Safety Education University Students heavy and light

Abstract safety education students is directly related to social harmony, campus safety, related to the students' lives and property. This paper analyzes the significance of education of college students and current situation of security issues, and proposed safety education students 'four great importance to' measure.

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In recent years, the community public safety accidents, and university-related civil cases, criminal cases, there have been accidents increasing trend, affecting the normal college students live and study. In response to the new security situation, in April 2004, the Ministry of Education issued a notice: to increase safety education, strengthen safety awareness and students. Based on the current needs of the situation and called on the relevant state departments, and some educational administrative departments and university students are beginning to realize the importance of safety education and urgency. 2004, Beijing Forestry University, first of its kind in the nation, the safe escape compulsory and included in the credit system as a lesson. In 2006, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission held a 'Beijing College Students Safety Education Conference,' demanding safety education students' classrooms and teaching materials, the implementation of credit. ' 2008, Shanghai promulgated the country's first 'university student safety education programs.' However, for most colleges and universities nationwide, the students safety education is still only at the stage of publicity, far from a planned target, standardized education level.

First, the concept of safety education students

Security, usually refers to peace, stability, and the relative risk is not threatened, no accidents, no danger of a state. Safety education, for the case of unexpected events, disaster emergency accidents, resilience, life and property has been infringed avoid security capabilities, experience of self-protection when personal injury, defense capabilities, and legal concepts, mental health status and ability to resist criminal education. Safety education initially mainly used in industrial production, especially in high-risk industries. With the surge of insecurity on campus, the field of education have begun to attach importance to safety education and management.

Students safety education, refers to the higher education sector to national laws, regulations and other policies as the basis, in order to promote students' physical safety and mental health, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of students for educational goal, responsibility for security, safety knowledge and safety skills as the main educational content through new school education, curriculum and education as means of education, so that students fully grasp the safety knowledge and skills to enhance security awareness and better adapt to college life and social needs for the purposeful, planned educational activities.

Second, the importance of safety education students

(A) carry out safety education students is the implementation of the rule of law needs to law school from the previous occurrence of various types of security incidents college term, students on the one hand can easily become injury cases being invaded the body - the victim, but on the other hand may become victimizers injury cases in the main - victimizers. Students in the implementation of safety education, not only to the safety of students knowledge and skills to enhance security awareness, while training students need more responsibility for security concept, making them aware of their misconduct be family, school, society negative impact. College students is the subject of the future of the state builders, to achieve law school, by law, must start from the students safety education.

(Two) to carry out safety education students is to maintain security and stability of colleges and universities need to create a safe and harmonious campus inseparable from the main campus, the main campus building safe campus will play a decisive role. College students is an important part of the body composition and strength of college security awareness, self-help skills to escape responsibility for the quality level of the pros and cons as well as security, law and order directly affects the quality of the campus, the relationship between harmony and stability on campus or not. Therefore, to enhance safety education students is to maintain security and stability universities inevitable requirement.

(Three) to carry out safety education of college students open school system needs along with the deepening of reform of higher education, educational philosophy of changing the university campus gradually transformed from a closed to an open, campus and social integration has been further deepened. Especially logistic services personnel structure allows colleges and universities become more complex, with many hidden insecurity, theft, damage and other cases there may occur at any time, to college students' learning, life has brought a lot of negative effects. Therefore, to improve students awareness of security, we must strengthen safety education students.

(Four) to carry out safety education students is a modern quality education requires frequent security incidents on campus today's environment, the lack of security responsibilities, lack of safety knowledge, no sense of security, do not have to escape self-help skills, no longer meet the 'full development' educational philosophy. Students enhance student safety education emphasizes legal concept, raise awareness of security, in fact, students self-education, self-management and self-service education, and modern core of quality education is the same. Moreover, the current college students from childhood by the family pet, forming a strong conceit universal consciousness and weak social coordination skills, strong sense of participation and the ability to withstand setbacks weak, strong self-awareness and self-protection is weak Ability contrast. Strengthen safety education for students to improve their adaptation to the environment, the ability to identify and solve problems, has become an important aspect of students' quality education.

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Third, the students safety education 'heavy and light' status quo

(A) weight management, expense of education with frequent security incidents on campus, 'Security is extremely heavy' management philosophy has been firmly established, universities and government leaders and school authorities to recognize the importance of safe working students. Ideologically attached great importance to develop a safe system of work, set up a leading group for safety; also in the management to take positive and effective measures to continue to strengthen the air defense, physical defense, anti-technology aspects of the investment, so that the school safety management has been further strengthened. However, safety education is the weak link of higher education, is often overlooked. Currently in college and did not put safety education into teaching programs, there is no standardized safety education programs, students do not understand the importance of security, lack of relevant safety knowledge.

