College entrance essay grab points strategy

Abstract] writing weaknesses in student learning, high school English writing is not optimistic students a passion for learning is not ineffective write this article, How to Improve Writing of English composition strategy, and strive to play in the college entrance examination Writing a victory in war.

[Keywords] Writing training cooperative learning

Writing is listening, say, an important part of reading, writing four language skills, is an important manifestation of language ability, students must a language communicative competence. << High school English curriculum standards >> The writing skills of the students raised a very high demand in the college entrance examination manifestation of effective writing training for students, notified of the rules can be found writing, writing a legal basis, and effectively improve the writing training effect, increase the use of practical English ability.

First, change the status quo, cultivate their interest in writing

Teachers in the teaching process, there must be conscious from the following aspects, the purpose of sex education, to improve students' understanding. Improve aspects of large, from the English international exchange roles and national strength, to let students know that learning English Writing the importance of correct expression to accurately and international commodity exchanges. summary, small writing, can bring big gains to cultivate writing motivation and interest, to enable students to dare to write is to write essay first step.

Second, optimize the teaching process, attention to the guidance of the writing process

Students write, leave the teacher taught, it can only stay in the amount of accumulation, and can not achieve a qualitative leap in a short period of time. Teacher to teach in a dominant position in the process of writing, and learning basic explore issues and usage. writing methods and techniques to be guided by common writing errors to be corrected, and increase effective writing training, from the following aspects:

2.1 emphasis on the word, the word accumulation

To lay the basis of language ability, word, word is one of the basic elements of writing, English writing is the construction of the building, then the word, the word is brick, not brick, building, such as straw, and difficult to build. Visible word, that word the importance of words and phrases. handy words and sentences have an important role, express article ideological content and style characteristics, lack of vocabulary or handled badly, definitely give writing difficult teaching words to explain clearly the word words separated more than the back. teachers in particular, to improve the utilization of the text, note the difference in the explain, compare term similarities and differences between available texts retelling, fill in the blank, etc., so that the students use the word in context, and make sure the words separated sentences, sentences leave the chapter.

2.2 grasp the five basic sentence training

(1-predicate structure, such as The sun rises from the east. (SVO structures, such as I love English very much. (3 main lines table structure, as I am a student. (4 verb double object structures, such as the The professor will give us a talk this afternoon. (5 the Predicate binga object complement structure, as we made our bring about unhealthy clean and tidy in teaching, teachers should always let the students according to the different requirements and scenarios sentences, and note the kinds of the distinction of the ingredients.

2.3 increase the effective input to encourage students to boldly correct output

To improve the traditional high school teaching of English writing, process-oriented training. The writing teaching process is actually a composition conceived training process, teachers should pay attention to the cultivation of thinking ability of students, focus on process rather than results. Posted in the free papers Download Center

Third, in a writing class to implement the following five steps

The 3.1 students oculomotor brains to see examples of writing
This stage of Pham Van analysis phase. The teachers by Pham Van introduce a genre, to explain the purpose of discourse structure and linguistic characteristics, this genre has an intuitive, comprehensive understanding of the emotional selection of some of the writing students,
Learn from some of the beauty of the text, analyze the organization, such as argumentative paper topic sentence of the general location of the clear, can be pointed out that the general sentence first, sentence, or the end of the sentence, the analysis of how to elicit topics, how argumentation put forward the point of view, how to end other structural features, the use of advanced vocabulary in a variety of genres article, how to condemn the words make sentences, such as social communicative purpose of a genre, structural features and language features to show students through genre analysis, allows students learned Text Construction constituted by shallow language elements - deep contextual elements and writing communicative purpose a combination of factors.

3.2 students brains pen cooperation drills

This stage students partially completed essay were split into groups, and communication between students and teachers, students and students, co-authoring an article, also allows students to use the method to resolve the same genre discourse genre analysis, and to let them practice will Pham Van genre analysis of secondary knowledge in context. complete different part of a different group, the team members cooperate with each other, and finally completed part of the teacher marking, pointed out the highlights, identify errors and improve guidance. different groups can use the same method of co-operation, complete with an essay. allows students to discuss with each other in cooperative learning, exchange of learning, reduce the difficulty of writing of the students in the lower and eliminate their fear of writing. teacher from answering help by strengthening division Health and life and life among English dialogue and exchange, enhanced motivation and interest in the use of English to enable students to improve writing quality.

IV Conclusion

In summary, the FAQs for students of writing, such as the words superimposed poor vocabulary mismatches sentence misuse the grammatical points insufficiency, coherent disorder manifested as a solid basic skills of English writing, chaos wording The indiscriminate use of the sentence, to express too much indiscriminate use of grammar, Chinese-style. teachers plan, the purpose of effective writing training to change the status quo "can not write, do not want to write, afraid to write", so that students in the college entrance examination last Battle won a brilliant victory.

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