On the plight of legal education in vocational

Abstract In recent years, along with China's rapid economic development, more and more attention in vocational legal education-related issues, we clearly recognize that legal education is our practice the legal community, to establish the fundamental guarantee of the legal system, legal education is to adapt our practice of the legal community, to establish the basis for the legal system. Especially for vocational schools, training of qualified technical personnel now is to create the best stage juvenile legal consciousness.

Paper Keywords vocational legal education dilemma

First, the current legal system in vocational education development characteristics

First, we need a clear understanding of the current legal system in vocational education development in specific circumstances, in particular to vocational school students on their own characteristics have some knowledge to be able to find the corresponding problem which, in general, vocational school Most young people aged 16 to 18 years old, in a sensitive period, their mental development is not perfect, poor ability to know their own defense, psychological is not mature enough, and some students do not love learning, self-esteem, do not even indulge labor of love in the virtual world of the Internet can not extricate themselves, these children are extremely vulnerable to external adverse social impact, or even be classified as among the ranks of troubled teens to go, but there are also vocational schools such characteristics, in terms of teaching life management, vocational schools and ordinary schools more lenient compared to management, social interaction, the degree of popularity of the network is also a great impact, which will make the students in vocational schools and legal education in the management dilemma appeared, and now, our young illegal the phenomenon of the rise of crime, the problem is getting worse, so we should pay attention to the development of legal education in the post since the relevant characteristics, for the legal issues related to education is particularly important positive solution, without delay, so we say to analyze and solve vocational legal education dilemma is very necessary, for the entire community legal education work has focused on meaning.

Second, the current legal system in vocational education development problems

(A) legal education and social education without close ties we must clearly realize that the current legal education planting significant problems arise, any form of educational theory and knowledge should be established on the basis of social practice carried out, and in particular for vocational legal education, the theoretical knowledge of the use value is reflected in our daily real life, but with the social reality does not match or even out of the social education of legal education is necessarily there is a big problem, and the results is bound to be a failure. And now from the current legal system in vocational education, the majority still stick to the old model of the previous, relying solely on the country's macro legal regulations as a basis for the lack of detailed, practical understanding of the use, there is a direct result of under the current conditions, the existence of legal education in vocational students' knowledge of the law is not thoroughly understood, the process of practice can not be adaptable, flexible use issue. And explain the process of legal education, often also using the traditional way of education, lack of the necessary practice and for the analysis of actual cases, just based on theory-based single, narrow-oriented education, and simple to theoretical Knowledge of legal education teaching prefer closed, making it difficult to promote vocational legal education work, the more impossible to truly cultivate adapt to social development for the entire community to create higher-value technical talents.

(Two) vocational legal education process, the lack of humane education first of all, the legal community is a 'people-oriented' as the basis of the social value of the expression, so we say in vocational legal education in the process, we must adhere to the 'people-oriented' spirit and ideas, the only way to better show the importance of legal education value and role. Throughout the course of vocational legal education, teacher education and education for the concept is unscientific. In teaching, teacher education models and methods directly related to vocational students in their understanding of the legal knowledge, while the usual teaching teacher ignores too much difficult for the students who understand and accept the ways and means of using only their own habits way to teach, improper method of education has led directly to the legal education of vocational students have a greater understanding of the deviation, and teachers teaching process is difficult to reach a tacit understanding, you can not really grasp the significance of legal education. At the same time, too much scripted, copy the book knowledge of the phenomenon has become a fixed frame structure of knowledge is difficult to change, so too single mode of education can not be achieved resonate with students.

Secondly, the legal system of vocational education, student enthusiasm is not high, no interest; vocational legal education as well as its boring way to teach so-called knowledge of the law, which resulted in vocational students prohibitive, not really into the process of legal education, This is carried out throughout the course of legal education formed a huge obstacle. We say that interest is the best teacher, and legal education for vocational students, the biggest problem is that the enthusiasm for legal education, which is plaguing the development of legal education in vocational important factor, so we only have to solve such difficulties Bureau, to be able to further develop our legal education, vocational able to play a major role in legal education.