(Two) re-form, light content current campus security incidents, safety education and management must be taken seriously and have been strengthened, but the actual situation is not optimistic, still exists 'heavy forms, light content' phenomenon. Studies have shown that mainly reflected in three aspects: First, superiors, and on the organization scratched superiors not stress that aside; Second superiors check, payable to concentrate, after examination, everything will be fine; three is a major case of emergency and disaster incidents when grasping something after to relax no matter what. This phenomenon is prevalent in many campus makes college safety education presence on the surface, which will remain in form.

(Three) heavy afterwards, light preventive safety management in colleges and universities, we must plan ahead, really good job in prevention work. Only good campus security plan management, strengthen safety education students in order to achieve the 'preventive measures.' However, the current safety education college is not the case. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Security Department Director Wang Youhong has pointed out that a complete emergency management system should include the 'advance the prevention, during treatment, hindsight' three stages, but the traditional notion that we pay more attention to 'punish' the neglect of 'preventive 'focus on' post-processing 'and ignored the' Plan Management 'is China's colleges and universities emergency management mechanism common phenomenon.

(Four) heavy acts, light safety education and psychology in college management process, educators often concern is whether the conduct of law-abiding students, on psychological abnormality is often overlooked. Occurred in college classes 'Majiajue incident', but often is caused by mental disorders. Studies have pointed out that the majority of colleges and universities are no specialized counseling agencies, the psychological aspects of education for students is often not enough attention, and often the students some psychological problems as ideological problems to solve, the results misinterpreted students. Such students can not solve practical problems, it will dampen the enthusiasm of the students, and even cause them rebellious generation.

Fourth, the students safety education needs 'four great importance'

(A) Students should pay attention to a sound system of safety education students as a systematic safety education project, to ensure their effectiveness, we must do a sound system, and assign responsibilities. First, leadership and organization to improve the safety mechanism. Higher safety education success or failure lies in the party and government leadership attention or not. Party and government leaders as a university campus safety built first responsibility must personally attend. Secondly, we must establish a sound security mechanisms. Higher lead agency established safety work, the formation of party leadership, the department in charge of the working mechanism of concerted efforts to implement the relevant responsible person responsibility of the security responsibilities to the departments and individuals. Third, we must establish safety education oversight mechanisms. Implementation of standardized management, safety education institutionalization, standardization, regular, so that each department, everyone to care about security issues.

(Two) Students should pay attention to safety education course construction in the 'Higher Education Act', 'College Student Code of Conduct (Trial)', 'ordinary college student safety education and management of the Interim Provisions' and other regulations, the clear college students safe in the right to education and the need to fulfill. However, in the current safety education and management college, university generally focused on the safety management of safety education do very little, if any, is only stay in the didactic level, such as the use of radio, windows, panels, seminars and other forms safety education, did not reach 'into the classroom, teaching materials, credits' level. Today, the new situation requires universities to set up safety education courses that will safety education into the school curriculum overall teaching plans, arranging teaching hours, through standardization and systematization students to carry out safety education, build a 'safety education + escape skills drills + safety culture create a 'trinity of safety education model, so that students master the safety knowledge and prevention skills, improve safety qualities.

(Three) emphasis on contingency plans for the management of university security contingency plans for a possible major accident (pieces) or disasters, in order to ensure rapid, orderly and effective implementation of the emergency and rescue operations, reduce accident losses on pre-established plan or programs. 'Zuo Zhuan' had a saying: 'be prepared, thought is well prepared, prepared no suffering.' Prepare safety emergency plan, improve emergency response mechanisms, institutions and systems for improving the prevention and universities the ability of public emergencies, the full implementation of education management functions, build safe campus has very important significance. Development of contingency plans for emergency security incidents on campus to provide a basis for the prevention and disposal; strengthen contingency plans for management is conducive to make timely emergency response, reducing the consequences of accidents; contingency plans to make college work daily security training and exercises more targeted. Preparation of contingency plans, the assessment emphasizes participation of various departments, the release of contingency plans and advocacy in favor of all students and staff to understand could face significant risks and appropriate emergency measures. Strengthen contingency plans for the management of safety education college course construction is an important supplement.

(Four) emphasis on college students' psychological health education is the core security issues psychological safety, security awareness training students to improve their ability to adapt to psychological safety and safety qualities are important responsibilities of universities. Colleges and universities should attach importance to students 'mental health education, to establish a scientific mental health education and management system, students' psychological health education classes and mental health counseling combined together. The establishment of mental health counseling rooms, equipped with professional counselors, through psychological counseling techniques and methods for those students to solve psychological problems psychological confusion, solve problems, achieve mental health. Tendency for those with psychological crisis exists in a state of psychological crisis college students psychological crisis intervention, reducing the crisis hurt the students.

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