Middle School English Teaching how effective use of learning resources

[Abstract] English to achieve effective teaching, we must make good use of learning resources, teaching to guide students to find and use learning resources, and improve the effectiveness of teaching.

[Keywords] English teaching effectiveness of learning resources

New courses in English teaching to organize the students found, find, search, and use of learning resources, make full use of effective teaching resources to improve the effectiveness of teaching.

First, the discovery and collection of effective learning resources

The new curriculum reform requires teachers to do off, pay attention to the guide student development extracurricular learning resources such as "What's the weather like today?" Teaching, teachers can use the picture leads to the words sunny weather, windy, cloudy, this sun , wind, cloud is already learned words, teachers can ask the question "Can you make a rule out - of these three words?" inspire students to observe, analyze, summed up by the students themselves - y adjective suffix, and the ability to think, learn, snowy, showery, misty words in conjunction with the law. Such teaching can help students of I do not know to know so limited vocabulary knowledge into unlimited generate words. teachers should guide organized students to collect, use of learning resources as important, conscious of the accumulation of the students' reading and life experience combine curriculum resources.

Third element in learning a seventh grade English textbooks Oxford edition holiday topic, the teacher asks students free discussion about the Christmas vocabulary, they take the initiative to the dictionary, to help each other to solve problems such activities so that classroom teachers not only students imparting knowledge, it is more important to cultivate students' abilities, so that students learn how to learn under the guidance of a teacher. group cooperation explore, ask each interaction A teacher timely coaching, individual counseling in a timely manner, teachers take the initiative to participate in the discussion of the various sub-form of such activities, inadvertently demonstrated new ideas to bring students to the fun, the English classroom is no longer a boring speech drills.

Organize students to create effective teaching resources

Positive psychological atmosphere is an effective teaching resources, teaching is necessary to create an effective teaching resources and teaching to be used in the proper way, psychological security and spiritual encouragement to the students, thinking of the students more active, explore more enthusiastic . especially the first day the students just entering the secondary school level, has a playful boyish love to say that they have nothing to fear, dare say, a good move, novelty differences to a strong desire to pay special attention to the use in the classroom teaching ten minutes before the class to create a good classroom atmosphere (Warming up to sing some English songs for example, to carry out, such as "Let me guess." or "Follow me." interesting review of a knowledge-based games, active before class atmosphere, enhance the fun of the English class, to arouse students' curiosity. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
learning Oxford edition, seventh grade English textbooks about the topic of the festival for the third unit, the contents of the textbooks is Halloween jumped out of the first multimedia talking a big pumpkin lantern, cut cute pictures of the eyes, mouth, nose, students on the content of the text is full of curious desire to express their own thoughts are involuntary. lesson gave students some knowledge of the Christmas expand students' Christmas has more or less understand, especially their favorite Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells, We mail wish you a Merry Christmas, etc.. guide students to talk about the Christmas before, animated Santa Claus picture, hand bells, naturally beautiful voice bringing music is the wings of imagination, create the screen of the computer multimedia imagine sky, students face full of joyful expression Some students can not help but sing a song. above foreshadowing students naturally into the learning state, intense group discussions, the students take the initiative to find and master a lot of vocabulary about Christmas, such as Christmas card, Christmas carol, Christmas Eve, Santa Claus , sleigh bells, reindeer, Chimney, Christmas dinner and other students are excited with the English expression of desire, rich in content, classroom teaching, teachers use their love and students together to create an equal and respect, teaching atmosphere of trust.

Third, the creation of effective learning resources

The problem is the core of the teaching and learning activities, no problem with the existence of teaching can not be carried out, what kind of problem, you decide what kind of thinking, thinking decision behavior. Problem to be able to raise the students questioned, found that students in questioning, exploring, found in the access to knowledge and experience. "What's the weather like today?" topic of teaching teachers to use picture presented three groups of words (sun-sunny, wind-windy "cloud-chancesnow Chance of, set asked" Can you the make a rule out of these three words? "arousing students were observed and analyzed to find the law students found the word formation, teachers in presenting new vocabulary snowy, foggy, showery, misty, asked" Can you guess the Chinese meanings of these words? "encourage students to learn a new word to use their own summary of word formation, reflects the teaching philosophy of" Give a man to fish ".

IV Conclusion

English learning, teachers work focuses teach methods and specified path, so that students understand the integrity of knowledge, learning to learn, learn to create teachers consciously cater for the students to actually give students guidance, then they will know where the fastest and most accurate way to find and master the knowledge they need.

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