Creation of situations in the Middle School English Teaching

[Abstract] English teaching teachers to create and use of situational organizations classroom teaching can better stimulate students' motivation to learn, to establish the dominant position of student learning, improve learning outcomes.

[Keywords] English teaching situational use

English teaching to make use of the teaching situation, the ability to train students to exchange information and thoughts and feelings passed the appropriate context conducive to learning English.

An interesting scenario to stimulate interest

Students interested in English, English teachers play a key role. First, teachers should strive to diversify the form of classroom teaching, let students feel fresh, relaxed in the classroom, the students like English lessons, like learning English in teaching head , face vocabulary, teachers must break the traditional mode of teaching can walk among the students, gently stroked the head of the student, to touch the face of the students, so that students feel teachers cordial, affable, and engaged in an act relaxed and happy learning environment, followed by, teachers in the classroom teaching should enthusiastically, rich body language and facial expressions, to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, our teachers can lead students to do the appropriate teaching word or sentence action, like textbooks Hobo with Eddie dialogue, you can imitate their tone of voice and action, even if it is exaggerated movements or reading intonation, students will particularly like. addition to these, teachers can make students familiar before class description of the topic. example:-What's the weather like today? It's windy / sunny ... What kind of TV programs do you like best? the I like ... best. Why the do you like it best? Because ... short as teachers of English as much as possible so that every student has a practice in the classroom the opportunity to say, and encourage every student to participate teaching every aspect cultivate the students' interest in learning English.

Second, the games use to strengthen Review

Game situational dialogues review teaching design suitable for students is a good way of entertaining, can help teachers to the tedious review work becomes lively language drills to create the conditions for the students in a relaxed and natural atmosphere. so the students enjoyed studious. example: describe the character of people's vocabulary teaching 9A Unit1 Star Signs were placed in the box, and then prepared vocabulary activities, such as football, hiking on another box. beginning of the game, a student each from the two boxes to extract a piece of paper, and even up to say a sentence like this, it is the image, lively, interesting depth the role of students in the context of the game, and enthusiastic performances. playing middle school, playing in the school, both meet the kids happy imitation and playful nature, give full play to the initiative and creative also regulate learning rhythm. consolidate the language learned in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere, knowledge, exercise the ability to use the language. posted free papers Download Center

Third, the use of songs to show situational

Students particularly like music, like singing, beautiful music (songs accompanied by expressive dialogue can become static, abstract text the dynamic language exchange situational, I often allows students to listen to five minutes before each lesson English songs, take me to your heart, lemon tree, and other students are familiar with the song, to enable students to the ground, feel the joy of learning English learning into song as the start of the English class. wonderful music is often very delightful, melody, rhyme, rhythm often brings one unique mood. before class collective humming English songs, adjust the mentality of the students, inspired prepared well in class. never so strange English class. Duty students to make a report interpolation period of Listening, he put the natural, the students heard easily recall the English entry stage "spell, read the guiding mode" teaching English song indeed to the teacher and student satisfaction later teaching hello, numerals and plural nouns teaching Sunday the spelling of the name, the expression of month season homes, birthday, games and activities, from the songs of the sleep function project, to reinforce the students' knowledge to consolidate and understanding, touched the awareness of students' participation.

Fourth, the creation of situations stimulate imagination

Imagination is integral part of creating thinking skills essential, it must have the quality of creative talent its grasp new knowledge, further deepening.

After teaching 9A Unit 3 Teenage problems, I learned in order to consolidate, in order to further develop the students' thinking, stimulate the imagination, I collected some social groups pictures hanging on the blackboard. Creation of this scenario is for students can give full play to the imagination.

T: Look at the pictures, please. Use your imagination and try to talk about what other problems people have.

S1: Maybe some people have nowhere to live.
S2: Many people don't have enough money to buy houses and cars.
S3: I think they need health care.
S4: Perhaps people need a clean and harmless environment.
T: I really appreciate what you have said. No doubt many problems people have.

V. Conclusion
Teaching situation can stimulate the creation and use of inspiration and imagination of the students, and the students by some touch naturally expand the scope of the thinking away thinking more to the scattering of highly dynamic. Inject new vitality to the English teaching .

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