of the legal system and the basic theory to conduct lectures, often forming a list of provisions in the legal theory Instilling a blackboard, a chalk, a lecture materials and a single teaching mode , the lack of communication and exchange between teaching and learning, students are weakening as passive listening and recipients. Second, the theory and practice of artificially separated, leading the students theoretical knowledge and practical ability weak strong objective reality. Law courses in teaching, tend to be more emphasis on teaching the theory of the principles behind the lecture method and theory that heavy 'know why.' However, too much emphasis on teaching background and theory, ignore the law of the interpretation and assessment, students will form even 'know' the situation can not be done, and therefore more recklessness 'know why.' Third, the low level of student participation, course of study remain in the 'lectures' instead of 'learning' stage, the learning initiative and enthusiasm is not strong. Jurisprudence and legislation, law enforcement and judicial activities closely related to legal practice, so practice law subject is actually very strong discipline, and therefore the students the ability to think, ability to analyze problems and problem-solving capabilities are realized talent Law Course The focus of the training objectives. And capabilities, and ultimately rely on students' self-cultivation. This culture requires students to learn and think about their own involvement in the process, to mobilize the positive factors in order to achieve their own, teaching and teachers teaching can do nothing but to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, guide students to learn the methods and direction, so you must change 'lectures' to 'learning' teaching in order to truly achieve the purpose.

Second, the network platform in teaching law courses teaching the application of significance

Network teaching platform demonstrate through teaching content, teaching materials development, exchange and communication, self-test, assignments and examinations and other network learning, on the one hand to provide legal theory teaching aids; hand for students regardless of time, providing learning at any time regardless of the occasion might be, so for law courses it has a positive meaning:
First, integration of existing teaching resources can provide a wealth of teaching content. Constrained by traditional law school teaching overall teaching arrangements, subject to the number of teachers, teaching hours, course capacity and even multi-classroom arrangement limits, all teaching content are often not reflected in teaching. Through the network teaching platform, the whole teaching content, teaching materials, courseware and teaching materials such as the Internet, you can make up of teachers, lack of teaching resources such as hardware; while the network teaching platform to learn from teaching time and space constraints, the student can be in any Time Log online to learn; learning network teaching platform are not subject to restrictions on the number of classes, a course can be more students in the altar platform to share learning, so it can be professional teachers and extracurricular teachers teaching, online teaching media and traditional medium of instruction, classroom lecture style teaching mode and teaching mode Law Clinic combine existing school which will fully integrate the use of teaching resources together.

Second, it could play a role in the subjectivity of students, increase student engagement efforts. Through the network teaching platform to learn from itself without time and geographical constraints, students learn more autonomy. Network teaching platform change how teachers a pen, and a mouth of teaching methods, can take advantage of text, images, animation and other advanced technology, learning content from a single mode of expression improved to multivariate models, and thus more conducive to students' interest in learning. Network teaching platform and network communication, network operations, network and many other laws and regulations, knowledge test network functions, to provide students with more ways to test learning outcomes, difficult and hot issues with teachers to discuss real-time, and thus more embodied learning individuality and autonomy.

Third, it could reform teaching methods and means to improve the effectiveness of teaching. In traditional lecture-style teaching law courses mainly, its causes and university teachers and students than a great relationship. Because colleges and universities generally insufficient faculty and students is increasingly expanding scale, law teaching is bound to only use instruction, and even large classes taught manner. In the short term is difficult to change than the college teachers and students in the case, through the network teaching platform supplement the lack of teaching, strengthen practical teaching content and promote communication and exchange of teachers and students is even more important. Network teaching platform to learn through discussion groups, answering a variety of ways to carry out discussions discuss teaching, teaching clinics and a series of hands-on learning, which make up the deficiency of traditional teaching methods to improve teaching effectiveness.

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Third, strengthen the network teaching platform in teaching law courses

Network teaching platform in teaching law courses have now been carried out, but the current practice, building on the platform itself, there is still a single-platform design and curing teaching, teaching does not match the platform and resource center, personalized inadequate and not well compatible with the campus network and many other issues, the use of point of view on the platform, there are also school policy is not enough incentive, teachers IT level is not high, the network platform for law courses teaching seriously enough to carry out a number of issues such as the need Teaching in the network platform to be improved and perfected. Specifically, the following points:
(A) demonstration platform for the interactive platform courses both in law courses online teaching platform is currently based mainly on course construction, including courseware production and release, the main teaching materials and extra-curricular teaching data dissemination, teaching organization, learning support and teaching evaluation. Although there are interactive teaching content, but with less than. Teachers update online learning materials and layout marking operations, such as basic teaching organization and implementation of interactive activities in good condition, and timely answer student questions regarding discussions, group activities and other types of instructional interaction design activities of the organization and implementation of state is not ideal.  half-grown beans law courses because of their strong theoretical and easier to locate the platform display platform for the course, while ignoring their teaching interactive platform capabilities. In fact, the network platform beyond just teaching and teaching capacity expansion and integration of teaching resources, network embodied the interactive features make the network platform is different from the traditional teaching teaching to become an important feature. Although there are traditional teaching exchanges between teaching, but due to time constraints and context, but faced with too much emphasis on teaching exchanges will reduce the amount of information, too much emphasis on teaching and will reduce the amount of information exchange dilemma. Therefore, the network teaching platform through real-time and multi-faceted communication system, not only is a necessary extension of classroom teaching, but also individualized, personalized education an inevitable requirement. Therefore, the law should focus on improving teaching in the interactive network platform capacity, emphasizing its interactive features, the curriculum showcase network platform into interactive platform.

(Two) the theory and practice of research-oriented platform for experience-based platform both Law Course itself due to strong theoretical, currently in construction but also focus on the network platform, led by the famous theoretical research platform. However, the law profession itself has a very strong practical and professional, so practice experience-based platform for the construction is also important. In particular the practice of law itself, are often faced with the urgent situation to resolve social disputes, and therefore more in need of legal practitioners with a certain social experience, the theoretical basis and situational judgment. This requires in daily teaching, we should pay attention to the students' practical experience. Network teaching platform you can image, video, animation and other means to carry out scenario-based teaching to promote student understanding and exposure to legal practice, gain practical experience. Therefore, the network platform teaching law courses should pay attention to the construction of practice experience-based platforms.

(Three) single information platform and resource center network teaching platform compatible although both curriculum-based, but because knowledge itself inseparable, a variety of knowledge and relevant, so every network teaching platform actually have established a network of information resources. Law courses each other close contact and has the inherent logic, such as criminal law and criminal procedural law, the course has a variety of information can be shared. Therefore, the network teaching platform construction as a single information platform should not become 'islands of information', but should establish resource centers and curriculum network platform compatible with each other to expand further by the Resource Center breadth of student learning, the course information platform to tap students' learning depth, in order to improve student learning.

(Four) policy incentives and raise the level of teachers' IT Although both traditional teaching methods is still the main way of teaching law, but with the recent law courses teachers raise the level of information technology, network teaching platform appeared growing momentum. Of course, the platform for building and maintenance, network interworking main building teachers need to spend a lot of energy, so a certain degree of policy incentives for improving the enthusiasm of the teachers have a greater role in promoting. Visible, the school should be teaching network platform, using some policy incentives and increase teachers' level of information technology.

Overall network teaching courses in law teaching is still in its infancy. Although many problems need to be explored, but the network teaching platform will certainly contribute to our legal education to keep up with the pace of modern education.

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