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Third, the analysis of vocational legal education dilemma occurs because

(A) vocational students affected by unhealthy trends in society a great impact in the social economy of the stage of rapid economic development, at the same time, with the development of economic changes also have different people's thinking changes and the impact of some of the areas of ethics there will be a new change, special is money worship, the growth of individualism in society various negative emotions and phenomena are reflected in different forms within the field of education, especially for the students of the school as a serious impact on the thinking of young people, affecting them, and vocational schools are more different is the vast majority of students in vocational secondary schools were neglected by parents and schools, the heart itself is affected to some degree, but in itself compared with college students away from home age is low, mentally immature, for society as a whole is still very low resolving power, so more vulnerable to undesirable influences.

(Two) Family Law Education for vocational students is not high degree of attention the family is the cornerstone of prevention of juvenile delinquency and family education, family environment is directly related to the healthy growth of young people, and poor family environment and family education for young people should be bear some inescapable responsibility, such as single-parent families for immature healthy growth of youngsters was difficult to estimate the consequences of parental education will cause rough strong rebellious youth, which led them to crime. Lack of scientific approach to education, never the right way to express their thoughts only adversely education to students, so that students of the world, life and values ​​formation in severely misguided and adverse effects, and adverse moral influence directly led to the late loss for the lack of legal education, also appeared in the course of legal education in vocational some following questions.

(Three) the legal education in vocational schools there are some errors we say that for now, the legal education in vocational schools, there are still a lot of misunderstanding, they mainly in the following aspects, the first vocational schools still exist 'heavy skills, moral light' phenomenon, they only produce products similar to the same training of students, and even orders for similar mode of education, vocational completely ignores the fundamental problem of legal education, only that in our current vocational schools for the importance of legal education and the lack of awareness of the urgency, and even some vocational schools just to meet the inspection and symbolic setting legal education courses, vocational schools and some even do not have any form of legal education courses; Meanwhile, students in vocational schools for the legal education of way, way too simplistic, the real opening of legal education is not just a simple law courses for legal reporting speech, so a mere formality, blunt way to teach students difficult to accept, resulting in a vocational legal education have little effect, while the general legal education courses in vocational teachers without professional talent, but there is no corresponding legal education institutions and uniforms, and this led directly related to the lack of vocational schools unified, effective and complete management.

Fourth, for the plight of vocational legal education related countermeasures

(A) vocational legal education requires government and third-party support for the joint vocational students are currently at a critical stage of their life, the very basis of their weak legal education, legal awareness itself is not very strong, which is vocational students childhood growing environment and their quality has a direct relationship, and many vocational schools rely solely on the legal authorities through local laws related publicity department is not enough, such a narrow way that vocational education students are accepted is not comprehensive legal education, which directly affects the students' knowledge and understanding of legal education, so we need government support at the same time, more needs support and influence of third parties, including not only the entire community advocacy and impact of laws and regulations , while in the process of family education legal education and actively guide the penetration and also be able to better educate our students in vocational awareness of the law, which the students are extremely positive role.

(Two) to actively enhance their legal awareness training teachers in our vocational legal education process, teachers develop their own shoulders the majority of the students' awareness of the law, so that teachers themselves should do to keep on learning the times, be able to learn from each other, legal education for students to provide a good environment for active range, while the teacher must have a good legal knowledge and the flexibility to use legal thinking, for our development of vocational education students to provide strong basic protection, at the same time, a positive charisma teachers have not only a good teacher-student relationship is the ability to promote a key factor, better able to influence through their own literacy and probation students forward to our vocational legal education to provide a reasonable good atmosphere.

We must clearly recognize that the current legal system in vocational education dilemma exists, the current legal education through research-related issues, for this series of questions put forward corresponding countermeasures, which can effectively solve and to promote the development of legal education in vocational footsteps to play its own important role. Vocational legal education is directly related to advancing the pace of our society ruled by law, we effectively educate through scientific methods, the use of innovative educational concepts and models to promote legal education in vocational work, for the whole community of vocational education a more favorable environment and atmosphere.

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